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Boost Mobile Announces “Carrier Crusher” Multi-Month Discount Plans

Boost Mobile Announces Carrier Crusher Plans
Boost Mobile Announces Carrier Crusher Plans
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The DISH Network announced today that Boost Mobile has some new wireless plans. The new plans are being called "Mint Mobile Copier" "Carrier Crusher Plans." The plans are focused on customers interested in multi-month discounts. The first of such plans to be announced is an annual plan priced at $100 or $8.33/month. It's a new customer-only, unlimited talk and text plan with 1GB of high-speed hard-capped data and mobile hotspot. BestMVNO first reported that Boost was trialing multi-month plans back in July.

DISH's press release states that "this is the first of many Carrier Crusher plans that Boost will launch throughout the holiday season." The press release also states that Boost is launching several other Carrier Crusher plans including a $20/month plan, billed annually at $240 that includes 15GB of monthly high-speed data. Monthly plans with 2GB of high-speed data for $15 and 5GB of high-speed data for $25 will continue to be offered.

A look at Boost Mobile's website indicates that 3, and 6-month discount plan options will also be released at a later date. Currently, no plans are being offered for those time-frames. However, Boost's website does have empty placeholders in place for those plans. Boost is advertising the plans as working on "America's largest 5G network," and that they are "powered by our Expanded Data Network." Those are indications that they are on the T-Mobile network.

Boost Mobile 12 Month Carrier Crusher Plan
Boost Mobile 12 Month Carrier Crusher Plan
Boost Mobile Placeholder For 6 Month Carrier Crusher Plans
Boost Mobile Placeholder For 6 Month Carrier Crusher Plans

In order to see the plans for myself, I first had to put my zip code into the Boost Mobile website. Back in July, DISH announced that it inked a long-term deal with AT&T to use that network as a service partner for its MVNO customers. In August, it was reported that Boost would begin activating customers on the AT&T network sometime in October. And that has happened, in stores for new customers. The new Carrier Crusher plans may also be available on the AT&T network in some markets. According to an article in Engadget, they are available on the AT&T network, but that's contrary to DISH's press release today and what I'm seeing on Boost's website after inputting my zip code. However, another part of Boost's website does say "Feel the power of America's largest 5G networks." The plural indicates both networks are now being used. I've reached out to a DISH/Boost representative and will update the article if a response is received or if I receive clarification elsewhere.

Update: A DISH/Boost representative confirmed to me that the plans are available for use on both the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The plan launches are Boost's first official and publicly advertised plans that can be used on the AT&T network.

Boost Mobile is calling its new plans "Carrier Crusher" a name that to me leaves a lot to be desired, considering that they are just following a current trend in prepaid. The trend is that more and more providers have become focused on offering their customers multi-month discount plans. The plans have been a huge hit with Mint Mobile who sells them exclusively. They are also sold by other providers like Red Pocket Mobile, Tracfone, Kroger Wireless, Black Wireless, Unreal Mobile, Boom Mobile, and more.

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