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Boom Mobile Adds New “Pink” Plans, Pricing Starts At $12.99/Month

Boom Mobile Introduces PINK Network Plans
Boom Mobile Introduces PINK Network Plans
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Boom Mobile has updated its wireless plans.  The MVNO has released new "PINK" network plans that start at $12.99/month plus a $2.99 regulatory recovery fee for 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 250 MB of data.  Boom Mobile denotes the plans as PINK, likely to signify they work on the T-Mobile network.  MVNOs are typically not allowed to state what networks they operate on unless that network is Sprint.  Sprint is more open than the other major carriers in allowing their network partners to publicize what networks they are using.

Boom Mobile's PINK Plans Highlighted And Explained

Boom Mobile's new PINK plans are essentially a mirror image of Boom's RED plans which utilize the Verizon Network. The new PINK plans are priced as follows:

  • $12.99/month - 250 minutes, unlimited texts, & 250MB of  data
  • $14.99/month - 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 250MB data
  • $16.99/month - 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, 250 MB data
  • $17.99/month - 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts, 250 MB data

Unlimited Talk And Text Plans

  • $19.99/month - unlimited talk and text, no data
  • $21.99/month - 1GB of data
  • $26.99/month - 2GB of data
  • $35.99/month - 4GB of data
  • $39.99/month - 7GB of data
  • $49.99/month - 10GB of data
  • $59.99/month - 20GB of data

Flex Plans

The company has also released what it is calling Flex plans.  Flex service plans are similar to PayGo plans.  For instance, subscribers may elect to purchase a Flex 450 plan which gives them the option to use up to 450 minutes, text messages or MB of data or any combination of service features that total 450 during a billing cycle.  So during one billing cycle, a Flex 450 plan might be 450 minutes only, but for another billing cycle, a Flex 450 plan use might be 200 minutes, 150 text messages and 100 MB of data.  Boom Mobile's new Flex plan options are as follows:

  • $5.00 - Flex 450 7 day plan
  • $10 - Flex 900 14 day plan
  • $60 - Flex 3000 Yearly Plan

The new Flex plan options seem geared towards tourists and limited usage customers.

Boom charges a $2.99 regulatory recovery fee on top of the prices shown on all the new PINK plans.  WiFi calling, HD Voice and Visual Voicemail are supported on all plans.  Data is hard capped and plans do not come with unlimited 2G data.

Boom Mobile BLUE Plans

In addition to the new PINK plans, Boom Mobile has also updated its BLUE network plans which are used to provide service on the AT&T network.  Boom Mobile's individual BLUE plans were first introduced in July of 2019.  A total of 4 new individual BLUE plans have been added and all plans are shown below with the newest additions highlighted.

  • $20/month - 100MB data for basic phones
  • $24.99/month - 1GB data
  • $33.99/month NEW - 3GB data
  • $41.99/month NEW - 5GB data
  • $49.99/month NEW - 7GB data
  • $67.98/month - unlimited LTE data
  • $165 every 3 months NEW - unlimited LTE data, multi-month discount plan

Unless specified otherwise, all Boom BLUE plans include unlimited talk and text and international texting with hard capped data and are designed for use with smartphones.  The plans also come with full talk, text, and data roaming usage while traveling in either Mexico or Canada at no extra charge.  Free domestic roaming is also supported as is WiFi calling, HD Voice, hotspot and visual voicemail.

The unlimited data plan includes 22GB of 4G LTE data each month before data prioritization policies are applied.  Once data prioritization policy is applied, data speeds MAY be temporarily slowed down during times of heavy network congestion.  Once the congestion gets relieved, speeds return to normal.  A maximum of 10GB of data can be used for mobile hotspot.

MMS picture messaging is supported on iPhones.  Several AT&T MVNOs do not support the features due to Apple policy.

There is a $2.99 regulatory recovery fee added to the cost of all plans.

Editor's Take

Boom Mobile is expanding its offerings, and that suggests to me that the company is doing well.  That and the fact the company has been offering wireless service as an MVNO since 2015, a time frame that some would consider long for this market space.

Boom's new and updated plans may not necessarily be the cheapest around, but some of their plans do offer service features such as domestic roaming that are not common for MVNOs to have.  And for some, that's a feature well worth paying for.

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