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Boost Mobile Unveils Data Free Unlimited Music Streaming
Boost Mobile, featuring the latest news, deals and phone plan offerings from this Sprint owned MVNO.

Cell Phone Plans

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Boost Mobile Unlimited Starter

Special Features:
  • Extra data available at $5 per additional GB.
  • Price listed is with auto-pay billing enabled, $35 without auto-pay.
Mobile Hotspot: Yes

UnlimitedUnlimited3 GB $30
Boost Mobile Logo

Boost Mobile Unlimited

Special Features:
  • 8 GB 4G mobile hotspot included
  • Video streaming limited to 480p
  • Music streaming limited to 500 Kbps
  • Gaming limited to 2 Mbps
  • Data prioritization after 23 GB
Mobile Hotspot: Yes

UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited GB $50

Company Highlights

Year Founded: 2002
Networks Used: Sprint
Support For BYOD: Extremely Limited Support 1)list of supported BYOD
Sells Phones: Yes
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price? Yes

Contact Information

Phone Number: 1-866-402-7366

Irvine, CA

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In 2002 Boost Mobile officially launched in the USA in a partnership with Nextel Communications.  The company offered walkie talkie 2 way radio like functionality with its push to talk service over Nextel’s iDEN network.  Subscribers paid a dollar a day for for the service to get unlimited talk and text.

In 2006 Sprint purchased Nextel Communications and hence the Boost Mobile brand. Almost immediately the company began offering service on Sprint’s CDMA network in select markets, while still maintaining its push to talk service in many markets.  It wasn’t until 2013 that Sprint and Boost Mobile fully retired Boost’s iDEN network in favor of Sprint’s CDMA network.

Today, Boost Mobile is Sprint’s main prepaid wireless brand.  Plans and phones can be purchased online through the Boost Mobile website, through Boost Mobile retail locations and through various retailers across the country such as Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

To obtain service with Boost Mobile, subscribers must purchase a new phone from the provider as they offer extremely limited support for BYOD.  Those that hope to bring their own phone to the network will first have to check Boost Mobile’s list of supported BYOD devices to see if its allowed.

Porting Out Requirements

Porting out requires you to contact Boost Mobile in order to obtain your account number. A PIN number is also needed to port out. Your PIN number is the same that you use to login to your online account with.


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