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Mint SIM, a T-Mobile MVNO that is powered by Ultra Mobile, announced a promotion today that makes their already cheap cell phone plans even cheaper.

Through the promotion, new customers will be able to save $15 on a 3 month trial plan offer with coupon code FOXTOBER.

Mint SIM's three month trial plans are regularly priced as follows:

All plans include unlimited talk and text with the data shown being the amount that you are allotted each month.

  • $45 or an average cost of $15/month for 3 months of service with 2 GB of data
  • $60 or an average cost of $20/month for 3 months of service with 5 GB of data
  • $75 or an average cost of $25/month for 3 months of service with 10 GB of data

With the coupon code that means you can get unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data each month at an average cost of just $10/month or for $30 total.  Similarly for just $60 total, or an average cost of $20/month you can get unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of data!  There are no other providers on the market that currently offer cell phone plans with unlimited talk and text and that much data for less money.

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Once the promotional period ends, subscribers can renew their 3 month plans priced at average costs of $23/month for 2 GB, $30/month for 5 GB, or $38/month for 10 GB of 4G LTE data.  Alternatively, 6 and 12 months plans can be purchased for even more savings, with the 12 month plans being priced at the same rate as the 3 month trial plans.

Mint SIM will be offering $15 off the 3 month trial plans with coupon code FOXTOBER for a limited time only.

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Sources: Mint SIM, Photo Credit Android Guys

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Still experiencing issues ordering online. Haven’t been able to call them due to my time zone to see if they’ll honor the discount over the phone.