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Consumer Cellular Summer 2021 New Line $25 Promo Credit

Consumer Cellular Has New Line $25 Promo Credit Offer

Joe Paonessa - Aug 19, 2021
Consumer Cellular has launched a new promo. Current customers that add a line of service will receive a $25 account credit for each line added. New Consumer Cellular subscribers are also eligible for the offer. Offer Fine Print As with all Consumer Cellular deals, there really isn’t a whole lot
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Consumer Cellular Twenty Five Dollar Account Credit Spring 2021

Consumer Cellular Offering $25 Account Credit For New Lines

Joe Paonessa - May 27, 2021
On 5/15, Consumer Cellular launched a promo offering $25 account credits to new lines of service. Wave7 Research noted the deal and detailed it in a prepaid report the firm recently sent out to its subscribers. The offer is valid for both new customers and current customers adding a line.
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Consumer Cellular, A Proven Model For MVNO Success

How 4 Major MVNOs Achieved Success By Differentiating From Competitors

Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2021
The U.S. MVNO marketplace is filled with competition and MVNOs with weak hands are not destined to last. As Jon Horovitz recently pointed out, the path to long-term survival and success in the market is differentiation. MVNOs must find a way to offer services that are unique in the space
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Consumer Cellular Brings Back Get $50 Big Ones Offer

Consumer Cellular’s $50 Big Ones Offer Will Get You $50 Account Credit

Joe Paonessa - Feb 15, 2021
Consumer Cellular has a new promo out featuring the tagline “Get $50 Big Ones.” The promo offers all new lines of service up to $50 in account credits. Offer Fine Print Consumer Cellular is usually pretty straightforward about the fine print associated with its offers, and it’s no different this
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Actor Dan Levy's Eyebrows Featured In New Visible Advertising Campaign

Visible’s Less Conventional Ad Approach Gets Views, Others Like Mint Mobile Focused On More Traditional Means

Joe Paonessa - Nov 30, 2020
This holiday shopping season has seen an increase in the number of prepaid wireless brands investing in the marketing of their services. Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, Straight Talk Wireless, TextNow, and Visible have all launched new video advertising campaigns. While most have focused on traditional
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Consumer Cellular $25 Account Credit Holiday 2020 Promo Offer

Consumer Cellular’s Holiday Promo Is A $25 Account Credit, Supported By New TV Ad

Joe Paonessa - Nov 27, 2020
Consumer Cellular is running a new promotion for the holidays. Every new line of service, including current customers adding a line, will get a $25 account credit. As detailed in the latest Wave7 Research report, Consumer Cellular has also started a new TV advertising campaign to highlight the offer. $25
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Consumer Cellular Sold To GTCR

Chicago Investment Firm GTCR Buys Consumer Cellular For $2.3 Billion

Joe Paonessa - Oct 28, 2020
Another big name prepaid wireless provider has been acquired. Private equity firm GTCR, based out of Chicago, formally announced this morning that it has purchased a majority stake in Consumer Cellular. Light Reading’s Mike Dano was the first to report the transaction in a story published yesterday evening, October 27.
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Consumer Cellular Aug-Sept 2020 One Month Free Promo

Consumer Cellular Offering New Customers Up To 3 Lines Free For One Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 29, 2020
Consumer Cellular recently launched a promotion offering new customers up to 3 lines of free service for their first month. The offer is good for any Consumer Cellular phone plan. Wave7 Research detailed the offer in a report it just sent out to its subscribers. Consumer Cellular’s Free Month Offer
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Spring Into Savings With Consumer Cellular's Latest Promo

Consumer Cellular’s “Spring Into Savings” Promo Gives New Lines $20 Account Credits

Joe Paonessa - May 20, 2020
Thus far in 2020 Consumer Cellular has been running hot. The MVNO started the year off by placing in the top 100 in national TV ad spending. The money appeared to be well spent because when February rolled around, Consumer Cellular announced that it had amassed 3.75 million subscribers and
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Consumer Cellular Adds New Unlimited Data Plan

Consumer Cellular Now Offering “Unlimited” Data Plan

Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2020
Consumer Cellular published a blog post today announcing the availability of a new unlimited data plan. But when they say unlimited data, is it really unlimited? Consumer Cellular’s New Unlimited Data Plan Offer Details Many would argue that marketing a plan as offering “unlimited data” should only be reserved for
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Local Area Target Showcases Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular Has 3.75 Million Subscribers And $50 New Line Promo

Joe Paonessa - Feb 21, 2020
Last August, Consumer Cellular announced that it had amassed 3.5 million subscribers.  And based on previous subscriber count announcements it was deduced that the MVNO was growing at a rate of 50,000 subscribers a month. According to a February report cited by Wave7 Research, the subscriber count is now up
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Consumer Cellular Leads MVNO And Prepaid Wireless Providers In Jan 2020 TV Ad Spending

Boost & Metro Launch New TV Ad Campaigns, Consumer Cellular Breaks Into Top 100 In National TV Ad Spending

Joe Paonessa - Feb 11, 2020
Consumer Cellular led all MVNOs and prepaid providers in national TV advertising this past January by placing in the top 100 in national TV ad spending.  No other wireless provider placed in the top 100.  Jeff Moore of Wave7 Research told BestMVNO he was unable to recall another time when
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Consumer Cellular Offering $25 Account Credits To New Lines

Consumer Cellular Offering $25 Credit For New Lines And Referrals

Joe Paonessa - Dec 3, 2019
Consumer Cellular has launched a new “Holly Jolly Savings” promotion.  New customers and current ones that add a line of service will receive a $25 account credit.  The promotion was launched last week and noted in a recent report from Wave7 Research.  Consumer Cellular has also launched a limited-time customer
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Consumer Cellular Partners With Lyft To Launch CC GO

Consumer Cellular Partners With Lyft To Launch CC GO, Lyft Without An App

Joe Paonessa - Oct 24, 2019
Consumer Cellular has announced that it has partnered with Lyft to launch a new service, CC GO.  CC GO will allow Consumer Cellular customers to easily call for a ride with any phone including landlines without the need for an app.  Those with a Consumer Cellular GrandPad tablet will also
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Consumer Cellular's Connect Plans Now Include More Data

Consumer Cellular Adds More Data To Plans, Subscribers Can Add 3GB Data For $10/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 3, 2019
Consumer Cellular has updated its wireless phone plans.  The last time there was an update came in November of 2018.  The changes only affect the amount of data a customer can get at a given price point.  All customers now get more data at no extra cost.  The changes were
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