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H2O Wireless Offering Half Off Plus Bonus Data On Select Plans
H2O Wireless Offering 50% Off First Month Plus Bonus Data, $30 Plan May Get Permanent Data Increase
Joe Paonessa - Sep 25, 2018
H2O Wireless is currently running a 50% off sale plus giving away bonus data on select plans.  The top deal for data hungry users is $20 for the first month of service with unlimited data and the first 8GB at high speeds.  The plan also includes unlimited talk and text
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H2O Wireless Offering Half Off With Promo Code HULU
H2O Wireless Offering Double The Data At Half The Price With Coupon Code, Features 4GB For $15
Joe Paonessa - Jun 7, 2018
H2O Wireless is currently offering 50% off all of its phone plans to new subscribers that use promo code HULU at signup.  With that promo code one would think that a subscription to HULU would be in tow.  But that’s not the case here.  The 50% off rate is only
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H2O Wireless's Latest Promotion Features Double The Data
H2O Wireless Offering Free Month Of Service, 4GB Of Data On Its $30/Month Plan, And A Chance To Win An iPhone 7
Joe Paonessa - Feb 5, 2018
H2O Wireless is currently offering several different promotions.  What is probably the most interesting is an offer that includes 3 months of unlimited talk, text and data with the first 4GB at high speeds for $30/month.  The plan normally includes just 2GB of high speed data.  The promotion is scheduled
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H2O Wireless Adds New Wireless Plan And Bonus Data
H2O Wireless Plans Now Start At $18/Month, New Subscribers Get Bonus Data
Joe Paonessa - Dec 2, 2017
H2O Wireless has just added a new phone plan to its lineup. The new plan comes with unlimited domestic and international talk and text to over 50 countries.  Unlimited data is also included with the first 500 MB at high speeds.  It is priced at $20/month or $18/month with auto
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H2O Wireless Places Speed Cap On Download Speeds
Just Days Before Launching Its New Plans, H2O Wireless Begins Limiting Network Download Speeds
Joe Paonessa - Jun 28, 2017
In just a few days, H2O Wireless is set to kick off July by adding more data to its monthly unlimited plans without having to increase the price of those plans.  Unfortunately, that’s not the only change the AT&T MVNO is making. Over the weekend, some H2O Wireless subscribers around the
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H2O Wireless Announces New Plans And Last Time To Get 50 Percent Off Current Promotional Plans
H2O Wireless Announces It’s New Cell Phone Plans, Featuring 6 GB Of High Speed Data For $36
Joe Paonessa - Jun 16, 2017
For the past 7 months H2O Wireless has been running a tremendous promotion with its wireless plans.  Both new and current subscribers have been able to get 3 GB of monthly data for $27/month, 8 GB for $36, 10 GB for $45, and 12 GB for $54.  All plans include
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H2O Wireless 50 percent off first month promo
H2O Wireless Extends Promotional Offer, Get 3 GB Of 4G LTE Data For 50% Off, Just $15
Joe Paonessa - May 19, 2017
Updated: May 19, 2017 Prepaid Phone News spotted a dealer post at Howardforums that H2O’s double the data promotion will continue to run until the end of June.  By the time the promotion runs out, it will have run for 7 straight months.  It is expected that this will be
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H2O Wireless Bonus Data Promotion December 2016
New H2O Wireless Promotion Offers 8 GB Of Data For $36
Joe Paonessa - Dec 6, 2016
H2O Wireless launched a new promotion today valid though 3/31/2017 for those who port in a new line of service and for existing customers who use auto recharge.  The new promotion is that eligible plans will come with a significant amount of bonus data. Eligible plans include all of H2O
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H2O Wireless Promotion Get 1 GB More Data
Switch To H2O Wireless And Get Unlimited Talk, Text And 2 GB Of LTE Data For $27
Joe Paonessa - Nov 1, 2016
H2O Wireless has just launched a promotion for those who port in or activate a new line of service on a monthly unlimited plan.  The promotional offer is that an extra 1 GB of 4G LTE data will be added onto whatever monthly unlimited plan you select for a period
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H2O Updates Wireless Plans With More Data. 1 GB For $30
H2O Adds More Data To Plans
Joe Paonessa - Oct 4, 2016
H2O Wireless, a wireless provider that uses AT&T’s network, is about to update its cell phone plans to become more competitive in the marketplace.  The new plans are set to go live tomorrow, October 5th, 2016 and are as follows; H2O Wireless Updated Phone Plans All H2O plans include unlimited
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H2O Wireless 50 percent off first month
H2O Wireless Offering 50% Off One Month Of Service
Joe Paonessa - Aug 27, 2016
AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless is currently running a promotion on their Monthly Unlimited Plans.  Through December 31st 2016, new customers can get 50% off their first month of service by using the promotional code 50off during checkout. Discounted Monthly Unlimited Plans H2O Wireless’s Monthly Unlimited Plans all include unlimited talk, text,
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H2O Wireless Logo
H2O Wireless Adding More High Speed Data To Plans
Joe Paonessa - Jun 16, 2016
Come July 1st, several H2O Wireless cell phone plans are said to get higher data allotments without any changes in pricing. All H2O Wireless monthly plans include unlimited talk and text, with unlimited international talk and text to over 50 countries.  When the changes go live, H2O’s new plans will be
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H2O Wireless $60 Unlimited Plan
H2O Wireless Increases Data and Adds Mobile Calling to Mexico on Select Plans
Joe Paonessa - Oct 15, 2015
H2O Wireless, a prepaid wireless provider that operates on AT&T’s network has announced some changes to its plans. $60 Unlimited Plan H2O Wireless $60 Unlimited Plan First off, the company replaced its short lived $65 plan which was only announced back in April, with a plan that costs $60.  The
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H2O Wireless
H20 Wireless Adds 4G LTE Data to its Plans
Joe Paonessa - Jan 12, 2015
Summary of 4G LTE Prepaid Plans Offered on H20 Wireless H2O Wireless has just added 4G LTE data to all of its prepaid wireless phone plans.  It also appears that their new plans may have some small pricing changes as I have previously considered their best value plan to be
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