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TextNow Updates Its Plans And Prices For 2022

TextNow Updates Plans, Adds More Options With Improved Pricing

Joe Paonessa - Mar 3, 2022
TextNow has updated its wireless plans with more options and improved pricing. There’s now a 1GB plan for $8.99. It is unknown exactly when the changes occurred. The Wayback Machine does indicate that they are new for 2022. YouTuber TuPhonez4Free recently uploaded a video giving an overview of the plan
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Future Of MVNOs IoT

The Future of MVNOs

Jon Horovitz - Feb 25, 2022
This past January I wrote of all the predictions about what was going to be in store for MVNOs in 2022 and beyond. So far we have seen incredible continued growth from both Charter (Spectrum Mobile), and Comcast (Xfinity Mobile) with over 7.2 million wireless subscribers. And then there’s Altice
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How Secure Is Your Mobile Device?

How Secure is Secure on Your Mobile Device?

Jon Horovitz - Feb 4, 2022
This week’s subject is security for mobile devices.  Not a day goes by when you don’t read of another hack on a major corporation by bad actors who now have access to your most private information.  Last week it was reported that six thousand (6,000) TracFone customers were ported over
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What Makes You The Best MVNO?

What Makes You the BEST MVNO?

Jon Horovitz - Jan 21, 2022
I always enjoy the end of the year when too many publications start listing their “Best” or “Top” categories of the year.  Best Movies, Best Television Shows, Best Books, Best Plays, Best Recipes, Best Getaways and so on and so on.  We are not exempt from these evaluations in our
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What’s New in 2022 for The MVNOs

What’s New in 2022 for The MVNOs?

Jon Horovitz - Jan 7, 2022
Another year has passed and we find ourselves at CES and other events looking into our crystal ball and trying to see where the MVNO business will take us in 2022. We’ve already seen the demise of one MVNO (Easy Go) and anxiously await to see what Verizon will do
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Simple Mobile Dealer

Verizon’s Simple Mobile Finishes #1 In 4Q21 Wave7 Research Wireless Dealer Survey

Joe Paonessa - Jan 5, 2022
Simple Mobile led the pack in the latest Wave7 Research multi-carrier prepaid dealer survey. According to the firm’s fourth-quarter 2021 survey, it was the number one selling brand by a mile. Wave7 Research has conducted the survey a total of 28 straight quarters, and Simple Mobile has led the way
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An Unnamed Carrier Is Likely Launching At Walmart

Mysterious Wireless Provider Appears Headed To Walmart

Joe Paonessa - Jan 3, 2022
BestMVNO has learned from multiple sources that an unnamed wireless provider may begin selling its services through Walmart stores. Wave7 Research noted in its most recent prepaid report that “Walmart is likely soon to sell services from an additional carrier, but it is unclear which one.” Twitter user @KingOfTechDeals, who
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Boost Mobile One Of Many Prepaid Providers To Offer Free Phone Plan Under FCCs New ACP Benefit Program

With EBB Discontinued, Boost Mobile & Others To Offer Free Plans Under FCC’s ACP Program

Joe Paonessa - Jan 3, 2022
It’s a new year, and the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit program (EBB) has come to an end. It has been replaced by the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). If you are currently benefiting from the EBB program, you’ll continue to do so until March 1, 2022. After that time, you’ll have
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So Many MVNOs

Why Are There So Many MVNO’s?

Jon Horovitz - Dec 3, 2021
A few years ago, a wireless cohort and I sat down and researched just how many MVNO’s were operating in the United States. We came up with 171 at the time. On each instance of one MVNO failing or another MVNO launching, he would call me and say, “there are
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Metro By T-Mobile First Holiday 2021 TV Ad

Prepaid Providers Ramp Up Holiday Advertising With Metro By T-Mobile Leading The Way

Joe Paonessa - Nov 17, 2021
‘Tis the season to advertise. And prepaid providers are doing just that as they start to ramp up their holiday TV advertising spend. Cricket Wireless recently blasted off with several new holiday-themed TV commercials. There’s a big emphasis on 5G. Visible also began airing a new ad as did Mint
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MVNOs And Social Media

MVNOs, Use Social Media For Growth

Jon Horovitz - Nov 12, 2021
What is Social Media? Surprisingly, many MVNOs still lack a strong social media presence. And some of the MVNOs that do utilize it, don’t do so efficiently. Perhaps some MVNO owners don’t fully understand what social media really is and its importance to their business. There’s a recent article by
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MVNOS Great Offers Read Fine Print

MVNOs Have GREAT Offers… But Did You Read The Fine Print?

Jon Horovitz - Oct 29, 2021
Ah….. the fourth quarter. One of the top two times of the year for wireless sales; the other is Tax Time for prepaid in March/April which I could never understand; the first thing that people do when receiving their tax refund is to run out a buy a new cell
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How Can My MVNO Be The Best?

How Can My MVNO “Be The Best?”

Jon Horovitz - Oct 15, 2021
I was reading the September 30, 2021 article from TechRadar Pro who recently had their Mobile Industry Awards 2021 in the United Kingdom.  Congratulations to Sky Mobile who was named Best MVNO. How does one “become the best” in any category, let alone the crowded MVNO space, especially here in
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EarthLink Launches EarthLink Mobile Powered By Ultra Mobile

EarthLink Relaunches Wireless Service Starting At $17.95/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 11, 2021
EarthLink, an internet service provider founded in 1994, has launched wireless service under the brand name EarthLink Mobile. This isn’t the company’s first foray into wireless. In 2006, EarthLink in partnership with SK Telecom launched an MVNO called Helio that piggybacked on the Sprint network. According to a previous prepaid
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Simple Mobile Wins Wave7 Research 3Q21 Dealer Survey (Photo By Wave7 Research)

It’s No Surprise Simple Mobile Top Selling Brand In 3Q21 Wave7 Research Dealer Survey

Joe Paonessa - Oct 1, 2021
It comes as no surprise that Simple Mobile was the top selling brand in the most recent multi-carrier prepaid dealer survey conducted by Wave7 Research. Look over previous surveys, and you’ll see Simple Mobile finished on top each time as well. In fact, Simple Mobile has finished on top for 27
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