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Boost Mobile Stores Have 4 Unlimited Lines For $100 With A Big Catch

Boost Mobile 4 Unlimited Lines For $100 Holiday 2023 Offer
Boost Mobile 4 Unlimited Lines For $100 Holiday 2023 Offer
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Boost Mobile has launched several new store exclusive offers for the holiday shopping season. One offer is for 4 unlimited lines for $100, but it comes with several catches. Perhaps the biggest is its limited availability. The offer is only for customers in markets served by Boost's native 5G network, the Boost 5G network. Boost Mobile does not provide a list of locations served by its native network. However, its postpaid sister brand, Boost Infinite, does have somewhat of a list that you can view here. Other store only offers include free phone deals on several models and an offer for a $99.99 iPhone 12.

Boost Mobile 4-Unlimited Lines For $100 Details

The 4 unlimited data lines for $100 offer won't actually include truly unlimited data despite being on Boost's native network. Instead, each line will have access to the first 30GB of data at 5G data speeds before throttling down to 512Kbps. Autopay billing will also be required at signup. The plan also appears to be restricted to new customers and lines only and BYOD isn't likely to be supported. However, Boost Mobile is offering free phones with the plan. The Moto G 5G, Moto G Stylus 5G, and Samsung Galaxy A23 5G are all free with a number port. Without number port, the Moto G 5G is $10, while the other two phones are $50 each. Some or all free phone offers, like the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, will require a government issued ID to get.

Boost Mobile Free Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Store Offer
Boost Mobile Free Samsung Galaxy A23 5G In Store Offer

Boost Mobile's $99.99 iPhone 12 And $49.99 iPhone 11 Offers

Boost Mobile has the iPhone 12 for $99.99 and iPhone 11 for $49.99 in stores. As is often the case with Boost Mobile, details of each offer are a bit scare. But what is known is that both offers are for new customers only that bring their numbers to Boost Mobile. Both deals also require ID verification to get and are only available on select plans. Boost Mobile is not displaying what plans are eligible in any of its publicly available marketing material.

Boost Mobile $99.99 iPhone 12 Holiday 2023 Shopping Season Offer
Boost Mobile $99.99 iPhone 12 Holiday 2023 Shopping Season Offer

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