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Everything You Should Know Before Subscribing


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Ultra Mobile Phone Plans

Provider Talk Text Data Price
Ultra Mobile Logo Ultra Mobile Unlimited 19

Network Used: T-Mobile

Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB $19
Ultra Mobile Logo Ultra Mobile Flex Family

Network Used: T-Mobile

Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB $22
Ultra Mobile Logo Ultra Mobile Unlimited 23

Network Used: T-Mobile

Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB $23
Ultra Mobile Logo Ultra Mobile Unlimited 29

Network Used: T-Mobile

Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB $29
Ultra Mobile Logo Ultra Mobile Unlimited 39 Extreme Value Plan

Network Used: T-Mobile

Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB $39
Ultra Mobile Logo Ultra Mobile Unlimited 49

Network Used: T-Mobile

Unlimited Unlimited 50 GB $49


Things To Know About Ultra Mobile


Ultra Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO that focuses on offering low cost plans for those that have a need for international calling and texting.  Unlimited global calling and texting is available to over 75 locations on all single line monthly plans.

In November of 2016, Ultra Mobile was able to improve coverage for its customers by offering Wi-Fi Talk and Text.  The feature allows those with select Android phones to be able to place calls and text messages over Wi-Fi in places where T-Mobile’s network coverage is unreliable.

The company also powers Mint SIM and at one time it powered Univision Mobile.  However, in May of 2017, Ultra Mobile announced that it would merge with Unvision Mobile, its sister brand.


Bestmvno.com has taken a test drive of Ultra Mobile’s service.  You can see how it went by reading a review.

Where To Buy Service Plans And SIM Cards

Ultra Mobile’s SIM cards and service plans are available through the company’s website as well as in store through retail locations such as Target.  Frequently subscribers can find greatly discounted service plans and SIM cards through Amazon.

Supported Phones And Devices

Ultra Mobile does not sell any phones.  Customers must bring their own to the network. Any phone that is compatible with T-Mobile will work with Ultra Mobile.  Most AT&T devices are also compatible as long as they are out of contract, paid off in full and not reported lost or stolen.  Universally unlocked phones from manufacturer’s such as Motorola and Samsung are also compatible.

Customer Support

Customer support is available over the phone, by email, and through automated chat.  If automated chat does not resolve your issue, your information gets emailed to a support representative who will then get in touch with you about your issue.

Company Highlights

Year Founded: 2012
Networks Used: T-Mobile
LTE Bands Used: 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71,
Support For BYOD: Yes
Sells Phones: Yes
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price? No
Online Payment Options: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Refill Cards

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 1-(888) 777-0446

1550 Scenic Ave Suite 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Wolf vixamar
Wolf vixamar

Does ultra mobile have an application

Luz Salazar
Luz Salazar

I have an Ultra Mobile plan ($29,00/month)…. and I would like to know how many GB of High-speed hotspot I got. I understand that T-Mobile offers 10 GB…. and since T-Mobile is the network that Ultra uses…. I was wondering if is the same. Thanks!

Theodore Ezike
Theodore Ezike

please for 2 days now i have been trying to buy airtime for another phone with my account but have not succeeded cause i have not been enabled to speak to a customer service rep