FreedomPop Announces 4th Of July Deals Featuring One Month Of Service With 7 GB Data For $30

Joe Paonessa-Jul 1, 2017

FreedomPop frequently runs promotions to entice new signups by offering great deals for a subscribers first month of phone service.  For the 4th of July the MVNO has re-launched what may be one of its

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FreedomPop Offering 99c SIM With Free Trial Of Unlimited Talk, Text And 3GB Of Data On AT&T’s Network

Joe Paonessa-Jun 23, 2017

FreedomPop frequently offers deals and free trials of its service.  Today is no different. The latest deal from FreedomPop is for a 99¢ 3 in 1 SIM card.  With the purchase of the SIM card

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Deal! Get 1 Month Free Trial Of Unlimited Talk, Text And 4GB Shared Data With FreedomPop

Joe Paonessa-Jun 8, 2017

FreedomPop is offering a free trial of their family plan.  It features unlimited talk, text and 4GB of shared data for just the cost of a SIM card.  SIM cards are currently being priced at

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FreedomPop Launches 100% Free Business Mobile Plan Featuring 2GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa-Apr 24, 2017

FreedomPop has just announced a new phone plan geared towards small business owners and like all of FreedomPop’s cell phone plans, service starts at completely “free” with upgrades available for a fee. The basic free

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FreedomPop Global SIM Review, Tried And Tested In The USA And Europe

Joe Paonessa-Apr 12, 2017

FreedomPop Global SIM Cell Phone Plan Tested And Reviewed Overview FreedomPop is one of the dozens of Mobile Virtual Networks Operators that operate in the USA (otherwise known as an MVNO for short).  As an MVNO,

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FreedomPop Begins Licensing Its Technology, A USA Carrier Partner Will Soon Be Announced

Joe Paonessa-Feb 8, 2017

FreedomPop is an MVNO that has historically operated on Sprints network, but recently it has added service via AT&T as well as through some global partners.  The companies claim to fame is that it offers

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Purchase A Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot For $19.99 And Get 10 GB Of Free Data Plus Other Deals From FreedomPop

Joe Paonessa-Jan 11, 2017

FreedomPop is currently running several promotions ranging from penny SIM kits to 10 GB of free data with the purchase of a Netgear Zing 4G/3G LTE hotspot device.   Let’s review them starting with the

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FreedomPop’s Latest Offer Features Cell Phone Plan With 8 GB Data Per Month For $24.99

Joe Paonessa-Sep 10, 2016

FreedomPop just ran a promotion for Labor Day that featured 8 GB of 4G LTE monthy data for $24.99 with the purchase of a hotspot device.  Now the global MVNO is running another promotion that

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Get Up To 4X The Data Free (8 GB!) With This FreedomPop Labor Day Special And Other Offers

Joe Paonessa-Sep 3, 2016

FreedomPop, an MVNO that operates domestically primarily as a Sprint MVNO has launched several new promotions for labor day.  The promotions include discounts on devices as well as extra data with several of the companies

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FreedomPop Limited Time Promotion, Double Your Data For Free

Joe Paonessa-Aug 17, 2016

FreedomPop has launched a new promotion offering double the data that’s included with its premium plan for a period of 6 months.  That means if you signup today, for the next 6 months you’ll have

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