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Boost Mobile News

Boost Mobile Limited Time Offer Of Double Data On Select Plans

Boost Mobile BYOD Double Data Offer Gets You 4GB Of Data For $15/Month

Joe Paonessa - Sep 25, 2020
Boost Mobile has launched a new double data offer. Customers who bring their own device (BYOD) to select Boost Mobile plans will get double data on that plan for their first 3-month of wireless service. Of course, restrictions apply, so let’s have at it! Boost Mobile’s BYOD Double Data Offer
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Stephon Stokols (Pictured) Named New EVP Of Boost Mobile

Founder Of FreedomPop Appointed As Boost Mobile’s EVP, Changes Are Coming

Joe Paonessa - Sep 23, 2020
On September 22nd, DISH announced that Stephen Stokols would become the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Boost Mobile. Stokols has a lot of familiarity with the industry. He founded the MVNO’s FreedomPop in 2012 and Unreal Mobile in 2018. In 2019 he went on to sell both brands to Red
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Boost Mobile Raises iPhone 7 Switcher Price Back Up To $49.99

In A Surprise Move, Boost Mobile Raises Price Of iPhone 7 To $49.99

Joe Paonessa - Aug 31, 2020
In early August, Boost Mobile updated its phone promos with one of the lead offers featuring the 32GB iPhone 7 for $29.99. The in-store only offer was supposed to remain in place until 10/5/2020. But Wave7 Research noted in a recent report sent out to its subscribers that on 8/27/2020,
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The iPhone 7 Is $29.99 At Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile’s Latest Switcher Phone Deals Include $29.99 iPhone 7 And Free LG Stylo 6

Joe Paonessa - Aug 13, 2020
Boost Mobile’s latest in-store exclusive and online-only offers are out. The latest in-store only deals are highlighted by switcher offers for up to 4 free LG Stylo 6’s and a $29.99 iPhone 7 deal. The online-only offers may be less appealing as there are no free phone offers available. Customers
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Boost Mobile Will Have New Plans In August Of 2020

Boost Mobile May Have Its Eyes On T-Mobile With New Plans Starting At $10 Due In Early August

Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2020
Boost Mobile was officially purchased from T-Mobile by the DISH Network on July 1st, 2020. T-Mobile was required to offload the brand in order to gain regulatory approval to merge with Sprint. After closing the deal with T-Mobile, DISH made immediate changes to Boost Mobile highlighted by the release of
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Boost Mobile $hrink-It Plan Is A Point Of Emphasis For The Brand

Boost Mobile Laser Focused On $hrink-It Plan, No Longer Offering Free Phones To Unlimited Family Plan Port-Ins

Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2020
The DISH Network officially took over the Boost Mobile brand on July 1, 2020. With that takeover, DISH made several immediate changes to Boost Mobile. A new logo was announced as were two new phone plans highlighted by a $45 $hrink-It plan. The $hrink-It plan includes unlimited everything with the
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Several New Phones Are Now Available At Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Launches Several New Phones Including Samsung Galaxy A11

Joe Paonessa - Jul 21, 2020
Leading up to the DISH Network’s takeover of Boost Mobile, Boost Mobile dealers and Boost Mobile’s online store both faced a shortage of phones. Dealers had a hard time stocking them and many were also frequently listed as out of stock online. DISH has now started to take steps to
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Boost Mobile Is Now Under DISH Ownership With New Plans & Logo

Dish Now Owns Boost Mobile, And Wireless Plan Changes Are Being Made

Joe Paonessa - Jul 1, 2020
July 1, 2020, is the day that Boost Mobile was officially acquired by the DISH Network for $1.4 billion. T-Mobile was required to divest Boost Mobile in order to gain regulatory approval to merge with Sprint. The merger completed April 1, and according to an SEC document filing T-Mobile was
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Boost Mobile's Expanded Data Network Has Launched In Select Markets

Boost Mobile Expands Onto T-Mobile’s Network, Sprint Network Still Area Of Focus In Select Locations

Joe Paonessa - Apr 28, 2020
A couple of weeks ago BestMVNO reported that Boost Mobile would be launching an expanded data network to give subscribers access to T-Mobile’s network. Today the rollout of that network has begun in select markets. A full nationwide launch is scheduled for sometime in May. Wave7 Research recently noted in
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Boost Mobile Set To Launch Expanded Data Network

Boost Mobile Is Launching Expanded Data Network With VoLTE Services

Joe Paonessa - Apr 16, 2020
Boost Mobile’s first move after the Sprint-T-Mobile merger was to offer a $15 phone plan that matched exactly what was being offered over at Metro By-T-Mobile.  Now T-Mobile is getting ready to make a second and major change with the brand.  According to a recent report filed by Wave7 Research,
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Boost Mobile Offers 2GB $15 Plan During COVID-19 Pandemic

Boost Mobile’s $15 2GB Phone Plan Is A Clone Of Metro’s, Includes Hard Data Cap

Joe Paonessa - Apr 3, 2020
Sprint/T-Mobile put out a press release today touting a new limited-time plan offer from Boost Mobile.  Boost Mobile is now offering a phone plan with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data.  Unfortunately, that data is hard-capped just like it is with Metro By T-Mobile’s $15/month limited-time plan offer.
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Metro by T-Mobile Dealers Have Reduced Hours Due To COVID-19 Concerns

Most Prepaid Carrier Brand Stores Remain Open Amid Coronavirus Fears

Joe Paonessa - Mar 24, 2020
According to a recent survey by Wave7 Research, most carrier prepaid and dealer stores have remained open as nationwide worry over the spread of the COVID-19 virus continues.  Although a majority remain open, many do have reduced hours and different markets and brands are handling the situation with varied responses. 
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iPhone 7 Is Now $29.99 At Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Has The iPhone 7 For $29.99

Joe Paonessa - Jan 29, 2020
Boost Mobile has just had a promo reset, and several new offers are now available.  The lead offer is for a new iPhone 7 for just $29.99. Some dealers are also pushing the offer as a buy one get one for that price as well.  That’s industry best pricing for
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Boost Continues To Push $49.99 iPhone 7 Offer

As Holidays Approach, Boost Mobile Continues To Push iPhone 7 For $49 Offer

Gilbert Lopez - Dec 15, 2019
Sprint is continuing to roll out the red carpet for current and prospective prepaid customers through its Boost Mobile brand. New customers can still pick up the iPhone 7 for $49, or an iPhone 6s for $24.99, when they port-in an eligible number from a provider other than Sprint or
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Free LG TV Offer From Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Offering Free 43″ TV With Purchase Of 4 LG Stylo 5 Phones For $9.99 Each, iPhone 7 Is Now $49.99

Joe Paonessa - Nov 19, 2019
Boost Mobile has some new holiday offers out.  Subscribers looking to port to Boost Mobile with 4 lines can pick up 4 LG Stylo 5’s for $9.99 each while also scoring a brand new free 43″ LG TV.  Additionally, Boost Mobile now has the iPhone 7 available for $49.99. Boost
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