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Boom! Mobile Stops Selling Sprint Service, Customers Migrated To Unlimited Data Plan With Ting

Boom Mobile Stops Selling Plans On The Sprint Network, Customers Migrated To Ting
Boom Mobile Stops Selling Plans On The Sprint Network, Customers Migrated To Ting
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Boom Mobile has made the decision to stop offering service on the Sprint network.  The wireless provider has partnered with Ting and all of Boom Mobile's Sprint network customers are being migrated over to Ting.  Customer's who accept the transitional offer and don't port elsewhere will receive a plan with unlimited talk, text, and data from Ting for $20/month.

BestMVNO has obtained a copy of the email that had been sent out to Boom Mobile subscribers explaining the offer:

"Boom! Mobile has made the strategic decision to no longer offer service on the Sprint network.

All customers that use a Sprint (CDMA) device on boom! Mobile will be moved to Ting Mobile, an industry-leading service provider on the Sprint Network. You can keep your phone and your number. Ting has a compelling exclusive offer just for boom! Mobile CDMA customers: $20 per line with unlimited talk, text and data.

Why Ting Mobile? We worked hard to find a good home for boom! Mobile customers that use a Sprint network phone. Ting Mobile is consistently a top-rated carrier by Consumer Reports. They are committed to treating people fairly and to excellent customer service. They were willing to work with us to create an offer just for boom! Mobile CDMA customers that we hope you'll agree is pretty amazing. You can learn more about Ting on their website at

Stay tuned for communications from Ting detailing the steps you need to take. If you don't want to use Ting Mobile, you can port your number to any you like."

This is an interesting offer as Ting does not sell unlimited data plans.  In fact, Ting does not technically sell phone plans at all.  Customers get billed on a pay per usage model.  Subscribers pay independently for how much talk, text, and data that they use in a month.  If a subscriber uses 500 minutes of talk one month they'll pay $9 for it, if they use 100 minutes the next month they'll only get billed $3 for talk.  The same sort of thing happens for text and data usage.

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According to a Ting customer support specialist I spoke with, unlimited data will mean up to 50GB of data at high speed.  Ting considers 50GB to be fair use policy for unlimited data.  This seems like an awfully high amount of data for the price, and if true (I'm skeptical),  that would make this a really great plan to stick to.  The specialist also said that the $6 line access fee that Ting normally charges subscribers is already included in the price.  Subscribers will get to keep their plan for as long as they want.

According to a thread on Nth Circle, what appears to be a Ting rep says that this is a new type of plan that Ting is trying out, sort of like a pilot plan, and that you have to try new things out or you'll be forced out of the market.  The rep also says that less than 1,000 customers are expected to stick around after the transition.  This may be partly why Ting is able to offer unlimited data at a great rate.

Jeff Holley, the founder of Boom Mobile, responded to a Howard Forums thread discussing the matter.  He said that sometime within the next 30 days Boom Mobile will have new consumer-oriented plans that utilize the AT&T network.  Boom Mobile will then exclusively offer Verizon and AT&T based plans.  But for now, all that is offered are Verizon based plans.

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