H2O Wireless $60 Unlimited Plan

H2O Wireless Increases Data and Adds Mobile Calling to Mexico on Select Plans

Joe Paonessa - Oct 15, 2015
H2O Wireless, a prepaid wireless provider that operates on AT&T’s network has announced some changes to its plans. $60 Unlimited Plan H2O Wireless $60 Unlimited Plan First off, the company replaced its short lived $65 plan which was only announced back in April, with a plan that costs $60.  The
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H2O Wireless

H20 Wireless Adds 4G LTE Data to its Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jan 12, 2015
Summary of 4G LTE Prepaid Plans Offered on H20 Wireless H2O Wireless has just added 4G LTE data to all of its prepaid wireless phone plans.  It also appears that their new plans may have some small pricing changes as I have previously considered their best value plan to be
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