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Mint Mobile Has Special Upgrade Offer For Those Who Took Advantage Of Buy 3 Months Get 3 Months Free Promo

Mint Mobile BOGO 3-Months Free Promo Upgrade Offer
Mint Mobile BOGO 3-Months Free Promo Upgrade Offer

By Joe Paonessa – Oct 9, 2019
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Over the summer, Mint Mobile gave new subscribers who bought 3 months of wireless service an additional 3 months of service for free.  The plan featured in the promo gave customers unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 8GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds.  It cost $60 for the 6 months of service.  The offer was available from 7/29/19 to 9/9/2019.

In an effort to retain those customers for a longer period time, Mint Mobile has extended a special offer exclusively to customers who took advantage of that summer BOGO deal.  Subscribers on the plan who log in to their Mint Mobile accounts are now being greeted with a new offer.  Customers can upgrade their free 3-months of service to an extra 12 months of paid service at a discounted rate.

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Mint Mobile Plan Upgrade Offers And Fine Print

Customers can extend the plan they initially subscribed to for a total cost of $135 for an additional 12 months of service.  Mint Mobile normally charges $240 for 12 months of service on the plan, so customers who elect to extend their plan will save $105 over the plan's regular rate. Customers who extend their plan do forego the free 3 months of service.

Subscribers initially paid $60 for the promo plan, so those that elect to forego the free 3 months and extend their plan will end up paying a total of $195 for the 15 months of service.  That works out to an average cost of $13.00/month.

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Customers can also upgrade to a plan with 12GB of monthly data at 4G LTE data speeds for an additional 12 months of service for $195 or a total all-in cost of $255 for 15 months.  That works out to an average cost of $17/month.  A year of service on the 12GB plan normally costs $300 or $25/month.  Customers that upgrade their plan through this route will still save $105 over the plan's regular rate for 12 months of service.

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Customers who elect to take advantage of either of the upgrade offers must do so before their first 3 months of wireless service is up, which is before the 3 months of free service kicks in.

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