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Mint Mobile News

Mint Mobile Announces Black Friday 2018 Deal

Mint Mobile’s Black Friday Sale Features 3 Month Plan With 5GB Data For $20

Joe Paonessa - Nov 22, 2018
Mint Mobile has announced a Black Friday sale.  The company is offering 3 months of service with unlimited everything and the first 5GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds for just $20 or less than $7/month.  Mint Mobile normally charges new customers $60 for this plan.  That’s a 66% price
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The iPhone XS And XS Max Are Now Available At Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile Now Selling iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

Joe Paonessa - Sep 25, 2018
Mint Mobile mailed out a press release today announcing that it now has the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max available for purchase.  The phones are being sold unlocked with standard pricing.  The 64GB iPhone XS will be available for $999.00 or as low as $56/month with a device financing plan. 
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Mint Mobile Adds Support For WiFi Calling And Visual Voicemail On Apple iPhones

Joe Paonessa - Sep 19, 2018
Mint Mobile has added several new features for its iOS users.  Subscribers on the platform can now get visual voicemail, WiFi calling and texting and VoLTE enabled calling.  WiFi calling and texting were previously limited to select Android devices. Mint Mobile said that the features were something that its iOS
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Mint Mobile's Starter Kit Now Sold Risk Free

Mint Mobile Now Offering 7 Day Risk Free Trial

Joe Paonessa - Jul 31, 2018
Mint Mobile is celebrating two years in business.  The Ultra Mobile powered T-Mobile MVNO launched in the summer of 2016.  To mark the two year anniversary, Mint Mobile has announced that their $5 starter kit now comes risk free with a 100% money back guarantee. Mint Mobile’s starter kit allows
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Mint Mobile Starter Kit Is A Penny On Amazon Prime Day 2018

Mint Mobile’s Prime Day Deal Is A Penny Trial Starter Kit

Joe Paonessa - Jul 15, 2018
Mint Mobile sells a starter kit exclusively on Amazon.  The kit is regularly priced at $5, but on Prime Day it will be free 1¢ (plus shipping) to the first 5,000 customers. The starter kit includes 2 SIM cards and a free 7 day trial of service.  Customers get 100MB
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Mint Mobile Updates Service To The Benefit Of The Consumer

Mint Mobile Improves Customer Support Adds New $5 Trial Plan

Joe Paonessa - May 17, 2018
In an attempt to further disrupt the MVNO and wireless industries, Mint Mobile has announced some changes to its service. Mint Mobile has announced that it will be tripling the size of its customer service team.  This is certainly a welcomed change, as customer service is typically a weak point
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Mint SIM Rebranded As Mint Mobile

Mint SIM Rebrands As Mint Mobile

Joe Paonessa - May 3, 2018
Mint SIM has just relaunched itself as Mint Mobile.  The change was officially made Tuesday afternoon on May 1st. The MVNO that runs on T-Mobile’s network said that the rebranding was done to help make it easier for the public to better understand what the company has to offer.  I
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Mint SIM 3 Free Months Of Service On Select Plan With Purchase Of Unlocked Smartphone From Best Buy

Mint SIM Giving Away 3 Free Months Of Service When You Purchase An Unlocked Phone From Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Oct 30, 2017
Mint SIM launched a promotion today in conjunction with its exclusive retail partner Best Buy.  The limited time offer gives subscribers 3 free months of unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at high speed when they purchase an unlocked device from Best Buy. Mint SIM calls
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Mint SIM Featured Sponsored

Cut Your Phone Bill In Half With Mint SIM! No Carrier Offers More 4G LTE Data For Less!

Joe Paonessa - Oct 9, 2017
Hey you!  You with the expensive phone bill. Did you know that your wireless phone plan may be costing you nearly 2x as much as it should be?  That could mean that you are lining someone else’s pockets with hundreds of dollars a year instead of your own! Stop! Stop
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Mint SIM Foxtober Promo

$30 Gets You 3 Months Of Unlimited Talk, Text And 2 GB Of Monthly Data With Mint SIM

Joe Paonessa - Oct 2, 2017
Mint SIM, a T-Mobile MVNO that is powered by Ultra Mobile, announced a promotion today that makes their already cheap cell phone plans even cheaper. Through the promotion, new customers will be able to save $15 on a 3 month trial plan offer with coupon code FOXTOBER. Mint SIM’s three
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Mint SIM Launches At Best Buy

Mint SIM Launches At Best Buy, Purchase Any Unlocked Phone And Get $20 Off Any Mint SIM Plan

Joe Paonessa - Aug 1, 2017
Mint SIM announced today that it has partnered with Best Buy and the company’s cell phone plans will now be available for purchase directly through the retail giant.  The new partnership is an exclusive one, making Best Buy the only retail store where customers can purchase a Mint SIM plan
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Mint SIM Updates Phone Plan Prices July 2017

Mint SIM’s Updated Phone Plans Feature A 3 Month Trial Offer Of 10GB LTE Data For $25/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2017
Current and potential Mint SIM customers can at least rejoice in the fact that Mint SIM has lowered the prices of most of its plans across the board.  As long as subscribers are willing to sign up for service at least 3 months in advance, they’ll be able to get
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Mint SIM New Customer Promo

Mint SIM Continues To Offer Promo Featuring Unlimited Talk, Text And 10 GB Data For $20

Joe Paonessa - Feb 28, 2017
Mint SIM is a sub MVNO of Ultra Mobile.  The companies business model is aimed at getting subscribers to pay in advance for several months of service.  Subscribers can choose to pay in advance for either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. A site reader tipped me off
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Mint SIM Logo

Ultra Mobile Backed Sub MVNO “Mint SIM” Launches, Features 10 GB Of Monthly Data At Average Monthly Cost Of $33.25

Joe Paonessa - Aug 6, 2016
A new MVNO launched today or sub MVNO if you will, called Mint SIM.  Mint SIM is being powered by T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile and as such it runs on the same network as Ultra Mobile.  This isn’t the first sub MVNO to hit the market, as just a short while
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