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Consumer Cellular Branded Store

Consumer Cellular Offers $5/Mo Off Any Plan For 12 Months, With TV Ad Support

Joe Paonessa - Feb 20, 2024
Consumer Cellular has launched a new promotion as detailed in a recently filed prepaid report by the firm Wave7 Research. New customers can receive a $5/month discount for their first 12 months of service by using the promo code FIRSTYEAR15 during sign-up. This discount is applied as a monthly bill
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Consumer Cellular Shot on Flip Phone Marketing Campaign Displayed Throughout NYC Area

Consumer Cellular Debuted ‘Shot On Flip Phone’ Outdoor Ad Campaign

Joe Paonessa - Nov 9, 2023
Consumer Cellular recently launched an ad campaign that’s surprisingly centered around a new flip phone from the brand, the $69 IRIS Flip. The campaign, “Shot on Flip Phone,” is an extension of Consumer Cellular’s Freedom Calls marketing campaign which launched earlier this year. According to the latest prepaid report from
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Consumer Cellular Second Month Free Offer Featuring Ted Danson

Consumer Cellular Adds Another Free Month Offer

Joe Paonessa - Oct 13, 2023
Consumer Cellular has a new “free month” offer out as noted in the latest prepaid report issued by the firm Wave7 Research. The offer was announced by Consumer Cellular in a blog post on October 1. It gives customers who add a line to their accounts a $15 account credit.
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Ted Danson Featured In A New Image With New Tagline On The Consumer Cellular Website

Consumer Cellular Has New TV Ad Campaign With Ted Danson, Opening 13 More Stores

Joe Paonessa - Jun 16, 2023
In March 2022, Consumer Cellular signed Ted Danson to be their company spokesperson. Soon after that, Danson appeared in a plethora of TV ads touting the brand. His face was also plastered onto the Consumer Cellular website. But no new TV ads featuring Ted Danson had launched since September 2022.
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Consumer Cellular On Display At Target

Consumer Cellular Reduces Number Of Plans, Begins To Market 2 Lines For $55

Joe Paonessa - Mar 27, 2023
Consumer Cellular has recently eliminated some plans from its online offerings. A total of three plans are now available for purchase, down from six. Last October, the company released an offer of two unlimited lines for $55. Consumer Cellular has begun to market that offer through a newly launched TV
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Consumer Cellular Launches Another Add-A-Line Promo

Consumer Cellular Brings Back Add-A-Line Deal This Time Get A Free Month

Joe Paonessa - Feb 9, 2023
Consumer Cellular has launched a new promo. Customers that add-a-line will get a free month of service. The free line is valued at $15. Previous Consumer Cellular promos over the years have offered account credits with new lines (1, 2, 3). The best such offer came in September of 2021
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Consumer Cellular Two Unlimited Lines For $55

Consumer Cellular Introduces Two Unlimited Lines For $55

Joe Paonessa - Oct 20, 2022
Consumer Cellular, the MVNO that targets an older demographic has released a new phone plan for AARP members. Those who have a membership can now get two unlimited lines for $55 from Consumer Cellular. AARP describes itself as “the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people 50 and
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Consumer Cellular Store Located In The Villages, Florida

Consumer Cellular Adds More Data To Plans, Lowers Multi-Line Prices

Joe Paonessa - Oct 17, 2022
Consumer Cellular has added more data to its wireless plans. Some plans have almost doubled their data allotments like the $25 3GB plan which got a data bump up to 5GB. Wave7 Research detailed the data changes in a prepaid report that the firm just sent out to its subscribers.
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Consumer Cellular On Display At A Local Area Target

An Interview With Consumer Cellular’s CMO, Craig Lister

Jon Horovitz - Aug 19, 2022
Consumer Cellular has been one of the greatest success stories in the MVNO space.  Founded in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, Consumer Cellular helped to pioneer providing cellular service to the 50-plus-year-old demographic and now boasts over 4 million customers! The company is known for providing a superb customer experience.  They
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Actor Ted Danson, The Face Of Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular Has Another TV Ad With Ted Danson, Adds Mexico & Canada Calling

Joe Paonessa - Jul 1, 2022
In March of 2022, Consumer Cellular announced that it got itself a new celebrity spokesperson in actor Ted Danson. Immediately thereafter, BestMVNO reported that Consumer Cellular kicked off its new partnership by launching two TV ads featuring the actor. Danson’s image was also quickly plastered to the Consumer Cellular website.
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Consumer Cellular Hires Ted Danson To Be Celebrity Spokesperson

Consumer Cellular Taps Ted Danson To Be Celebrity Spokesperson, Launches New TV Ads

Joe Paonessa - Mar 28, 2022
Consumer Cellular has a new celebrity spokesperson in actor Ted Danson. Consumer Cellular is a wireless brand that markets itself to seniors. At 74 years old, Danson himself is part of that demographic, and his face is easily recognizable by the MVNO’s target audience, making him a natural fit to be
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Consumer Cellular On Display 2/10/22 At A California Area Walmart - Photo Via Wave7 Research

Consumer Cellular’s Best Switcher Deal Available Exclusively At Walmart

Joe Paonessa - Feb 28, 2022
In early January, BestMVNO reported that an unknown provider was headed to Walmart. Evidence at the time suggested that Consumer Cellular was the provider most likely to be moving into the store. A newly released prepaid report from Wave7 Research has confirmed that Consumer Cellular has indeed launched at some
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An Unnamed Carrier Is Likely Launching At Walmart

Mysterious Wireless Provider Appears Headed To Walmart

Joe Paonessa - Jan 3, 2022
BestMVNO has learned from multiple sources that an unnamed wireless provider may begin selling its services through Walmart stores. Wave7 Research noted in its most recent prepaid report that “Walmart is likely soon to sell services from an additional carrier, but it is unclear which one.” Twitter user @KingOfTechDeals, who
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Consumer Cellular Updates Wireless Plans For Fall 2021

Consumer Cellular Updates Wireless Plans, Adds Lower Prices With Auto-Pay

Joe Paonessa - Nov 2, 2021
Consumer Cellular has updated its wireless plans. Most of the changes seem positive, although one plan did get downgraded. Dennis Bournique of spotted and shared those updates with Consumer Cellular Plans, What Has Changed? One major change with Consumer Cellular is that plans with 250 minutes have been
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Consumer Cellular $100 Dollar Credit For New Lines Promo

Consumer Cellular Ups Promo Ante, New Lines Now Get $100

Joe Paonessa - Sep 2, 2021
Just a couple of weeks ago, Consumer Cellular launched an offer giving new lines of service $25 account credits. The offer was scheduled to last until September 30, 2021. Well, things have now changed. Consumer Cellular has upped the ante. New lines of service with Consumer Cellular will now get
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