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Boost Mobile’s Secret $10/Mo 3-Month Trial Unlimited Plan Is Still Kicking

Boost Mobile $10/Month 3-Month Unlimited Plan Offer
Boost Mobile $10/Month 3-Month Unlimited Plan Offer
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Boost Mobile continues to run a secret new customer trial offer. The promo will give customers an unlimited plan with 35GB of monthly high-speed data for $10/month. An upfront payment of $30 is required at sign-up. The plan duration is 90 days.

I'm calling it a secret offer because it's not disclosed on the main domain of the Boost Mobile website. Instead, a more inferior offer is displayed there. That offer gives customers 50% off their first month of service on Boost's $25 unlimited plan that includes either 30GB or 35GB of high-speed data.

Boost Mobile's $10/Month Unlimited Plan Details

Boost's $10/month unlimited plan offer comes with a free SIM kit that Boost says is valued at $9.99. It also includes free 2-day shipping which is also claimed to be valued at $9.99. The plan allows for 12GB of data each month to be used on mobile hotspot. After the trial offer is up, customers will pay $90 every three months for their plan, or an average cost of $30/month. Taxes and fees cost extra. This is an online only bring your own device offer.

This deal makes no mention of supporting eSIM. So if you have a newer iPhone, and want the deal you may be out of luck if you are interested in it.

Customers that go over the plan's monthly allotment of 35GB of high-speed data will have their data speeds reduced to 512Kbps until the next 30-day billing cycle kicks in. It's not clear which network SIM you'll get if you subscribe. Boost Mobile can operate on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks and on its own native network. Most customers should expect to receive either a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM.

If you are interested in this offer you can check it out here.

While this deal does offer exceptional value for new customers, prospective customers may want to be aware of some potential issues they may be stepping into when they subscribe to Boost Mobile. The company currently isn't abiding by the FCC's new broadband label rules and their website currently has some issues as were highlighted by BestMVNO in a 3-part post on the X platform.

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