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Consumer Cellular Adds Another Free Month Offer

Consumer Cellular Second Month Free Offer Featuring Ted Danson
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Consumer Cellular has a new "free month" offer out as noted in the latest prepaid report issued by the firm Wave7 Research. The offer was announced by Consumer Cellular in a blog post on October 1. It gives customers who add a line to their accounts a $15 account credit.

Consumer Cellular plans come with shared data allotments. Customers can add additional lines to their accounts for $15/line which makes the $15 account credit equal to a free month of service for that line.

This offer is scheduled to be available at least until 11/30/23 and requires the use of the promo code AddLines5. Subscribers can add up to 6 lines to their accounts for a total of $90 in account credits. Wave7 Research reports that signage for this offer has not yet been observed in either Target or Walmart, two of the biggest national retail stores that carry the brand.

Second Month Free Offer

In addition to the free month offer when you add a line, Consumer Cellular has been offering a free second month to new and returning customers who make the switch to Consumer Cellular. It requires the use of promo code FREEMONTH when signing up either online or over the phone.

Consumer Cellular has been running a second month free offer since at least July. The offer has been promoted with TV advertising as seen in this Consumer Cellular TV ad (also shown below) which launched on July 13.

The offer was originally scheduled to end on August 31, and then was extended to September 31 as seen in this TV ad. The offer has further been extended to at least January 31, 2024.

It's not clear what exactly the second month free offer means. This Consumer Cellular TV ad that launched in September is entitled "HQ Tour: $20 Off," yet it touts the second month free offer. Consumer Cellular phone plans start at $20/month and for that price customers get unlimited talk and text with 1GB of high-speed data. Their next cheapest plan is $25/month for 5GB of data. If the second month free offer is in fact a $20 account credit as the TV ad title seems to suggest, customers will have to sign up for the $20 plan if they want their second month for free.

Potential customers interested in this offer may want to consider subscribing to Consumer Cellular through Walmart. There, customers get $50 in service credits for every new line. The service credits are applied over 5 months at $10/month.

Consumer Cellular has had a busy 2023. In June, BestMVNO reported that the company renewed its partnership with actor Ted Danson allowing him to continue as their spokesperson. The report also noted the launch of a new ad campaign around Danson called "Freedom Calls," as well as Consumer Cellular's intention to open at least 13 more stores in 2023. Consumer Cellular began opening branded stores in September 2022. And in March 2023, BestMVNO noted that the company had shuffled around its plan lineup by removing some offerings. The plans were later updated a second time by adding the $25 price point back.

Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research, commented to BestMVNO, “The impact of Consumer Cellular offers is increased by increased retail availability and strong awareness via advertising. Consumer Cellular is now available at 1.5K+ Walmarts, in addition to its long-term presence at Target, while opening 10+ stores, with more on the way. The MVNO has strong TV, radio, and podcast advertising, building awareness for its offers.”

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