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Boost Mobile News

Free LG TV Offer From Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Offering Free 43″ TV With Purchase Of 4 LG Stylo 5 Phones For $9.99 Each, iPhone 7 Is Now $49.99

Joe Paonessa - Nov 19, 2019
Boost Mobile has some new holiday offers out.  Subscribers looking to port to Boost Mobile with 4 lines can pick up 4 LG Stylo 5’s for $9.99 each while also scoring a brand new free 43″ LG TV.  Additionally, Boost Mobile now has the iPhone 7 available for $49.99. Boost
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Boost Mobile Dealers Like One Shown In Belle Glade Are Offering Up To 4 Free Samsung Galaxy A20's To Switchers

Boost Mobile Now Offering Up To 4 Free Samsung Galaxy A20’s To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Oct 29, 2019
Boost Mobile has a new offer available.  Eligible customers who switch to Boost Mobile can now get up to 4 free Samsung Galaxy A20’s or they can pick up a BOGO deal on the phones.  The Sprint owned prepaid brand has also tweaked a few other longer-standing deals.  After briefly
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Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile Latest Providers To Offer Discounts On iPhone 11 Models

iPhone 11 Debuts At Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile For $100 Off

Joe Paonessa - Sep 23, 2019
The iPhone 11 series of devices are now available at both Boost Mobile and Metro-By-T-Mobile for $100 off.  The discount applies to all models in the series.  Inventory doesn’t seem to be available online at either provider but should be available in select stores.  Metro-By-T-Mobile explicitly states this on their
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Boost Mobile iPhone 7 Pre-Owned $19.99

Boost Mobile Offering Pre-Owned iPhone 7 For $19.99

Joe Paonessa - Sep 18, 2019
Boost Mobile has launched a new iPhone deal.  Shoppers can now get a Pre-Owned iPhone 7 for $19.99.  Boost Mobile says the device carries a suggested retail price of $299.99. iPhone 7 Pre-Owned For $19.99 Offer Fine Print This offer is available in-store only through dealers in select markets, it
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Boost Mobile Again Offers iPhone 6s For $25

Boost Mobile’s Latest Offers Include $25 iPhone 6s And BOGO Samsung Galaxy A10E

Joe Paonessa - Aug 5, 2019
Boost Mobile is currently running several new offers as well as some recycled promos.  One offer, which has been repeated and varied multiple times over the last several months is switchers can get an iPhone 6s for $25.  From May through July it was available for $49.99, while in January
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Boost Mobile Updates Hotspot Plans

Boost Mobile Updated $50 Hotspot Plan To Include 50GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Jun 25, 2019
Boost Mobile has updated its data only plans.  The Sprint-owned prepaid brand updated its $50 hotspot plan to include 50GB of hard-capped data.  The previous offering was for 10GB.  The change was observed by Wave7 Research in early June and detailed in a recent report the firm sent out to
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Boost Mobile Buy One Get Two Free Offer

Boost Mobile Offering Buy One Get Two Free With Moto G7 Play, LG Stylo 4

Joe Paonessa - Jun 21, 2019
Boost Mobile recently launched a couple of new promos.  One promo offers new subscribers a buy one get 2 free offer on the LG Stylo 4 and Moto G7 Play.  Customers are allowed to mix and match devices.  The Moto E5 Play is being offered for $5 to new lines
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Boost Mobile And Virgin Mobile No Longer Sold At Meijer (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

Boost Mobile Exits Meijer, Begins Testing “Store In Store” At Fresco y Mas

Joe Paonessa - Jun 11, 2019
Sprint and its prepaid brands which include both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have dramatically altered their presence in retail over the past year.  Sprint exited Target in March of 2019.  Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile left the store in the middle of 2018 and Boost Mobile also exited Dollar
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Boost Mobile Customer Accounts Have Been Compromised

Boost Mobile Announces Customer Account Information Compromised By Hackers

Joe Paonessa - May 13, 2019
Boost Mobile has stated that on March 14th hackers gained access to an unknown number of its customer accounts.  TechCrunch notes that Boost Mobile had 15 million subscribers in 2018. Customer accounts were breached through and hackers gained access to customer accounts through the use of their phone number
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Boost Mobile Golden Ticket Offer Get Ten Dollars Off Unlimited Plan For Life

A Boost Mobile Golden Ticket Will Get You $10 Off An Unlimited Plan For Life If You Switch From Cricket Or Metro

Joe Paonessa - Apr 22, 2019
Boost Mobile is in the middle of a new promotion called the “Golden Ticket.” Customers who switch from either Cricket Wireless or Metro By T-Mobile to a Boost Mobile unlimited LTE data plan will get $10 off the price of their plan for life.  As noted by Wave7 Research, the
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Some Boost Mobile Stores Offering $150 Off Any New Phone Purchase

Select Boost Mobile Stores Are Offering $150 Off Any New Phone With Facebook Exclusive Deal

Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2019
Select Boost Mobile stores are offering $150 off the purchase of any new phone.  The deal is available exclusively through a Facebook offer. Fine Print The fine print for this offer is a little bit scarce, mostly in regards to availability.  For now, this is what is known. At least
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Boost Mobile 4 iPhone 6s For One Hundred Dollars

Boost Mobile Has The iPhone 6S For $25, LG Stylo 4 Free To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Jan 30, 2019
Boost Mobile is now running several different exclusive in-store only deals.  One deal has the iPhone 6s available for $25 to switchers.  Other offers include the LG Stylo 4 for free, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine for $19.99, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve for $10 and the Moto G6 Play
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Boost Mobile Updates LG G6 BOGO Promotion

Boost Mobile Updates Promos, LG G6 Now $29.99 BOGO Offer, iPhone 6 Drops To $29.99

Joe Paonessa - Dec 6, 2018
Several weeks ago Boost Mobile launched a promo on the LG G6 making it available to switchers for $49.99.  A short while later the deal changed to a BOGO offer with the same pricing.  Now the price on that offer has dropped to just $29.99.  Meanwhile, Boost Mobile has also dropped
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Boost Mobile Giving Away Free Moto G6 Play To Switchers

Boost Mobile Now Offering Free Moto G6 Play To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Nov 18, 2018
It seems that every few weeks Boost Mobile has a new free phone offer for switchers.  Just weeks ago we saw the Sprint owned brand give away the Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve and LG Stylo 4 free to switchers.  The offer was followed up just days ago with the Samsung
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Boost Mobile Offering LG G6 $49.99 BOGO, Free Galaxy J7 Refine To New Customers

Joe Paonessa - Nov 11, 2018
Boost Mobile is running some new promotions.  One promotion builds on the LG G6 for $49.99 deal that was released a couple of weeks ago.   Boost Mobile is now marketing this deal as a buy one get one offer.  Subscribers can also get a free month of service when the
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