DataPass Has Closed Down

DataPass Has Quietly Shut Down

Joe Paonessa - Mar 22, 2019
DataPass was a multi-carrier partner MVNO.  The company offered service plans on the T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon networks.  The MVNO burst onto the scene in early 2018 by offering an unlimited LTE data plan on the Sprint network for just $39/month.  At launch, it was the cheapest unlimited data plan
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Telrite Holdings INC Agrees To Buy Locus Telecommunications

H2O Wireless Bought Out By Pure TalkUSA’s Parent Company Telrite

Joe Paonessa - Jan 22, 2019
Telrite Holdings, Inc. announced today an agreement to purchase Locus Telecommunications pending regulatory approval.  Telrite Holdings, Inc. is the company that owns Pure TalkUSA.  Locus Telecommunications is the owner of the MVNO brands H2O Wireless and EasyGo.  All brands are powered by the AT&T network. If the acquisition gets approved,
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BestMVNO 2018 Award Winners

BestMVNO Awards: Best Of 2018, Year In Review

Joe Paonessa - Jan 2, 2019
With the start of a new year, it’s time to look back on what happened to the MVNO and wireless world in 2018. This is the 4th annual end of the year MVNO and wireless provider awards article. (Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links, although rest assured affiliate
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Expo Mobile Hands Off Customer Service To Selectel Wireless

Expo Mobile Migrating Customers To Selectel Wireless?

Joe Paonessa - Dec 19, 2018
I was recently contacted by a person whose husband is a subscriber to Expo Mobile.  She said her husband started receiving text messages from the company asking him to call Selectel Wireless.  Upon calling Selectel Wireless, they were informed that Selectel Wireless would be taking over customer service for Expo
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NTP Releases Study Of Health Effects Of Exposure To Cellular Radiation In Rodents

Consumer Advocate Group Calls For Moratorium On Roll Out Of 5G Due To Concern It May Cause Cancer

Joe Paonessa - Nov 1, 2018
The US Brain Tumor Association, sent out a press release today in regards to a recently completed study by the the US National Toxicology Program  (NTP).  The study found evidence that exposure to certain types of cellular radiation increased the risk of some types of cancer in male rats. The
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Those Living In Bay Or Gulf Counties In Florida Will Get 3 Months Of Free Wireless Service

Verizon Wireless Offering 3 Months Of Free Service To Some Customers Impacted By Hurricane Michael

Joe Paonessa - Oct 17, 2018
Verizon Wireless customers residing in Bay and Gulf counties Florida will automatically be credited with 3 months of mobile phone service for each line they have.  The free service is being offered to help those impacted by Hurricane Michael.  Both Verizon Wireless consumer and business accounts will receive the credits.
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T-Mobile Begins To Test Out 36 Month Equipment Installment Plans

T-Mobile Testing Out 36 Month Phone Payment Plans

Joe Paonessa - Oct 14, 2018
According to one study, the average smartphone owner holds onto their phone for 32 months before upgrading.  The same study says that over 20% of mobile phone owners hold onto their phone for over 3 years.  There may be several reasons for the long time between upgrades.   One is that
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Major Wireless Carriers Offering Free Service And Ways To Help Those Impacted By Hurricane Michael

All Major Wireless Carriers Waiving Charges For Those Impacted By Hurricane Michael

Joe Paonessa - Oct 10, 2018
All major wireless carriers are waiving overages potentially offering free service to those impacted by Hurricane Michael.  T-Mobile and AT&T are allowing their customers to text short codes to make donations to various organizations that will be part of the disaster relief. T-Mobile’s Response T-Mobile is offering free calling/texting/data for
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Best Buy Acquires GreatCall

GreatCall Acquired By Best Buy In $800 Million Deal

Joe Paonessa - Aug 16, 2018
Best Buy announced that it has acquired GreatCall Inc for $800 million.  The move was made to help expand Best Buy’s reach into the growing health space.  The deal comes hot on the heals of Consumer Cellular’s recent launch into Best Buy stores.  Consumer Cellular is a brand that has
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Tello Offering 50% Off To ROK Mobile Subscribers

Tello Mobile Offering ROK Mobile Customers 50% Off Their First Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 3, 2018
Several days ago ROK Mobile abruptly ended service on the Verizon network.  Consequently subscribers were left scrambling for a new service provider.  ROK Mobile publicly stated that it was their choice to end their MVNO agreement with Verizon.  At least one dealer said otherwise.  The dealer stated that it was
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ROK Mobile Legacy Verizon Customers Have Their Service Abruptly Terminated

ROK Mobile’s Verizon Based Service Abruptly Ends, Here Is What To Do

Joe Paonessa - Jul 31, 2018
ROK Mobile has had a rocky year.  The MVNO repeatedly changed its phone plan lineup around.  It had Sprint based plans that got discontinued and brought back at a later date.  The same thing happened with the company’s Verizon based plans.  This in itself was pretty troubling.  Then, back in
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Market Force Study Names Consumer Cellular And T-Mobile Top Providers In 2018

Consumer Cellular And T-Mobile Named Top MVNO And Carrier In Latest Market Force Study

Joe Paonessa - Jul 30, 2018
Market Force Information (Market Force), just completed a research study that named Consumer Cellular America’s favorite MVNO and overall wireless provider.  T-Mobile was named the best out of the big 4 wireless carriers.  This marks the third year in a row that the customer experience research firm named those two
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RingPlus Founder Karl Seeling Talking About Blockchain And ChainBLX

RingPlus Founder Karl Seelig Now Runs Blockchain Company ChainBLX

Joe Paonessa - May 29, 2018
RingPlus was an MVNO founded by Karl Seelig.  It was not your everyday standard MVNO.  Through RingPlus, Karl brought some new, experimental and innovative technology to the wireless world.  The technology served as a vehicle to try and help the company achieve its goal of offering free and cheap cell
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Charlie Ergen Co-Founder Of Dish Network Says His Company May Spend Big On 5G

Dish Chairmen Charlie Ergen Claims Company Will Spend $10 Billion To Build Out 5G Network

Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2018
Dish Network Corp. Chairmen Charlie Ergen gave a talk the other day at the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Connect X conference.  During his presentation he laid out a vague plan claiming that his company could spend $10 billion over the coming years to build out a nationwide 5G network.  He calls
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Straight Talk Wireless Website As Of 3-3-2018 Does Not Show A Clear Data Limit On Unlimited Data Plan

Straight Talk Wireless Thinks Unlimited Data Means 60 GB

Joe Paonessa - Mar 3, 2018
Some folks never learn. More than three years after settling a $40 million lawsuit over the improper use of the phrase “unlimited data,” Straight Talk Wireless is at it again. Straight Talk Wireless says its $55 “ultimate unlimited plan” comes with unlimited talk, text and data. However, a couple of Reddit
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