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Consumer Cellular Offers $5/Mo Off Any Plan For 12 Months, With TV Ad Support

Consumer Cellular Branded Store
Consumer Cellular Branded Store
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Consumer Cellular has launched a new promotion as detailed in a recently filed prepaid report by the firm Wave7 Research. New customers can receive a $5/month discount for their first 12 months of service by using the promo code FIRSTYEAR15 during sign-up. This discount is applied as a monthly bill credit to any plan the customer selects. Consumer Cellular is backing the offer through the use of TV and podcast advertising.

This promo is particularly notable because it's the first time BestMVNO has observed Consumer Cellular providing monthly account credits for that long a duration. Previously, promotions typically involved account credits for up to 5 months. For instance, Consumer Cellular has occasionally offered deals on their website, such as a this promotion providing $50 in account credits at $10 per month. Additionally, a $50 account credit is an ongoing exclusive offer at Walmart.

Monthly account credit promotions such as these serve as new line customer retention offers. They are somewhat of an alternative to multi-month discount offerings available through MVNOs and prepaid providers like Mint Mobile, AT&T Prepaid, Boost Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, and Good2Go Mobile among others. Those offers require customers to prepay for service for up to a year in advance in order to claim a monthly plan discount but they are available to both new and existing customers. Some offer discounted 3-month new customer exclusive trial offers requiring subscribers to prepay for service 3-months in advance.

Consumer Cellular's 12-Month Account Credit Offer Terms And Conditions

Consumer Cellular has a history of offering promotions with a limited amount of fine print and with terms and conditions that are simple and easy to understand. This offer is no different. Customers just have to start a new line of service and they'll receive the discount. Only one discount can be claimed per account. If an account becomes inactive, customers will forfeit any remaining credits.

The offer is scheduled to be available until 3/29/24. It is not available through third party retailers such as Walmart and Target where the brand is carried. It can only be redeemed through the Consumer Cellular website, over the phone or through a branded store. Consumer Cellular recently disclosed to Wave7 Research that they now have 24 stores open. Consumer Cellular started opening its own branded stores in September 2022.

Available Phone Plans

The discounts are available on the following phone plans.

  • $20/month reg, $15/month promo price - 1GB 5G data
  • $25/month reg, $20/month promo price - 5GB 5G data
  • $35/month reg, $30/month promo price - 10GB 5G data
  • $50/month reg, $45/month promo price - 50GB 5G data

Plans cost $5/month higher if you don't use autopay with e-billing. Taxes and fees are extra. Additional lines can be added for $15/line. However, data between lines is shared. All plans have hard-capped data except the 50GB plan. Customers that go over their hard-capped data allotment will automatically be billed for the next higher up plan. Data speeds on the 50GB plan get reduced to a maximum of 1.5Mbps after the monthly high-speed allotment gets consumed. Plans include unlimited talk and text and allow mobile hotspot usage.

Consumer Cellular February 2024 TV Ads

On 2/12/24, Consumer Cellular began airing four new repurposed TV ads. The ads have all aired previously but were recently updated and repurposed to feature the MVNO's $5/month off discount offer. The TV ads, "Freedom Calls: Incredible: $15 Plan," "Freedom Calls: Amazing: $15 Plan," "Freedom Calls: Issa: $15 Plan, and "Freedom Calls: Marcus: $15 Plan," all tout that customers can get a plan for $15/month for a year with use of the FIRSTYEAR15 promo code. All ads feature the "Freedom Calls" tagline which Consumer Cellular launched as a marketing campaign in June 2023. The campaign kicked off with multiple TV commercials featuring actor and company spokesperson Ted Danson. Danson is in the newly repurposed "Marcus" TV ad that highlights the $15/month plan offer.

“The discount of service by $5 for the first month is a new and different kind of offer from Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular continues to advertise heavily and its retail presence is growing via the addition of new stores and its launch at more Walmarts, in addition to its longstanding availability at Target.”

– Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

Consumer Cellular operates as an AT&T MVNO and is backed by the Chicago investment firm GTCR. It is sold through branded stores, independent retailers, and national retail outlets including Walmart and Target. Consumer Cellular's presence at Walmart has expanded over the last year. Wave7 Research reports that its available at nearly 1900 stores as of early 2024, compared to just over 1500 in early 2023.

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