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Boom Mobile Selling Annual Plan On eBay With 5GB Data For $16.58/Month

Boom Mobile Now Selling 360-Day eBay Annual Plan
Boom Mobile Now Selling 360-Day eBay Annual Plan
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Boom Mobile has launched its annual plan on eBay (Update 3/24/2020 - the eBay seller BlueBeatsDigital removed all listings and instead is selling them exclusively on Amazon for the same prices mentioned in this article.)  The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 5GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds.  It is priced at just $199.97 which works out to an average cost of $16.58/month.  It is the same plan that Boom! Mobile recently launched on its website for $239.99 but is now being offered with an eBay exclusive discount.

Boom Mobile's annual plan is good for 360 days of phone service.  Customers placing an order can choose a SIM card compatible with either the AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon networks.

Ditch The Pocket And Ride The Boom!

If this plan sounds familiar to you, it's because it's been designed to compete against Red Pocket Mobile's annual eBay exclusive plan.  Boom is even marketing the plan to eBay shoppers by telling them to "Ditch The Pocket And Ride The Boom!" clearly a direct shot at the competing brand.

Side By Side Boom Mobile's eBay Offering Is A Direct Shot At Red Pocket Mobile's eBay Offering
Side By Side Boom Mobile's eBay Offering Is A Direct Shot At Red Pocket Mobile's eBay Offering

Red Pocket Mobile offers the exact same base plan on eBay with the same talk, text, and data allotments but it does have some differences compared to the Boom! Mobile offering.  Red Pocket's plan works on the customer's choice of either the AT&T, Sprint or Verizon networks, but there is no option for T-Mobile.  The plan also comes with international calling to over 70 countries, a feature that Boom Mobile's plan lacks.

Boom Mobile advertises its plan as including VoLTE, WiFi calling, and Visual Voicemail.  The features are available on all networks except for WiFi calling which is unavailable on Verizon.  Red Pocket Mobile does not advertise similar features, however, they should still be included with the plan as they are listed on a help and support page.  VoLTE won't likely work out of the box for Red Pocket Mobile Verizon customers, they'll have to contact Red Pocket and ask them to turn the feature on.  With Boom Mobile, the feature will work out of the box.  Both plans include taxes and fees with the exception of sales tax which varies by location.

Subscribers that order Boom Mobile's plan on the AT&T network will get extra features that are not available with the Red Pocket Mobile offer. Boom Mobile's plan will include mobile hotspot, free roaming while traveling in Mexico and Canada, and free domestic roaming. Roaming usage may be restricted to 2G data speeds.

Boom Mobile has also begun to offer SIMs and plans on Amazon.  The annual plan is available on Amazon for the same $199.97 price as it is on eBay, although this plan is not available on Amazon at this time with an AT&T SIM card. (Update: The plan is now available on A&T through Amazon).

Boom Mobile's eBay exclusive annual plan will be a limited-time offering.  However, an end date for it has not yet been established.

The annual plan isn't the only Boom! Mobile offering now available on eBay and Amazon.  Customers can pick up what are essentially trial plans that start at $3.47 for a combination of 450 minutes, text messages, and MB of data.  There are also a couple of feature phones with plan bundles available.  You can check out all of Boom! Mobile's eBay offerings here (offers no longer available) and the annual plan at this link (no longer available), while all the Amazon offerings are available here.  The eBay and Amazon offerings are sold through a Boom Mobile authorized Master Agent distributor Blue Beat Digital.

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