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Boom Mobile Takes Shot At Mint Mobile, Holiday Offer 10GB Plan For $15/Month

Boom Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deal
Boom Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deal
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Boom Mobile has launched its Black Friday offer. It's a new customer offer on a 3-month plan. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 10GB of data every 30 days available at up to 5G data speeds. After 10GB, data speeds are reduced to 2G or 64Kbps- 128Kbps. The 3-month bundle price is $45 with an additional $2.99 in regulatory fees on top. Taking into consideration the regulatory fee, the monthly rate of the plan works out to $16/month. After the initial three month trial offer is up, the regular rate of the plan applies which is $81, or $83.99 after the regulatory fee. That works out to about $28/month.

Aside from the features already mentioned, this plan also includes free international calling to over 80 countries, WiFi calling, and visual voicemail. Boom Mobile offers plans using different carrier networks. This Black Friday 2023 deal is available on what Boom Mobile calls the Boom Purple network. For legal reasons, Boom Mobile can't specifically state what that network is, however their Boom Purple coverage map, which is currently down, points to T-Mobile as the network being used.

Boom Mobile has made it abundantly clear that they are aiming this offer at Mint Mobile. The Boom Mobile homepage specifically calls out Mint Mobile with a big splash animation that says their offer includes double the data that Mint offers at the same price. Their social media channels including Facebook and Instagram have the same callout. Mint Mobile's $45 trial offer for new customers only comes with 5GB of monthly high-speed data. However, Mint Mobile's Black Friday deal gives new customers 6-months of service instead of three for that price.

Boom Mobile Seeks Growth, Looking For Accredited Investors

Boom Mobile is making a push to try and grow itself. In August, BestMVNO reported that the founder of Boom Mobile, Jeff Holley, launched Boom Tech. Boom Tech now serves as the parent umbrella company to Boom Mobile. Boom! Tech is said to be "securing a portfolio of patents" that will solidify its position as a pioneer in the Internet of Things. The patents are claimed to offer breakthrough technologies, unique algorithms, and proprietary methodologies that enable seamless connectivity, data analysis, and automation.

And more recently, Boom Technologies launched a fund raising campaign seeking accredited investors through the Fundable platform. Publicly available details from the campaign indicate that Boom Tech has secured 10 new dealers and resellers for Boom Mobile. A statement on the campaign page reads; "Executed 10 new reseller/dealer agreements provide 80,000+ new customers in the next 180 days."

Boom Mobile's Black Friday deal is scheduled to run through the end of the year.

See Boom Mobile's Black Friday Deal

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