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Boost Infinite Pop-Up Shop (Pic Via Boost Infinite Facebook Post)
Boost Infinite Has Launched In Las Vegas Area Boost Mobile Stores
Joe Paonessa - Sep 21, 2023
According to a newly released prepaid report from the firm Wave7 Research, DISH planned to launch Boost Infinite in 15 Las Vegas area Boost Mobile stores by the end of September. The launch appears to have now gone live. An online store locator check by BestMVNO of Boost Mobile stores
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Boost Mobile Display As Seen At Target Store August 2023
Boost Mobile Markets 3rd Device Compatible With Native “Boost 5G Network”
Joe Paonessa - Sep 7, 2023
In March 2023, BestMVNO reported that Boost Mobile had begun activating some customers on the “Boost 5G Network,” DISH’s native 5G network. That was followed up with an announcement from Boost Mobile in May, marking the release of the Motorola Edge+ 2023. The Edge+ was the first phone from Boost
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Boost Mobile's Old Logo Is Being Used In New Boost Mobile TV Ad
Boost Mobile’s Logo No Longer Contains DISH Symbol, Is DISH Prepping A Sale?
Joe Paonessa - Sep 3, 2023
At the end of August, Boost Mobile released a new spot TV ad called “The Bear Champ.” Within the first few seconds of the ad, the Boost Mobile logo appears alongside what looks like some street art. Blink quickly and you’ll miss it. But there is a subtle and important
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Boost Mobile International Data eSIM Plan
Boost Mobile Quietly Released An International eSIM Option
Joe Paonessa - Jun 1, 2023
Thanks to a tip from a Twitter follower, BestMVNO has learned that Boost Mobile is now offering an eSIM option for international travel. Boost Mobile has set up an entirely new domain at where users can signup for an international eSIM plan. The international eSIM launched in April. Prices
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Boost Mobile Launches Motorola Edge+ 2023
Boost Mobile Begins Marketing ‘Boost 5G Network’ With Launch Of Moto Edge+ 2023
Joe Paonessa - May 31, 2023
Boost Mobile formally launched the Motorola Edge+ 2023 today for $199.99 for switchers. It has a regular retail price of $849.99. But more significantly, Boost Mobile through a press release, is marketing the “Boost 5G Network” with the device launch. It is the first time Boost has marketed the network
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Boost Mobile Second Month Free Offer As Seen At A KS Area Walmart (Photo by Wave7 Research)
Boost Mobile National Retail Store Deals Include “Get Your Second Month Free”
Joe Paonessa - Apr 20, 2023
Boost Mobile has launched a new deal available exclusively through its national retail partners. The firm Wave7 Research observed signage promoting a “get your second-month free” offer in California and Kansas area Walmart stores. The Walmart store sign informs customers that they can get their second month of service for
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Boost Mobile Hotspot Tablet Plan Deal
Boost Mobile Offer Gets You 30GB Data For Your Hotspot Or Tablet For $25
Joe Paonessa - Mar 30, 2023
Boost Mobile is quietly running a deal for a hotspot/tablet plan. It’s not really being marketed anywhere and isn’t featured on Boost Mobile’s website. The offer is for a $25/month “unlimited” data plan for tablets and hotspot devices. But of course, unlimited isn’t really truly unlimited. This plan that Boost
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Boost Mobile Store
Boost Mobile Is Activating Some Customers On DISH’s Native 5G Network
Joe Paonessa - Mar 8, 2023
Several weeks ago, DISH began sending out “rainbow SIMs” to dealers. Rainbow SIMs allow dealers to activate service on the AT&T, T-Mobile, and DISH networks. Wave7 Research noted in its most recent prepaid report that in late February Boost dealers were informed that the Samsung Galaxy A23 could be activated
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Boost Mobile Display At Walmart
Boost Mobile Customers, Dealers, Still Suffering Effects Of Cyber Attack
Joe Paonessa - Mar 6, 2023
It’s coming up on two weeks since DISH Network was hit by a cyber attack knocking many of its systems and websites down including its Boost brands. At the time of this writing, Boost Infinite’s homepage reads: “Thank you for your patience. We are experiencing a systems issue that our
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DISH And Boost Mobile Websites Still Partially Down And Redirecting To Error Pages After Cyberattack
DISH & Boost Mobile Outage Continue On, Smells Like Ransomware Attack
Joe Paonessa - Feb 27, 2023
The DISH Network has been experiencing an outage that began last Thursday, February 23, 2023. It’s now Monday, the 27th. The outage coincided with the release of DISH’s 4Q22 earnings call and took both the old and new Boost Mobile websites ( and as well as offline. The
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Boost Mobile Motorola Phone Deals
Boost Mobile Online Deals Include A $9.99 Moto G Stylus 5G
Joe Paonessa - Jan 31, 2023
Boost Mobile continues to run several online phone and plan deals. Featured phone deals include offers to “save up to $550 on Motorola.” Customers can get the Moto G Stylus 5G for $9.99 (Boost reg list price is $199.99). The Moto Edge+ is available for $199.99 (Boost reg list price
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Boost Infinite Formally Launches Beta
Boost Infinite’s Postpaid Beta Is Live For All, Get 30GB For $25
Joe Paonessa - Dec 7, 2022
DISH formally unveiled its Boost Infinite postpaid brand today. The service is available as a limited-time only exclusive beta open to anyone interested in trying it out. However, spots in the beta program are limited. If you have an iPhone you can sign up and get activated instantly with eSIM
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Boost Mobile Free Trial Offer With 30GB 5G Data
Boost Mobile Launches 14-Day Free Trial Offer With 30GB Of 5G Data
Joe Paonessa - Dec 4, 2022
Following the popularity of Boost Mobile’s 10GB for $5 trial offer, Boost has decided to up the ante by releasing a free trial offer. New customers can now get a 14-day “free” trial with 30GB of high-speed data. The offer is being promoted by Boost Mobile on social media platforms.
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Boost Mobile Black Friday 2022 Deals
Boost Mobile Black Friday 2022 Deals Include $200 Gift Card, $9.99 Galaxy A23 5G
Joe Paonessa - Nov 20, 2022
Boost Mobile has launched early Black Friday holiday shopping deals. One very limited time offer is a $200 gift card for those that activate a line with Boost. Another featured deal is an online only offer for a $9.99 Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. The phone is available for free in
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Boost Mobile 10GB For Five Dollars
Boost Mobile’s Latest Offer Is 10GB For $5
Joe Paonessa - Oct 13, 2022
Boost Mobile has launched another $5 phone plan offer. This latest one gets new customers 10GB of high-speed data with unlimited talk and text for $5 flat, for one month. The offer includes a free SIM card kit with free two-day shipping. This is an online exclusive deal. This deal
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