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Expiring Soon! Boost Mobile Annual Plan, 35GB, $12.50/Month!

Boost Mobile Half Off Annual Plan 35GB - $12.50/Month
Boost Mobile Half Off Annual Plan 35GB - $12.50/Month
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Boost Mobile has launched a very limited time promotion. New customers can get an annual plan with 35GB of monthly high-speed data for just $12.50/month. The total upfront cost is $150 with free two day shipping and a free SIM kit. Taxes and fees appear to be at a minimum and for my location were $2.34. When I put in my info for an order I was shown taxes and fees for USF, Excise Tax, Prepaid Wireless surcharge, Sales and Compensating Use Tax, and a Local Sales and Use Tax. I did not actually place an order for the plan though.

Boost Mobile is offering this as a buy 6 months get 6 free "weekend flash sale." It is expected to expire on 2/25/24 at 11:59 PM MST. The normal price of the plan after the first year of service will be $300 or an average cost of $25/month.

After subscribers use up their 35GB monthly high-speed data allotment, data speeds will be reduced to 512Kbps until their next monthly billing cycle starts. The plan allows for 12GB of data to be used for mobile hotspot. Select devices will get 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming.

Customers who wish to take advantage of this offer will be shipped either a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM. Which network SIM card gets shipped to you will automatically be chosen by Boost Mobile and is dependent on your location. You have no say on the SIM when placing your order. If you wish to change to a different SIM to use on another available network, you'll have to visit your local Boost Mobile store. There may be a charge for the SIM and an in store service fee to do so. Fees may vary by store.

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For those of you wishing to take advantage of this offer and won't be able to activate the SIM for awhile, a Boost Mobile representative has said there is no restriction as to how long you keep the SIM card before activating. However, given how cheap this offer is, Boost may be making very little, if any, money on it. So I would still be worried that they would expire a SIM for sitting around too long.

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