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Boost Mobile’s New Customer Referral Program Lags Other Carrier Prepaid Brands

Boost Mobile Launch Refer A Friend Program
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Boost Mobile is readying the launch of a new customer referral program. But to my eyes, it seems like a rather weak and half-hearted effort. Subscribers that refer a friend to Boost Mobile will receive a $25 account credit. So will the person who uses the referral. But only three referrals are allowed per calendar year. So subscribers can accumulate a maximum of $75 in referral credits. This is comparatively less than other referral programs offered by other carrier owned prepaid brands. The program is supposed to go live this weekend.

Unfortunately, the three referral credits per calendar year isn't the only limitation in place with this program. Only Boost's most expensive plans are eligible for referral credits. So if you refer a friend to Boost Mobile and want a referral credit, they must sign up for one of the three Boost Mobile plans that are priced at $40 or higher. Plans under $40/month are not eligible for referral credits. In order to claim a referral credit, referred customers must remain active on their plan for at least 30 days. Existing customers wishing to refer someone must also have been an active Boost Mobile customer for at least 30 days. The full $25 referral payout will NOT be instant once the qualifications to get one have been met. Instead, Boost Mobile will pay you the credit over two months in installments of $12.50 each. Full terms of the referral program can be found here.

Looking at referral programs from other carrier owned prepaid brands such as Visible by Verizon, Cricket Wireless, and Metro by T-Mobile, or even MVNOs like US Mobile and Twigby, Boost Mobile's program stands out for the wrong reasons. Cricket Wireless, Visible by Verizon and US Mobile all allow their customers to accumulate up to $250 in referral credits during a calendar year, a far cry from Boost's $75 limit. Metro by T-Mobile's referral program tops out at $125 per calendar year. Meanwhile, Verizon MVNO Twigby, offers unlimited referrals at $15 per referral.

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