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Mint Mobile Brings Back Buy 3-Months Get 3-Months Free Offer

Mint Mobile Brings Back Buy 3-Months Get 3-Months Free Offer
Mint Mobile Brings Back Buy 3-Months Get 3-Months Free Offer
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In July of 2019, Mint Mobile launched a buy 3-months get 3-months free promotion for new customers. It must have been a successful promo because the company has elected to expand it and bring it back for the holiday 2020 shopping season. Last year the offer was only valid on Mint Mobile's 8GB data plan. This year the offer availability has been expanded to include all 4 Mint Mobile plans. The company says the promo is a Black Friday early access deal and it is scheduled to be available until 11:59 PM PST on 1/4/2021. Mint Mobile co-owner Ryan Reynolds announced the new promo in a commercial today which you can check out below.

Offer Highlights

Thanks to this special promotion, budget-minded individuals can get 6-months of wireless service with 3GB of high-speed data each month for a total of just $45. That's unlimited talk, text, and data albeit at 2G data speeds once the monthly high-speed allotment gets used up for about $8/month. The other 3 plan options available to take advantage of include the following:

  • $60 - 6-months of service with 8GB monthly high-speed data
  • $75 - 6-months of service with 12GB of monthly high-speed data
  • $90 - 6-months of service with 35GB of monthly high-speed data

Taxes and fees cost extra. High-speed data is at 4G LTE and up to 5G data speeds depending on your location and device. Video streaming is limited to a resolution of 480p. Free calling to Mexico and Canada is included with all plans.

Mint Mobile calls its 35GB plan unlimited on its website, but we're not going to do that here. All of Mint Mobile's plans are unlimited in the same way the 35GB plan is. They all come with unlimited data at 2G data speeds once the plans monthly high-speed allotment gets used up.

For the price, Mint Mobile's 35GB plan offers tremendous value, but it does differ slightly from the company's other plans. Mint Mobile only allows 5GB of data to be used for mobile hotspot with that plan. For all other plans, subscribers can use up their plan's entire monthly high-speed data allotments on hotspot if they so choose.

One other important thing to note is that SIM cards expire 45 days after purchase unless they are purchased at Best Buy where the BOGO offer is also available. At Best Buy, SIMs must be activated by 1/2/2021. If your SIM expires you won't be able to activate your plan and you will lose your money.

Last year, Mint Mobile further rewarded subscribers that took advantage of the buy 3-months get 3-months promo. They were later given the opportunity to extend their plans out to 12-months at a discounted rate. Customers who took advantage of that offer saved $105 over the plan's regular 12-month rate. I don't know that a similar offer will be later made with the new promo, but it is something to keep in mind if you decide to take advantage of this promo.

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