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Ultra Mobile News

Ultra Mobile Launches Home Internet

Ultra Mobile Launches Home Internet, Trialing Senior Phone Plans At Walmart

Joe Paonessa - Feb 1, 2022
Yesterday, BestMVNO reported that Ultra Mobile launched a promotion offering customers the ability to add new lines to their unlimited plan for $24/line per month. But that’s not the only change going on with the MVNO. BestMVNO has learned that Ultra Mobile is undergoing much bigger changes. According to a
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Ultra Mobile $24 Add -A-Line Unlimited Plan Promo

Ultra Mobile Unlimited Plan Customers Can Now Add A Line For $24/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jan 31, 2022
Ultra Mobile has added multi-line discounts to its $49 unlimited plan. Subscribers can add up to 4 additional lines to their accounts at a cost of $24 per line. The multi-line discount is not available online. At this time it’s available exclusively through Ultra Mobile dealers. There is some additional
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Ultra Mobile Summer BOGO Offer

Ultra Mobile Has A Buy 3-Months Get 3-Months Free Offer

Joe Paonessa - Aug 3, 2021
Ultra Mobile recently launched a new “Ultra Summer Sale” deal. New Ultra Mobile customers who purchase the company’s 3GB plan have the option to buy 3-months and get 3-months free. This is a move straight out of its sister brand, Mint Mobile’s playbook. Mint Mobile has run the same type
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Ultra Mobile Unlimited Plus Plan

Ultra Mobile Has A New “Unlimited+” Phone Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jul 16, 2021
Ultra Mobile has released a new phone plan called Unlimited+. It’s not yet available on the Ultra Mobile website but if it interests you, it should be available through your local Ultra Mobile dealer. The new plan includes unlimited data with the first 60GB available at up to 5G data
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Save Up To 33% Off Your First Month With Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile Continues 33% Off Single Month Plans Sale

Joe Paonessa - Apr 14, 2021
Ultra Mobile is running an “up to 33% off” monthly plans sale. There is currently a countdown timer on Ultra’s website that suggests the sale will end early next week. However, the fine print for the promotion says that it will be available until 5/19/21. It also says that each
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Ultra Mobile Consolidates Monthly And Multi-Month Plans

Ultra Mobile Updates And Consolidates Multi-Month And Monthly Plan Offerings

Joe Paonessa - Feb 23, 2021
Ultra Mobile has updated its multi-month and monthly plan offerings. The new plans are not yet live on the Ultra Mobile website but are available through dealers. The firm Wave7 Research recently detailed the changes in a prepaid report sent out to its subscribers. Ultra Mobile’s Multi-Month And Monthly Plan
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Ultra Mobile's Unlimited Plan Is Now Available At A Discount

Ultra Mobile Promo Will Get You A Phone Plan With 50GB Of Data For $39

Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2020
Ultra Mobile has launched a new promo. The T-Mobile powered MVNO is offering its $49.00 plan with unlimited everything including the first 50GB of data each month at up to 5G data speeds for 20% off. With the discount applied, the price of the plan is just $39 plus taxes
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Ultra Mobile's PayGO (Pictured) And Tourist Plans Have Been Updated

Ultra Mobile’s PayGO & Tourist Plans Have Updated, $3 PayGO Now Includes 100 Mins/Text/MB Data

Joe Paonessa - Jul 11, 2020
A year ago Ultra Mobile hit it big when it’s PayGO and Tourist plans landed in T-Mobile stores. The two plans served and continue to serve as replacement offerings for prepaid plans that T-Mobile discontinued. In essence, rather than to continue to offer what were probably low margin and selling
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Save 20% At Ultra Mobile With Promo Code ULTRA

Ultra Mobile Promo Will Get You 3GB Of Monthly 4G LTE Data For $8.42/Month

Joe Paonessa - Nov 13, 2019
In August, Ultra Mobile updated its multi-month plans.  On October 1, Ultra Mobile began running its first promo revolving around one of those multi-month plans.  Customers could buy 3 months and get 3 months free or buy 6 months and get 6 months free.  The offer is still available and
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Ultra Mobile Now Offering Buy Three Months Get Three Months Free Promo

New Ultra Mobile Multi-Month Promo Will Get You Unlimited Talk And Text With 3GB Data For $11/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 1, 2019
Ultra Mobile has launched a promotion revolving around one of the new and updated multi-month plans that the company launched back in August. Customers can now buy a 3-month plan with 3GB of data and get an additional 3-months of service for free.  Alternatively, customers can purchase 6-months of service
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Ultra Mobile Has New Multi-Month Plans

Ultra Mobile Has New And Updated Multi-Month Plans, Get Unlimited Data For $40

Joe Paonessa - Aug 21, 2019
Ultra Mobile has updated the pricing of its multi-month plans and added more multi-month options.  The changes are not yet live on the MVNO’s website, but Ultra Mobile has confirmed to BestMVNO they are available now exclusively through dealer channels.  They should also become available directly through Ultra Mobile once
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Ultra Mobile's Tourist Plan Now Sold In Stores (Photo Credit Wave7 Research)

Big Win For Ultra Mobile, T-Mobile Is Now Selling Ultra Mobile’s Tourist Plan In Stores

Joe Paonessa - Aug 1, 2019
Wave7 Research reported in a recent note to subscribers that T-Mobile’s Tourist plan was replaced in T-Mobile stores by a similar offering from Ultra Mobile.  The move took place in late July.  Ultra Mobile PayGo plans and SIM cards are also now being sold in select stores.  That’s a big
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Ultra Mobile Is Now Selling Multi-Month 3 Month Plans Like The One Pictured Above Through Its Website

Ultra Mobile Makes Multi-Month Plans More Accessible

Joe Paonessa - Apr 17, 2019
Ultra Mobile has been selling multi-month plans for quite some time.  The T-Mobile network powered provider had sold the plans exclusively in-store through its dealer channels and also made them available through its subscriber’s account dashboard.  The plans were not available for new customers to purchase directly through the Ultra
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Ultra Mobile Adds More data To A Couple Of Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile Ups Data On Select Plans, Features Unlimited Talk, Text And 5GB Data For $29

Joe Paonessa - Sep 8, 2018
Ultra Mobile has increased the amount of data included with a couple of its phone plans.  The $23 dollar plan now includes 2GB of LTE data and the $29 plan now has 5GB of LTE data.  Previously the plans included 1GB and 4GB of LTE data respectively.  Both come with
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Ultra Mobile Adds More Data To Multi-Month Plan

Ultra Mobile $23 Plan Now Includes 3GB Data When You Buy 3 Months

Joe Paonessa - May 25, 2018
Ultra Mobile has increased the amount of data included with its $23/month plan to 3GB when you purchase 3 months of service in advance.  Previously the plan included 2GB of data when purchased in advance.  When bought by the month the plan includes just 1GB of data.  The plan also
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