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Consumer Cellular Has Another TV Ad With Ted Danson, Adds Mexico & Canada Calling

Actor Ted Danson, The Face Of Consumer Cellular
Actor Ted Danson, The Face Of Consumer Cellular
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In March of 2022, Consumer Cellular announced that it got itself a new celebrity spokesperson in actor Ted Danson. Immediately thereafter, BestMVNO reported that Consumer Cellular kicked off its new partnership by launching two TV ads featuring the actor. Danson's image was also quickly plastered to the Consumer Cellular website.

In its latest prepaid report, the firm Wave7 Research detailed that Consumer Cellular now has another TV ad out featuring Ted Danson. The firm noted the ad has been airing since at least 6/20. It has aired more than 50 times a day on various networks including the Hallmark Channel.

In addition to the new TV ad, Wave7 Research reports that Consumer Cellular has added calling to Mexico and Canada to all its plans. The MVNO on 6/20 also launched a trio of new smartphones, the Nokia C100 ($99 or $3/mo), Moto G Stylus 2022 ($249 or $9/mo), and the ZMax 5G ($199 or $7/mo).

Consumer Cellular is sold in Target stores, a small number of Walmarts, and also in Bi-Mart. Wave7 Research has observed that the Nokia C100 and ZMax 5G are already being sold in Target stores. The firm states they will also be sold at the Walmarts that carry Consumer Cellular. The Moto G Stylus 2022 is being sold online and has not yet been spotted in retail.

Consumer Cellular TV Ad "Reliably Yours: Robo Call"

The latest Consumer Cellular TV ad featuring Ted Danson is entitled "Reliably Yours: Robo Call." It features a disgruntled wireless subscriber trying to reach customer support by phone only to be stymied by an automated menu system. At the height of his frustration, Ted Danson swoops in to tell the subscriber he needs a hug. He continues by telling the person they also need Consumer Cellular and that they'll be able to talk to a real person every time. The ad finishes by informing viewers that with Consumer Cellular they'll get the exact same as they do with the nation's leading carriers with 100% U.S.-based customer support. Viewers are then told plans start at $20/month.

Consumer Cellular had itself a very busy June, having launched new plan features, new phones, and a TV ad run with actor Ted Danson. Consumer Cellular operates as both a T-Mobile and AT&T MVNO. Although most customers are presumed to be on the AT&T network.

“The key thing to remember about Consumer Cellular these days is how ambitious it is.  This can be seen in its aggressive hiring of care personnel, its signing of actor Ted Danson to an advertising contract, and its trial of sales at Walmart.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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