H2O Wireless 50 percent off first month promo
H2O Wireless Offers 50% Of Your First Month Of Service

AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless is currently offering 50% off of its monthly unlimited plans with code “50off” for the first month of service.  Additionally, free shipping with a free SIM card are also part of the promotion.

The offer can be combined with the companies previously announced bonus data promotion that features 8 GB of data for just $36 making this one heck of a promotion, and currently the best value that you can get from an AT&T based network provider.

 Monthly Unlimited Plans With 50% Off

All plans include unlimited talk, text, international talk, and international text as well as throttled 2G data once the plans high speed data is used up.

  • $15/month (regular price $30) – 3 GB of high speed data (previously 1 GB)
  • $17.50/month (regular price $35) – 4 GB of high speed data
  • $20/month (regular price $40) – 8 GB of high speed data (previously 3 GB)
  • $25/month (regular price $50) – 10 GB of high speed data (previously 5 GB)
  • $30/month (regular price $60) – 12 GB of high speed data (previously 6 GB)

The 50% off promotion is only for new activations and transfers.  It is an extension of a previous offer that expired back in December.  H2O Wireless has not said when the new offer will expire, and their webpage hasn’t been updated with this information either.

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If you’ve already missed the promotion, independent H2O Wireless dealers through Amazon.com regularly offer very similar deals.

To find out more, visit H2O Wireless’s Facebook page.


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Just an fyi, int’l sms still sits at 100 outgoing and unlimited incoming per their FAQ page.

I might consider porting over to them from AV. Still no word on when this promo expires?

Do monthly plan prices revert back after the first month?