Boost Mobile Updates LG G6 BOGO Promotion

Boost Mobile Updates Promos, LG G6 Now $29.99 BOGO Offer, iPhone 6 Drops To $29.99

Joe Paonessa - Dec 6, 2018
Several weeks ago Boost Mobile launched a promo on the LG G6 making it available to switchers for $49.99.  A short while later the deal changed to a BOGO offer with the same pricing.  Now the price on that offer has dropped to just $29.99.  Meanwhile, Boost Mobile has also dropped
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Boost Mobile Giving Away Free Moto G6 Play To Switchers

Boost Mobile Now Offering Free Moto G6 Play To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Nov 18, 2018
It seems that every few weeks Boost Mobile has a new free phone offer for switchers.  Just weeks ago we saw the Sprint owned brand give away the Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve and LG Stylo 4 free to switchers.  The offer was followed up just days ago with the Samsung
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Boost Mobile Offering LG G6 $49.99 BOGO, Free Galaxy J7 Refine To New Customers

Joe Paonessa - Nov 11, 2018
Boost Mobile is running some new promotions.  One promotion builds on the LG G6 for $49.99 deal that was released a couple of weeks ago.   Boost Mobile is now marketing this deal as a buy one get one offer.  Subscribers can also get a free month of service when the
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Boost Mobile Adds More Hotspot Data To Unlimited Plans, New Customers Can Get Free Phones

Boost Mobile Unlimited LTE Plans Now Include More Hotspot Data

Joe Paonessa - Nov 5, 2018
Boost Mobile has updated all of its unlimited LTE data plans to include more hotspot data. Updated Plans All of Boost Mobile’s unlimited LTE data plans include unlimited talk, text and data with 50 domestic voice roaming minutes and some sort of data prioritization policy.  Data prioritization is the process
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LG G6 Available At Boost Mobile For $49.99 To Port-In Customers

Boost Mobile Offering LG G6 For $49.99 To New Customers

Joe Paonessa - Oct 28, 2018
Dennis Bournique uncovered a deal via reddit that shows that the LG G6 is available at Boost Mobile for just $49.99 to new customers.  The deal is currently nowhere to be found on the Boost Mobile website.  However, BestMVNO was able to locate several dealers on Facebook that are currently promoting
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LG G6 On Sale For $215.99 At Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile’s Latest Weekly Offers Include The LG G6 For $215.99

Joe Paonessa - Oct 24, 2018
Boost Mobile has a few limited time promotions that are running this week.  For starters, all new Android phones are priced 20% off with use of the coupon code TREAT2018.  The device is already on sale for $269.99 without the use of a coupon code.  With the coupon code, the
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Boost Mobile Offering BYOP Customers Unlimited Data For $25/Month

Boost Mobile BYOP Customers Get Unlimited LTE Data For $25/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 13, 2018
A reader sent in a tip to BestMVNO that Boost Mobile is currently offering bring your own phone customers an unlimited LTE data plan for $25/month, with taxes and fees included.  The phone plan includes unlimited talk, text, LTE data and mobile hotspot.  There is an LTE data cap on
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LG K30 Now Available At Boost Mobile For $149

Boost Mobile Adds LG K30 To Device Lineup For $149

Joe Paonessa - Sep 25, 2018
Boost Mobile added a new phone to its device lineup today.  The new phone is the LG K30 and it is priced at $149.  It’s one of just a few phones that isn’t currently discounted in the Boost Mobile store.  Given how frequently Boost Mobile offers discounts, I think it’s
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Boost Mobile Offering $100 Off iPhone Xs And Xs Max

Boost Mobile’s Latest Offers Include The iPhone Xs And Xs Max For $100 Off

Joe Paonessa - Sep 21, 2018
Boost Mobile has announced its launch offers for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.  For a limited time, each phone will be available for $100 off its regular price.  The iPhone Xs will sell for $899.99 and the iPhone Xs Max for $999.99.  The discounts are tentatively scheduled to last
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Boost Mobile Limited Time Switcher Offer Features iPhone 6 For $29.99

Boost Mobile Now Offering iPhone 6 For $29.99, Free LG Stylo 3 And New Unlimited Data Plan

Joe Paonessa - Aug 6, 2018
Boost Mobile recently launched some new in store only promotions.  Perhaps the most interesting is an offer for the iPhone 6 for just $29.99 to those who make switch to the Sprint owned prepaid brand.  This bests a promo that Boost Mobile ran earlier this year when it sold the
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Boost Mobile Spring Into Savings Sale

Boost Mobile Offering Up To 60% Off With “Spring Into Savings” Sale

Joe Paonessa - Apr 4, 2018
Boost Mobile is now offering up to 60% off select cell phones as part of what its calling its Spring Into Savings sale. Boost Mobile is a prepaid provider that is owned by Sprint. Since Boost Mobile only supports a limited amount of bring your own devices, chances are you
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Get An iPhone 6 For $49.99 When You Switch To Boost Mobile

Switch To Boost Mobile And Get An iPhone 6 For Just $49.99

Joe Paonessa - Feb 9, 2018
Boost Mobile seems to be making a big push this month for new customers.  The Sprint operated brand has launched several new promotions. One such promotion is aimed at shoppers who crave an iPhone. Those who switch to Boost Mobile can now get an iPhone 6 for just $49.99. iPhone
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Boost Mobile Announces Unlimited Plus Plan

Boost Mobile Announces $60 Unlimited Plus Plan, Includes Unlimited Everything With 20GB Of Mobile Hotspot

Joe Paonessa - Feb 9, 2018
Boost Mobile has just added another phone plan to its lineup.  The new plan is called Unlimited Plus and it is priced at $60/month for a single line with discounts available for multi-line customers. The Unlimited Plus plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data with 20GB of mobile hotspot. 
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Boost Mobile Switch Off MetroPCS Promotion

Boost Mobile Giving Away 2 Months Of Free Service When You Switch From MetroPCS

Joe Paonessa - Feb 9, 2018
Boost Mobile is currently running a promotion targeting T-Mobile’s prepaid brand MetroPCS. Those who make the switch from MetroPCS to Boost Mobile by 5/11/18 will get 2 months of free service. Boost Mobile is calling this promotion “Switch Off MetroPCS.” Promotion Details This offer requires that subscribers activate a $35 or
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Get A Pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S7 for $199.99 From Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Offering 32GB Pre-Owned Samsung Galaxy S7 For $199.99

Joe Paonessa - Nov 19, 2017
Boost Mobile is currently selling pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S7’s in black coloring for $199.99.  The gold colored variant is now sold out. Boost Mobile describes a pre-owned phone as being a “gently used, non-certified phone that has undergone functional testing and inspection to ensure it is in good working condition.” 
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