H20 Wireless Adds 4G LTE Data to its Plans

H2O Wireless


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H2O Wireless 4GLTE

H20 Wireless LTE plans
Summary of 4G LTE Prepaid Plans Offered on H20 Wireless

H2O Wireless has just added 4G LTE data to all of its prepaid wireless phone plans.  It also appears that their new plans may have some small pricing changes as I have previously considered their best value plan to be $37 for 1 GB of HSPA+ data with autopay enabled.  You can now get the LTE equivalent plan for $36.  Unfortunately, if you are a current H20 subscriber you'll have to order a new sim card in order to receive LTE service which seems like a rather strange and unusual endeavor to have to undertake.  New subscribers of course, will have LTE available to them instantly.  H20 Wireless operates as an MVNO on ATT's network.  What will be interesting to see now is if H20's sister network, Envie Mobile will be able to launch LTE service with it's plans.  Envie Mobile is owned by H20 Wireless and operates as an MVNO on Verizon's network. Currently, few Verizon MVNOs support LTE service, but the expectation is that they will all be able to offer it at some point in the future.



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