RingPlus Adds WiFi Calling

Joe Paonessa-Sep 16, 2014
RingPlus Adds WiFi Calling to Majority of Plans      RingPlus, an MVNO offering prepaid wireless plans through the Sprint network announced several big changes today.  Every plan will now
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Sprint Revamps Prepaid Plans

Joe Paonessa-Sep 15, 2014
     Sprint today revamped it’s prepaid lineup with a pricing structure on par with it’s Boost Mobile brand.  For those of you don’t know, Sprint owns the Virgin Mobile and
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TextNow Launches Touch Mobile Brand With Prepaid Wireless Plans

Joe Paonessa-Sep 14, 2014
     TextNow an MVNO operating on the Sprint Network with plans starting at $18.99, has launched a new prepaid wireless brand under the name “Touch Mobile.”  This new service looks to borrow
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Cricket is Offering More Data to Subscribers

Joe Paonessa-Sep 13, 2014
Cricket Wireless New Improved Plans Cricket Wireless recently increased the amount of LTE data offered in all of of their prepaid wireless plans.  Facing stiff competition from providers that actually
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Google Hangouts Dialer

Free Phone Calls with Google Hangouts and FreedomPop

Joe Paonessa-Sep 10, 2014
Google Hangouts Dialer FreedomPop’s Free Voice and Text App      If you’ve been reading this website for a while, you may have noticed that I value data as being more
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Sprint and T-Mobile Fight Each Other For Your Mobile Phone Trade In

Joe Paonessa-Sep 8, 2014
Sprint and T-Mobile today both announced aggressive plans to go after trade-ins of your used mobile phone and to hopefully gain a new customer.  One of these two is a
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MetroPCS Offers 500 MB more 4G LTE Data

Joe Paonessa-Sep 4, 2014
MetroPCS, a T-Mobile MVNO, announced today that there’s 500 MB of more data headed your way for the $40 and $50 single line plans, as well as to the economy $100
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Boost Mobile is Doubling Your Data and Giving $5 off

Joe Paonessa-Sep 2, 2014
That didn’t take long for the trickle down effect to occur.  To go along with Sprint’s recent announcement that they were “doubling the data,” Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile is running a similar promotion
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FreedomPop to be acquired?

Joe Paonessa-Aug 30, 2014
FreedomPop To Be Acquired by a Major Carrier? UPDATE:08/30/2014 Bloomberg has reported that two companies are in talks to purchase FreedomPop in a deal potentially valued at over $100 million!  That would
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T-Mobile Has Increased Available LTE Data For the Simple Starter Plan

Joe Paonessa-Aug 26, 2014
T-Mobile has just offered current and potential new customers a new option involving their Simple Starter plan.  Starting September 3rd, 2014, you can quadruple your data from 500mb to 2 GB for
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Sprint Single User Unlimited Data Plan

Joe Paonessa-Aug 21, 2014
Today Sprint intended to shake up the mobile industry by offering a new unlimited data plan for individuals, but instead, they released well, something. This “new” plan is similar to
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Sprint Doubles the data

Joe Paonessa-Aug 18, 2014
Sprint’s New Family Share Pack Data Plans Sprint has done it today, by announcing new family data plans, putting the pressure on the other carriers, even outdoing in some ways
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Verizon Releases New Single Line Plan

Joe Paonessa-Aug 16, 2014
Verizon has recently released a new single line plan which in some scenarios arguably makes their prepaid plan pointless.  For $60 you’ll get unlimited talk and text as well as
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SpotMobile Ends Service

Joe Paonessa-Aug 10, 2014
SpotMobile Stops Providing Service Recently, T-Mobile MVNO SpotMobile decided to discontinue business and will no longer provide service effective September 7th 2014 11:59PM EST.  The former MVNO has not provided any specific
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Republic Wireless Now Will Port Your Google Voice Number

Joe Paonessa-Aug 6, 2014
Are you a Google Voice user like me? Are you on or thinking about switching to Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless?  If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that today Republic
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