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FreedomPop Premier On AT&T’s Network Has Unlimited Talk, Text And 2GB Data For $14.98/Month Or $11.99 Without Premier Package

FreedomPop Multi-Month ATT Discount Plan With Premier Package
FreedomPop Discounts Multi-Month ATT Network Plan With Premier Package


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FreedomPop is now offering tiered discounts on a plan that features unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data on the AT&T network with prices starting at just $11.99/month.

Much like Mint SIM, one of the early pioneers in selling multi month discount plans, FreedomPop is offering different discounts based on if you are willing to pay for service 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.

The prices and discounts associated with each time frame of service are as follows:

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  • Monthly - $24.99 - no discount
  • 3 months - $17.99, a discount of 28%
  • 6 months - $12.99, a discount of 48%
  • 12 months - $11.99, a discount of 52%

Those interested in this plan will get a free SIM card from FreedomPop as well as a one month free trial of service if they subscribe.  Only 99¢ is required up front to signup with this plan, and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  After the free trial is up, customers will get billed according to which time frame of service they signed up for.

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While as far as I can remember, FreedomPop has always offered discounts for those willing to pay for service up to a year in advance.  What's different with this offer is that I'm seeing FreedomPop include its Premier package as an add on, also at a significant discount.

FreedomPop's premiere package includes visual voicemail, data rollover of up to 500 MB each month with a maximum of 20 GB that can be kept on reserve, MMS group and picture messaging, and data compression to stretch your data further.  It also includes internet, voice and text encryption.  Curiously, the offer does not show the premium voice feature, which I am not sure if that is a mistake or if its not offered with FreedomPop's AT&T based plan.  Premium Voice is usually included with the premiere package and it allows customers to use a traditional cellular network for voice, instead of VoIP when the data connection is weak.  Perhaps those that already subscribe to this plan can shed some light on this.

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FreedomPop's discounted multi month Premier plans are priced as follows:

  • Monthly - $34.98 - no discount
  • 3 months - $22.98 - 34% discount
  • 6 months - $16.49 - 53% discount
  • 12 months - $14.98 - 57% discount

FreedomPop's premiere package is normally priced at $10.99 but with the multi month discount factored in, it can be had for as little as $3/month.

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3 years ago

Your account will be suspended if you reach 2GB, unless you have auto recharge. Definitely no good

3 years ago
Interesting pricing. Might have to give them a try in the future. Fot me 2GB is more than enough for reading articles when out and about.