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Boom Mobile Server Problems Have Led To Customer Login Issues

Boom Mobile Server Crash
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Since about April 30th, Boom Mobile customers have been reporting in online forums such as Reddit and HowardForums that they've been unable to login to their accounts. This has led some customers to push the panic button that Boom Mobile is perhaps going out of business. The owner of Boom Mobile, Jeff Holley, has stressed to BestMVNO that this is not the case. Holley issued a statement to BestMVNO stating "we had servers crash and hard drives fail and we are in the process of restoring." He continued "please make sure people know…we aren’t going anywhere!!"

Holley has been in the wireless business for nearly 25 years. His Boom Mobile brand has been in business for eight years. Just three weeks ago, Holley posted on his LinkedIn that he is excited to see what happens at this year's All Wireless & Prepaid Expo show that is taking place in Las Vegas on August 16 and 17th. The Prepaid Expo is an annual trade show attended by many in the prepaid industry. Holley's Boom Mobile brand will have a booth there and is a "Diamond" sponsor of the event. Holley has attended the event and been a sponsor for several years. He's also scheduled to be an event speaker. Robert Yap, VP of the DISH Network, Peter Adderton, CEO and founder of MobileX, and founder of Boost Mobile will also be speaking there. Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research, is slated to kick off the event with a presentation about the latest on competition in prepaid.

Aside from Holley directly stating Boom Mobile isn't going anywhere, his participation in the Expo alongside others that are well known in the industry is another strong indicator the brand is sticking around. Since the incident was first noted, Boom Mobile has also continued to market itself on social media sites like Facebook having most recently posted there on May 2nd.

The server issue appears to be the 2nd major incident with Boom Mobile that BestMVNO is aware of over the brand's lifetime. From 9/30/2020 to 10/5/2020, Boom Mobile's shopping cart was hit with a malware infection. Holley explained the incident in a Reddit post and issued a statement about it to Ars Technica.

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