Consumer Cellular Updates Phone Plans For Second Time In 2017
Consumer Cellular Updates Phone Plans For Second Time In 2017


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Consumer Cellular announced today that for the second time this year, it has adjusted the rates charged for its cell phone plans.

Consumer Cellular has always offered its customers the ability to partially custom build their own phone plans.  Subscribers could choose from several allotments of talk, then add a data plan that also contained an allotment of text messages.  With today's update, Consumer Cellular subscribers now have only 2 options of talk plans to pair with 5 data containing plans which all include unlimited texting. Previously 4 talk plans could be matched to one of 6 data/texting plan combinations, with the texts not necessarily being unlimited.

Consumer Cellular's New Plans

A summary of Consumer Cellular's new cell phone plans is as follows:

Talk Plans

  1. 250 minutes, $15/month
  2. Unlimited minutes, $20/month

Data/Text Plans

All data plans include unlimited texting

  1. 250 MB, $5/month
  2. 1 GB, $10/month
  3. 3 GB, $20/month
  4. 5 GB, $30/month
  5. 10 GB, $40/month

Data is hard capped and taxes are not included in the prices shown.  Consumer Cellular charges local taxes in addition to the listed prices.  Mobile hotspot is not allowed and data only plans are not offered.

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In addition to offering single line plans, Consumer Cellular offers 2 line family plans.  Those who want to add another line to their account can do so for $15/month.  The additional line will share minutes and data with the first line.  Before the updated phone plans were released, Consumer Cellular had charged just $10/month for this feature.

Consumer Cellular is an AT&T and T-Mobile MVNO that caters to senior citizens.  Those that are AARP members will save 5% off of their monthly bill.  The MVNO offers full support for customers who would like to bring their own device to the network, including iPhones.  A selection of cell phones are also available to purchase for those that need one, with "EasyPay" device financing available.

Consumer Cellular cell phone plans certainly aren't the cheapest around.  They are actually on the more expensive side.  However, with their higher prices, the company is able to provide a better customer support experience to subscribers than some lower cost MVNO's do.  Consumer Cellular consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction according to various surveys.

Sources: Consumer Cellular Blog

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It should be noted that, while toting the new plans and advantages, CC has raised the “extra line” cost by 50%, from $10 to $15 a month. They slipped that increase in with no notification.