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H2O Wireless Announces It’s New Cell Phone Plans, Featuring 6 GB Of High Speed Data For $36

H2O Wireless Announces New Plans And Last Time To Get 50 Percent Off Current Promotional Plans
H2O Wireless Announces New Cell Phone Plans And Last Chance To Get 50 Percent Off Current Promotional Plans
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For the past 7 months H2O Wireless has been running a tremendous promotion with its wireless plans.  Both new and current subscribers have been able to get 3 GB of monthly data for $27/month, 8 GB for $36, 10 GB for $45, and 12 GB for $54.  All plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the listed amounts being available at full speed before being throttled to a maximum of 128 Kbps.  All of H2O Wireless's cell phone plans also include unlimited international talk and text as well.  Prices shown are with a 10% auto pay discount applied.


Today, H2O Wireless let it leak out through 3rd party channels that it is finally ready to announce new and permanent phone plans which will go into effect on July 1st. The new phone plans aren't as good as the promotional ones that were offered, but they are pretty close.

H2O Wireless's New Phone Plan Lineup Effective July 1st, 2017

Like it's old phone plans, all new plans will include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amounts at high speed, as well as unlimited international talk and text.

The new plans with the high speed data amounts that they will contain are as follows:

  • $30/month ($27.00 with auto pay) - 2 GB high speed data
  • New Price Point! $35/month ($31.50 with auto pay) - 3 GB high speed data
  • $40/month ($36.00 with auto pay) - 6 GB high speed data
  • $50/month ($45.00 with auto pay) - 8 GB high speed data
  • $60/month ($54.00 with auto pay) - 10 GB high speed data


H2O Wireless's new cell phone plans will compete favorably in the market and they will offer some of the best pricing around for those of you who need a provider that uses AT&T's network.  The new plans in fact will compete head to head with the plans that Pure TalkUSA just announced to be some of the absolute cheapest that you can find on AT&T's network.

If you're contemplating switching over to H2O Wireless, now would be the time to do it, as the company is still offering the promotional plans listed at the beginning of this article. To sweeten the deal, H2O Wireless is actually selling the plans for 50% off to new subscribers who signup before 6/30/2017.  A summary of the deal is in the infographic below:

H2O Wireless Last Chance 50 Percent Off June 2017
H2O Wireless Last Chance To Get A Plan For 50 Percent Off

Get 50% off with H2O before it's too late!

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