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Boost Mobile News

New Boost Mobile TV Ad Promotes K Health

Boost Mobile Now Making Big Push To Promote K Health Partnership

Joe Paonessa - Aug 20, 2021
In May, Boost Mobile announced that it had partnered with K Health to offer free telemedicine health care services to its subscribers. Until now, Boost has done very little to market the new perk. Just days ago, Boost Mobile launched its first new TV ad in months. Boost stopped all
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Kansas Area Boost Mobile Store (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

Boost Mobile Will Soon Start Activating On The AT&T Network

Joe Paonessa - Aug 16, 2021
It looks like the Boost Mobile brand will continue to change with the seasons. A new prepaid report issued by Wave7 Research suggests that Boost Mobile will likely start activating new customers on the AT&T network sometime in early October. Currently, Boost Mobile is actively trying to migrate its Sprint
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Boost Mobile Trialing Multi-Month Discount Plans

Boost Mobile Is Trialing Multi-Month Discount Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jul 30, 2021
Last week I wrote about how Boost Mobile has become a brand synonymous with change. Well, it looks like another change could be coming to Boost Mobile as it is trialing multi-month discount plans. The plans are only available to a very limited audience. Boost Mobile’s $15/month 2GB plan for
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Boost Mobile Brand Has Become Synonymous With Change

Boost Mobile Has Become A Brand Synonymous With Change

Joe Paonessa - Jul 23, 2021
Over the last year, the Boost Mobile brand has become known to be synonymous with change. Since being taken over by DISH, Boost Mobile can’t seem to go more than a few months without making some sort of major alterations. In mid-2020, fresh off its takeover by DISH, Boost Mobile’s
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Boost Mobile To Charge For Taxes And Fees, Updates Online Promos

Boost Mobile Updating Plans, Brings Back Taxes & Fees, Goes Silent On Advertising

Joe Paonessa - Jun 14, 2021
Boost Mobile is once again making major changes. A report by the firm Wave7 Research noted the company will start charging customers for taxes and fees and they will no longer be included in Boost Mobile’s advertised prices. In fact, Boost Mobile’s frequently asked questions now state “Taxes and fees
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Boost Mobile Shrink It Plan Has Reached End Of Life

Boost Mobile Set To Discontinue Shrink-It Plan

Joe Paonessa - May 27, 2021
A new report from the subscription based publication Wave7 Research indicates that Boost Mobile’s Shrink-It plan is set to be discontinued on 6/2. After that date, customers will no longer be able to activate on that plan or switch to it. Boost Mobile’s Shrink-It plan is designed to reward customers
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DraftKings Coming To Select Boost Mobile Stores In A Limited Number Of States

Boost Mobile Set To Offer DraftKings Sportsbook, Trialing Free SIMs To CDMA Customers

Joe Paonessa - May 10, 2021
DISH’s Boost Mobile is in the midst of implementing a plethora of major changes. In early March, DISH sent out a press release stating that it reached an agreement with DraftKings to bring their sportsbook and daily fantasy experiences directly to DISH’s portfolio of brands. The release stated that both SLING
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Boost Mobile Partners With K Health To Offer Telemedicine

Boost Mobile Bundles Telehealth Service For Free With Premium Wireless Plan

Joe Paonessa - May 4, 2021
DISH’s Boost Mobile brand issued a press release today announcing the upcoming availability of free health care services. The company claims to be the first wireless provider to offer free health care services to its subscribers and their families. Telemedicine will be provided through a partnership with K Health. Telehealth
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Wave7 Research Observed In Store Signage Highlighting Metro by T-Mobile's Trade-In Program

Boost And Metro Move In Unison With Increased Fees And Device Trade-In Program

Joe Paonessa - Apr 19, 2021
Boost Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile appear to be moving in similar directions. A new report issued by the firm Wave7 Research suggests competition is alive and well between the two providers, but it isn’t all to the benefit of consumers. According to the report, Boost Mobile is set to
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Boost Mobile Free Moto G Stylus Switcher Deal

Boost Mobile’s Latest Deals Include $10/Month Off 35GB Plan, Free Moto G Stylus

Joe Paonessa - Apr 19, 2021
Boost Mobile had a promo reset on 4/16/2021 as noted by a recent report from the firm Wave7 Research. With the latest reset, some promos got extended, others ended and there are some new ones to talk about. One new promo is giving BYOD customers $10/month off an “unlimited plan”
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Boost Mobile Will Stop Activating On The Sprint Network In June Of 2021

June 1st Is Last Day You Can Signup For Boost Mobile On Sprint

Joe Paonessa - Mar 31, 2021
According to a report from the firm Wave7 Research, June 1st will be the last day new Boost Mobile customers can activate on the Sprint network. After that date, existing customers only will be able to continue to use their current device on their current plan on the Sprint network.
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Boost Mobile (Pictured) And Others Have Launched New TV Commercials

H2O Wireless, Total Wireless, & Boost Mobile Have New TV Ads Heading Into Tax Season

Joe Paonessa - Mar 9, 2021
Heading into tax season several more providers have either restarted TV advertising or increased their advertising spend. Last month BestMVNO reported that Total Wireless began airing its first new TV ad in almost a year. A prepaid report just issued by the firm Wave7 Research indicated that Total Wireless has
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DISH Acquires Republic Wireless

DISH Acquires Republic Wireless, Is It About Bonded Calling?

Joe Paonessa - Mar 8, 2021
DISH Network Corporation announced that it has agreed to acquire Republic Wireless. The full terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but DISH will acquire the brand, some 200,000 customers, as well as other supporting assets. The “other supporting assets” are likely the key to this deal. For now,
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Boost Mobile Advertising $49.99 iPhone SE Deal

Boost Mobile Offering More Than A Dozen Free Phones & $49.99 iPhone SE

Joe Paonessa - Feb 23, 2021
Boost Mobile now has more than a dozen free phones available to switchers. The offers are a part of Boost’s tax season promos. The firm Wave7 Research recently detailed the offerings in a prepaid report sent out to the publication’s subscribers. Boost Mobile is also advertising an iPhone SE switcher
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Boost Mobile's First Offer Of 2021 $40 Unlimited Phone Plan With Free Samsung Galaxy A21

Boost Mobile Launches 2021 Deals With $40 Unlimited Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jan 8, 2021
Like Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile also launched its first deals of 2021 today. Boost’s featured offer is a deal for a $40 unlimited plan bundled with a free Samsung Galaxy A21. Of course, there is some fine print associated with the offer. So let’s have at it. Offer Fine Print
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