Mint Mobile’s New $30 Unlimited Plan Includes 35GB Of 5G Data

Mint Mobile Has New Plan With 35GB High Speed Data
Mint Mobile Has New Plan With 35GB High Speed Data


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Mint Mobile has launched a new phone plan that will surely turn some heads. The new multi-month phone plan includes unlimited everything with the first 35GB of data each month available at up to 5G data speeds. It will cost subscribers as little as $30/month.

But of course, there's a catch.

Like all Mint Mobile phone plans, to get the best rate subscribers will have to signup for 12-month of wireless service. That means an upfront payment of $360 is required. Mint Mobile's "wireless in bulk" concept rewards subscribers who commit to the service for the longest amount of time possible. The MVNO also allows the plan to be purchased in advance for 3 and 6-month time frames. The per month cost for each time frame is of course a bit higher than the annual plan. However, new customers can trial the plan for 3-months for just $90 or an average cost of $30/month. The 3-month plan renews at $40/month. The 6-month plan is just $35/month with $210 due upfront.

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Mint Mobile's $30 Unlimited Plan Fine Print

This plan includes the highest amount of high-speed data ever offered by Mint Mobile. The fine print associated with the plan is just slightly different from Mint's other phone plans. Unlike every other Mint Mobile phone plan, subscribers cannot use up all of their plans allotted high-speed data on mobile hotspot. Just 5GB of data is allowed to be used during a monthly plan cycle for mobile hotspot. A monthly plan cycle is considered to be 30 days. Video streaming is also limited to a resolution of 480p.

All other features offered with the plan are the same as any other Mint Mobile phone plan, and they are:

  • Unlimited domestic talk and text
  • Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada
  • High-Speed data that uses either a 5G or 4G LTE signal, whichever is strongest (requires a 5G capable device)
  • Unlimited data at 128Kbps once the plan's monthly high-speed allotment gets consumed
  • WiFi calling and texting

Update: Actor and Mint Mobile Co-Owner Ryan Reynolds put out an ad on Twitter today featuring actor Rick Moranis to introduce Mint Mobile's new phone plan. Watch it below.

Editor's Take & Analysis

For a single line plan, this offer is hot. There isn't a legitimate provider out there that I'm aware of offering a better rate on a single line phone plan that includes at least 35GB of high-speed data. Of course, asking subscribers to shell out $360 to get such a great rate may be a tough sell for some. But those comfortable doing so seem to be getting a good deal. The only way to really beat Mint Mobile's plan would be to signup through a carrier or prepaid provider that offers multi-line discounts like Visible and Cricket who both have offers of 4 lines for $100.

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Fone Phan
Fone Phan
10 days ago

Other than the higher LTE data cap I don’t understand why Mint is choosing to call this plan (and only this plan) “unlimited”. Their cheapest 3 GB/month plan, for example, provides that “(d)ata speeds reduce after 3GB but data is unlimited”. This seems to be the same high speed/low speed data concept as under the new plan, which slows data after 35 GB of LTE.

So even though the Mint Mobile home page refers only to this new option as “unlimited” aren’t all its advertised plans just as “unlimited”?

Dan's the Man
Dan's the Man
8 days ago
Reply to  Fone Phan

Yes it’s marketing but 35GB of high speed date truly is unlimited for over 99% of cell phone used. I don’t like the way some other companies advertise unlimited and then say after the 1/3/5/10 GB it’s slowed down. I don’t mind Mint calling this plan unlimited as they clearly do state that after 35GB it will be slowed.