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Verizon FCC Filing TracFone

Verizon Is Stretching The Truth In Latest FCC Filing Over TracFone

Joe Paonessa - Apr 12, 2021
According to the opening statement in a recent filing by Verizon to the FCC, “a combined Verizon/TracFone will deliver enhancements to consumer welfare, and the proposed transfer should be approved.” The FCC should meet this claim with heavy skepticism. Verizon has a history of being absolutely terrible to its MVNO
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LG Stylo 6 Popular Device In Prepaid (Photo Via Twitter Boost Mobile Dealer)

LG’s Mobile Demise Will Have A Big Impact On The Prepaid Wireless Market

Joe Paonessa - Apr 5, 2021
Yesterday LG announced that it will close its mobile business unit. The end result is that LG is no longer going to produce mobile phones. The move isn’t entirely surprising as the company hasn’t had a successful flagship phone or posted profits in that division for several years. However, their
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To Niche Or Not To Niche? That Is The Question

To Niche or Not to Niche? That is the Question MVNOs Must Ask!

Jon Horovitz - Apr 2, 2021
What’s my niche? Who am I going to target? Where can I generate more sales by having a laser focus on a specific target audience? These are questions that every MVNO should be asking themselves so they don’t wind up as a “me-too” provider or continue to fuel the price
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Simple Mobile Tops Latest Wave7 Research Dealer Survey

Simple Mobile Top Selling Brand Via Independent Dealers In 1st Quarter Of 2021

Joe Paonessa - Mar 29, 2021
According to a survey conducted by the firm Wave7 Research, Simple Mobile was the top-selling prepaid brand sold through independent dealers in the first quarter of 2021. This comes as no surprise to Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research, who says Simple Mobile regularly tops the survey. Moore and his
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Tello Lacks Support For 5G And Other iOS Features On New GSM Partner Network

Tello Lacks 5G Support On iPhones, Signals Potentially Larger Problem Ignored By Regulators

Joe Paonessa - Mar 23, 2021
Towards the end of 2020, then Sprint MVNO Tello Mobile announced its transition timeline to convert over to the T-Mobile network. It was due to happen the week of November 22nd. Unfortunately, the week came and went without changeover. A Tello Mobile representative shortly thereafter confirmed to me that the
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MVNOs What's Your Distribution Strategy?

MVNOS, What’s Your Distribution Strategy?

Jon Horovitz - Mar 19, 2021
What ARE The 4 P’s Of Marketing? Any of us that took an Intro to Marketing class, or learned the hard way by learning how to attract customers through trial and error, know that there are four P’s in Marketing: Product, Pricing Promotion, and Placement. For most of us in
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Consumer Cellular, A Proven Model For MVNO Success

How 4 Major MVNOs Achieved Success By Differentiating From Competitors

Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2021
The U.S. MVNO marketplace is filled with competition and MVNOs with weak hands are not destined to last. As Jon Horovitz recently pointed out, the path to long-term survival and success in the market is differentiation. MVNOs must find a way to offer services that are unique in the space
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DISH Acquires Republic Wireless

DISH Acquires Republic Wireless, Is It About Bonded Calling?

Joe Paonessa - Mar 8, 2021
DISH Network Corporation announced that it has agreed to acquire Republic Wireless. The full terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but DISH will acquire the brand, some 200,000 customers, as well as other supporting assets. The “other supporting assets” are likely the key to this deal. For now,
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MVNOs Must Differentiate To Survive

MVNO’s: What’s Your Differentiator?

Jon Horovitz - Mar 5, 2021
Differentiator, Verb. Recognize or ascertain what makes someone or something different. There are dozens upon dozens of MVNOs in North America. True, the big national guys hold the majority of market share. But for every Tracfone, Boost Mobile, and Consumer Cellular, there are some small, and mostly efficient MVNOs that have
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Verizon Wireless Tracfone Acquisition

Analyst Infers Verizon Has An 80% Chance Of Getting Approved To Acquire Tracfone

Joe Paonessa - Jan 4, 2021
In September of 2020, Verizon announced that it reached an agreement to acquire Tracfone. The price tag for the purchase tops out at $6.9 billion. It isn’t expected to close until the latter half of 2021. But like all major transactions involving mergers and acquisitions, they must get approved by
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Actor Dan Levy's Eyebrows Featured In New Visible Advertising Campaign

Visible’s Less Conventional Ad Approach Gets Views, Others Like Mint Mobile Focused On More Traditional Means

Joe Paonessa - Nov 30, 2020
This holiday shopping season has seen an increase in the number of prepaid wireless brands investing in the marketing of their services. Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, Straight Talk Wireless, TextNow, and Visible have all launched new video advertising campaigns. While most have focused on traditional
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Tello Mobile Announces Transition Timeframe To T-Mobile's Network

Tello States When It Will Begin Transition To T-Mobile’s Network, Timeline Should Apply To Other Sprint MVNOs

Joe Paonessa - Oct 10, 2020
If you have been wondering like me when Sprint MVNO’s will begin to switch over to the T-Mobile network, we finally have an answer. Thanks to Sprint MVNO Tello Mobile, there’s now a rough timeline in place. Tello posted a blog article detailing the transition plans. When Will The Transition
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Verizon Agrees To Acquire Tracfone

Verizon’s Acquisition Of Tracfone Could Be Devastating To The Prepaid Wireless Market

Joe Paonessa - Sep 14, 2020
Verizon announced that it has agreed to acquire Tracfone, the nation’s largest prepaid wireless provider for a total of up to $6.9 billion. Verizon is paying for the transaction with $3.125 billion in cash and $3.125 billion in common stock. The deal also includes up to an additional $650 million
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For The First Time In Years All Major Carriers Experienced Growth In Prepaid During The Same Quarter

All Major Carriers Experienced Growth In Prepaid During The Same Quarter For The First Time In Years

Joe Paonessa - Aug 17, 2020
Quarter 2 of 2020 led to growth in the prepaid divisions of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. According to a recent report by the firm Wave7 Research, it was the first time in years that all major carriers experienced growth in that department. AT&T led the way with a total of
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DISH Acquires Ting Mobile Assets From Tucows

DISH Has Acquired Ting Mobile Assets From Tucows, Consumers May See Price Improvements

Joe Paonessa - Aug 3, 2020
The DISH Network and Tucows Inc. jointly announced today that DISH has acquired some Ting Mobile assets from Tucows. A representative speaking on behalf of Tucows told BestMVNO that DISH has acquired the right to use the Ting Mobile brand for two years and Ting Mobile’s loyal customer relationships. At
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