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Boost Mobile Has Issued Free Bonus Data To 750k+ Subscribers

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It's the end of the year holiday season, and Boost Mobile is giving back to its customers. A reader shared a screenshot with BestMVNO of an email sent from Boost Mobile. The email went out to select subscribers notifying them that they have received an extra 10GB of high-speed data to use this month. Boost Mobile is thanking customers for being loyal to the brand and informing them that they've automatically been given the bonus data to use through 12/31/2023. Subscribers are told that the extra data won't be visible under the "My Account" tab in their online dashboards. But if they received the email, they don't have to worry as it has already been added to their accounts.

Boost Mobile 10GB Bonus Data Customer Notification
Boost Mobile 10GB Bonus Data Customer Notification

It is unknown exactly which customers are receiving the email. A source has told BestMVNO it is believed to be going out to 750k+ subscribers. The bonus data allotment is most likely going out to customers on cheaper limited data plans and not to customers with plans labeled "unlimited" that are nearing their high-speed data allotment.

Boost still offers different plans in dealer stores vs online, although their plan lineup is expected to be unified across all channels sometime in early 2024 with some changes already being presented in national retail store locations like some Best Buys and Targets.

Boost Mobile offers a $15 plan online that comes with 5GB of high-speed data whereas dealers offer a plan at that price point with 2GB of monthly high-speed data. There's also a store plan with 5GB of data for $25/month and one labeled as unlimited for the same price. Boost also offers a plan through its dealers for $40/month that includes 15GB of high-speed data. Online, there's an annual plan available for $8.33/month that includes 1GB of monthly high-speed data. BestMVNO suspects customers on a monthly plan are the most likely ones to have been offered the bonus data. If you are one of the customers that have received the bonus data allotment, drop a comment below and tell us which plan you have that got it.

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