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Boost Mobile Begins Marketing ‘Boost 5G Network’ With Launch Of Moto Edge+ 2023

Boost Mobile Launches Motorola Edge+ 2023
Boost Mobile Launches Motorola Edge+ 2023
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Boost Mobile formally launched the Motorola Edge+ 2023 today for $199.99 for switchers. It has a regular retail price of $849.99. But more significantly, Boost Mobile through a press release, is marketing the "Boost 5G Network" with the device launch. It is the first time Boost has marketed the network with the launch of a phone. At a price of $199.99, the new Motorola Edge+ 2023 should appeal to a wider audience and help Boost get customers onto its own network making those customers more profitable for the DISH-owned brand.

DISH has until June 14th to meet an FCC mandate to have 70% of the population covered with its own 5G network or face fines per the terms the company agreed to in order to be able to acquire Boost Mobile. Last month, DISH's EVP of Network Development, Dave Mayo said DISH will meet that deadline. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that DISH is now ready to market its own 5G network.

According to Mayo, the Boost 5G network is up and running in over 50 markets with Voice over New Radio (VoNR) active in those markets. As previously reported by BestMVNO Boost has quietly been activating some customers on its new network since March. However, with the release of the Moto Edge+ 2023 and the upcoming FCC deadline, a push for more activations on the network should be expected.

Jonathan Sipling, chief marketing officer, Retail Wireless, DISH Wireless highlighted the significance of this launch stating: “Offers like these help our customers experience the latest technology, not just in their smartphone, but also by connecting them to our Boost 5G network to ensure they have the reliability they need and depend on.” The press release emphasizes that the Boost 5G network is the first of its kind and the Edge+ gives Boost Mobile customers "exclusive access to the latest 5G technology in more than 50 markets nationwide." In areas without the Boost 5G network, the Edge+ will work on Boost's partner 5G networks which include AT&T and T-Mobile.

Moto Edge+2023 $199.99 Offer Details

The Moto Edge+ 2023 is a flagship device from Motorola. It features a 6.7" pOLED display, 165Hz refresh rate, 5100mAh battery, 512GB internal storage, 8GB RAM, and 50MP camera, and is powered by a Snapdragon 8, Gen 2 processor.

In order to get the Moto Edge+ 2023 for $199.99 customers will have to purchase the device at a Boost Mobile store with ID verification. Taxes will be owed on the device at the time of sale. There is a limit of one discounted device allowed per line. It is for new customers only that port in and activate on eligible plans (most likely unlimited plans are required). Customers without a valid ID will have to pay the full retail price of the phone. Customers that would rather shop online will pay $399.99 for it. Alternatively, the Moto Edge+ 2022 is available for $199.99 online or $49.99 in stores. Current Boost Mobile customers can upgrade to the Edge+ 2023 or Edge+ 2022 in stores for $249.99 and $99.99, respectively.

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