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Mint Mobile One Day “Deal;” A 25 Year Phone Plan Is Being Marketed With Video Ads

Mint Mobile Bobby Bonilla Plan
Mint Mobile Bobby Bonilla Plan
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Today, and for today only, Mint Mobile has launched a new wireless deal. Well, it's actually more of a marketing campaign than anything else. But, customers willing to cough up $2500 can get a phone plan that lasts for 25 years. That works out to an average cost of $100 a year or $8.33/month. The plan includes unlimited everything with the first 4GB of data available each month at high-speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds. This "deal" is said to commemorate baseball legend Bobby Bonilla's signing of one of the most famous contracts in sports history. The contract ensured that he would be paid more than $1 million every July 1st for 25 years.

Mint Mobile has teamed up with Booby Bonilla for a marketing campaign centered around the "Bobby Bonilla Wireless Plan." One ad features a couple working out on treadmills. They spot Bobby Bonilla and tell him that he looks great, then ask him what's his secret. Bonilla responds by saying "extremely long deals." You can check it out below.

The other ad features Bobby Bonilla sitting on couch explaining that every year on July 1st, it's the same thing, "hate mail." He continues "often misspelled but still hurtful, but this year is going to be different." Bonilla goes on to explain that he has teamed up with Mint Mobile to offer everyone 25 years of wireless for just $100/year." Watch it below.

Terms and conditions of this plan state that "Mint Mobile reserves the right to buy back The Bobby Bonilla Plan under certain conditions. But we’re mostly just impressed that you’re interested, honestly."

Although due to its absurdity this plan is really just a marketing tactic to create a buzz around Mint Mobile and get people over to its website, Mint Mobile does appear to be honoring it. Earlier in the day, actor Ryan Reynolds who is a co-owner of Mint Mobile tweeted out that 9 plans have been sold. (Update: following the comments below the tweet, the number is up to 23 now).

For the extreme few of you that may be seriously considering this plan, keep in mind that the likelihood that Mint Mobile is still around in 25 years may be pretty thin, and the wireless landscape will probably look vastly different at that time than it does today. And of course, there's plenty of other things that you can do with $2500.

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