Will Your iPhone Work Properly On An MVNO?

Will Your iPhone Work Properly With An MVNO? New Feature From BestMVNO.com

Joe Paonessa - Aug 24, 2017
Apple’s iconic iPhone is loved by many, but there is a problem with it.  If you want to use it with an MVNO, you may find out the hard way, meaning after you spent your hard earned money on a new plan and provider, that you can’t send or receive
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Phone Number Theft, The Impact Of T-Mobile Digits, And Google Voice

The Potential Security Risks Associated With Your Mobile Phone Service Provider, T-Mobile Digits And Similar Platforms

Joe Paonessa - Aug 2, 2017
About two months ago, T-Mobile officially took its Digits platform out of beta and made it available to “all” T-Mobile customers.  By all I mean T-Mobile postpaid customers, while those of us on legacy prepaid plans such as the infamous $30 prepaid plan have been left in the dark. As
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Is Apple Charging MVNO's For Customer Access To The APN Settings Menu

Is Apple The Reason Why Your Cell Phone Bill Is Higher Than It Should Be?

Joe Paonessa - Jul 18, 2017
Over two years ago a BestMVNO site reader informed me that they were locked out of the part of their iPhone’s settings menu that would allow them to setup an APN.  They noticed that the issue occurred when they tried to use a SIM card for an AT&T MVNO, but
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BestMVNO.com Logo

A Better Cell Phone Plan Finder Tool And More Updates To BestMVNO.com

Joe Paonessa - Jul 12, 2017
The past few days working on BestMVNO have been quite busy for me.  A lot of changes have been made behind the scenes to improve different sections of the website.  As part of those changes, today I am pleased to announce a major update and upgrade to the cell phone
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Verizon MVNOs No Longer Speed Throttled

Has Verizon Removed The LTE Speed Limitations Placed On Its MVNO’s?

Joe Paonessa - Jul 5, 2017
Over the past few weeks I’ve noted around the web that users of TracFone based Verizon MVNO’s have been reporting that they have been experiencing LTE speeds much faster than the 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload that Verizon restricts them to. The latest report came yesterday from a
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PCMag tests fastest wireless networks for 2017

Latest Study Shows Verizon To Be The Fastest Network, Sprint The Slowest

Joe Paonessa - Jun 19, 2017
PCMag conducted a study to find out which wireless network is the fastest in the USA. PCMag has just completed its 8th annual study which set out to determine which is the fastest mobile network in the USA.  They tested the network data speeds of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon within
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Wireless Provider Use Age Demographics - Graph Provided By Market Force

Once Again Market Force Study Reveals T-Mobile And Consumer Cellular To Be America’s Favorite Carrier And MVNO

Joe Paonessa - Jun 13, 2017
Market Force Information (Market Force), a customer experience management and research company conducted a large scale consumer study in May of 2017 polling over 8,200 consumers with the intent of uncovering trends in the wireless industry. The study focused on carrier performance, in store experience and service usage among other
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Mast Mobile Closes Down

Mast Mobile Provider Of Business Plans Is Closing Down

Joe Paonessa - May 19, 2017
Mast Mobile launched with much promise over 1 year ago.  The company was started in part by two former Virgin Mobile executives who together with a couple of other partners were able to raise $12 million in venture funding.  That’s no small feat given how highly competitive the MVNO market
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Comparison of US Mobile and TIng

Comparison of US Mobile and Ting

Joe Paonessa - May 1, 2017
Originally Published: Jan 11, 2015 Updated: May 1, 2017 with New US Mobile Pricing        A few months ago we reported on the inception of a new MVNO, US Mobile.  US Mobile seems to be T-Mobile’s answer to Ting Wireless, a provider of prepaid wireless plans on the Sprint
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How Unlimited Data Plans Affect The Market

Now That Major Wireless Carriers Are Starting To Go All In On Unlimited Data, How Will MVNO’s Be Impacted?

Joe Paonessa - Apr 23, 2017
In the last several months, we’ve witnessed a shift in the structure of wireless phone plan offerings from major wireless carriers, namely, A&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. That shift began with T-Mobile in August of last year, with their Big Un-Carrier 12 announcement.  At that time, the company said it
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BestMVNO.com Logo

BestMVNO.com Updated Again With More Features To Help You Find The Perfect Phone Plan

Joe Paonessa - Apr 22, 2017
A few weeks ago an article was posted on BestMVNO.com laying out some plans for the future of the website. One of the goals set forth was to get family plans integrated into the cell phone plan finding tool. Today BestMVNO.com is pleased to announce that the cell phone plan
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Have Cricket Wireless Plans Fallen Behind The Competiton

Have Cricket Wireless’s Phone Plans Fallen Behind The Competition?

Joe Paonessa - Apr 8, 2017
Cricket Wireless has long been one of the best values around for those looking for no contract phone service on AT&T’s network.  In fact, the MVNO ended 2016 with a value award from BestMVNO for its $35 prepaid plan that at the time came with 2.5 GB of data. It
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BestMVNO.com Logo

BestMVNO.com has been updated

Joe Paonessa - Apr 4, 2017
Over the past few weeks, some behind the scenes changes have been made to Bestmvno.com.  Namely a better database of MVNO’s has been built out with some new features added to the site here and there. You can find that modified database containing a list of MVNO’s here.  The page itself
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BestMVNO 2017 Award Winners

BestMVNO Awards: Best Of 2016, Year In Review

Joe Paonessa - Dec 30, 2016
With 2016 now in the rear-view mirror it’s time to reflect back on the year as it pertained to the world of MVNO’s and no contract cellphone plan providers. Welcome to the second annual BestMVNO.com end of the year MVNO and prepaid provider awards. (Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links,
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Save Money With A Cheap Phone Plan

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill By Switching To One Of These Low Cost Providers

Joe Paonessa - Nov 13, 2016
Image via 401kcalculator.org, post contains affiliate links Cell phone plans can be very expensive costing upwards of $100+ a month depending on how much data you need and what carrier you subscribe to.  If you’re on a family plan, the costs can be even higher.  Throw in a cell phone
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