Market Force Study Names Consumer Cellular And T-Mobile Top Providers In 2018

Consumer Cellular And T-Mobile Named Top MVNO And Carrier In Latest Market Force Study

Joe Paonessa - Jul 30, 2018
Market Force Information (Market Force), just completed a research study that named Consumer Cellular America’s favorite MVNO and overall wireless provider.  T-Mobile was named the best out of the big 4 wireless carriers.  This marks the third year in a row that the customer experience research firm named those two
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RingPlus Founder Karl Seeling Talking About Blockchain And ChainBLX

RingPlus Founder Karl Seelig Now Runs Blockchain Company ChainBLX

Joe Paonessa - May 29, 2018
RingPlus was an MVNO founded by Karl Seelig.  It was not your everyday standard MVNO.  Through RingPlus, Karl brought some new, experimental and innovative technology to the wireless world.  The technology served as a vehicle to try and help the company achieve its goal of offering free and cheap cell
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Charlie Ergen Co-Founder Of Dish Network Says His Company May Spend Big On 5G

Dish Chairmen Charlie Ergen Claims Company Will Spend $10 Billion To Build Out 5G Network

Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2018
Dish Network Corp. Chairmen Charlie Ergen gave a talk the other day at the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Connect X conference.  During his presentation he laid out a vague plan claiming that his company could spend $10 billion over the coming years to build out a nationwide 5G network.  He calls
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Straight Talk Wireless Website As Of 3-3-2018 Does Not Show A Clear Data Limit On Unlimited Data Plan

Straight Talk Wireless Thinks Unlimited Data Means 60 GB

Joe Paonessa - Mar 3, 2018
Some folks never learn. More than three years after settling a $40 million lawsuit over the improper use of the phrase “unlimited data,” Straight Talk Wireless is at it again. Straight Talk Wireless says its $55 “ultimate unlimited plan” comes with unlimited talk, text and data. However, a couple of Reddit
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Carrier Prepaid Unlimited Data Plans Compared

Prepaid Unlimited Data Plans From AT&T, Sprint, Verizon And T-Mobile Compared

Joe Paonessa - Feb 20, 2018
A few days ago AT&T added a new prepaid unlimited data plan to its lineup and priced it at $85/month.  It is the most expensive carrier prepaid unlimited data plan on the market.  However, with auto pay billing enabled, the price of the plan drops down to $75/month. At $75/month
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Red Pocket Mobile Now Offering Uncapped Data Speeds On Verizon's Network

Red Pocket Mobile Appears To Now Offer Unthrottled Data Speeds On The Verizon Network

Joe Paonessa - Jan 18, 2018
I recently began testing service on Red Pocket Mobile for an upcoming review that I will be doing.  I ordered a SIM kit and plan through Amazon. Red Pocket Mobile allows you to use any major wireless network for service.  The SIM kit I ordered came with 3 different SIM cards.
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BestMVNO 2017 Award Winners

BestMVNO Awards: Best Of 2017, Year In Review

Joe Paonessa - Jan 12, 2018
With 2017 now in the past it’s time to reflect back on the year as it pertained to the world of MVNO’s and no contract cellphone plan providers. This is the third annual end of the year MVNO and prepaid provider awards article and also the latest that the awards
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Google Pixel 2 Devices $300 Off Verizon

Google Pixel 2 Owners Are Having Trouble With Verizon MVNO’s, Here’s A Potential Workaround

Joe Paonessa - Nov 9, 2017
I have received several emails lately from Total Wireless customers with Google Pixel 2’s that are trying to get their data and MMS to work properly with the Verizon MVNO.  I’ve also seen the problem noted on social media, and most recently came across a post on Google’s support forums.
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Some Page Plus Airtime Cards Purchased From CallingMart Have Been Disabled

Some CallingMart Pins Are Causing Page Plus Customers To Get Their Accounts Suspended

Joe Paonessa - Nov 9, 2017
(Updated) The issue with CallingMart and Page Plus Cellular appears to now be resolved. CallingMart has sent out an email to its customers stating the following:   Thank you for contacting us! We sincerely apologize for what happened and the inconvenience it caused you. Pageplus informed us that the suspension
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The Most Popular Phone Plans

The Most Popular Phone Plans Of The Past Month

Joe Paonessa - Nov 2, 2017
It’s been a long time since I last put together a list of the most popular phone plans at BestMVNO.  In fact it’s been over 2 years! A lot has changed since then.  Some MVNO’s have come and gone.  Many have altered their phone plans time and time again.  It
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JD Power Ranks T-Mobile Tops In Customer Satisfaction Among Business Users

JD Power Survey Finds T-Mobile To Rank Tops In Wireless Satisfaction Among Business Users

Joe Paonessa - Oct 28, 2017
A few months ago, a survey conducted by Market Force revealed T-Mobile to be the nation’s favorite carrier.  Now a survey conducted by JD Power Associates has named T-Mobile to be the top dog in wireless satisfaction among business customers. The survey also revealed that unlimited data is a driving force behind
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Best MVNO Logo

BestMVNO Has Been Updated

Joe Paonessa - Oct 26, 2017
You may or may not have noticed, but over the past few weeks quite a few changes have been made around here. Two of the biggest changes are to the data only plans list and the pay as you go plans list. The data only plans list has grown to contain
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Ting Now Offers Global Calling At No Extra Charge

Ting Now Offers Global Calling At No Extra Charge

Joe Paonessa - Oct 13, 2017
Thanks to a reader tip, I have learned that Ting recently added international calling free of charge to its cell phone plans. Ting minutes are now global minutes the company has proclaimed through its website.  This means that if you have a plan with 100 minutes, you can use them all
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Google's Trade In Program For Pixel Devices

(Updated) Google Offering Up To $410 When You Trade In Your Phone For A Pixel

Joe Paonessa - Sep 25, 2017
Google has launched a new trade in program for those interested in picking up a Pixel device.  The trade in program will offer customers who own select devices up to $388 (updated 9/28/17) $410 for their old phone. The 32 GB Pixel which is out of stock normally sells for $649
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FreedomPop Best And Most Unique

MVNO List Featuring The 9 Best And Most Unique

Joe Paonessa - Sep 13, 2017
2017 edition There are many options for you to consider when you are looking to save money on your phone bill or when you just want something different.  In fact now tracks over 60 of these providers. In order to come up with a list of what I think
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