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(Updated) Google Offering Up To $410 When You Trade In Your Phone For A Pixel

By Joe Paonessa – Sep 25, 2017
Google's Trade In Program For Pixel Devices
Google's New Trade In Program For Pixel Devices

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Google has launched a new trade in program for those interested in picking up a Pixel device.  The trade in program will offer customers who own select devices up to $388 (updated 9/28/17) $410 for their old phone.

The 32 GB Pixel which is out of stock normally sells for $649 or $27.04/month with device financing, while the 128 GB variant goes for $749, or $31.21/month with financing.

The 32 GB Pixel XL sells for $769 or $32.04/month with financing while the 128 GB is $869 or $36.21/month with financing.

If you've got the right phone to trade in, you can get a new Pixel for about $264.  Of course, if you are considering a trade in, you'll probably want to wait until next week when Google announces its next generation of Pixel devices at which point you can trade in your old Pixel for a new one.

Devices Eligible For Trade In

Google will accept the following devices for trade in:

  • Nexus 6:   $35-$80
  • Nexus 5X:   $82.50-$115
  • Nexus 6P:   $113-165
  • Google Pixel XL $162-$410
  • Google Pixel $150-$360
  • LG G6:   $35.20-230
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5:   $61-150
  • Samsung Galaxy S7:   $52-$150
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:   $40.40-$175
  • Samsung Galaxy S8:   $59.60-$305
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:   $66-$345
  • iPhone 6:   $35-$143
  • iPhone 7 Plus:   $68-$388
  • iPhone SE:   $30-$143

Google is offering a range of prices for each device depending on which carrier version you have and what condition the device is in.

In order to get the maximum amount of $388 for a trade in, you must have a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus Verizon variant in pristine condition.  If you've got a cracked screen you can still trade in your device, and in the case of the 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus Verizon variant, you could get $201.50 for it.

Although the trade in value offered for each device may not be the best deal around, it's nice to see a non carrier offer a trade in program for a high end unlocked device that also has device financing available.   That way you have the option to purchase a device on an installment plan without feeling locked into a carrier and what may not be the cheapest cell phone plan around for your needs.

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