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Ultra Mobile Unlimited Plan Customers Can Now Add A Line For $24/Month

Ultra Mobile $24 Add -A-Line Unlimited Plan Promo
Ultra Mobile $24 Add -A-Line Unlimited Plan Promo
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Ultra Mobile has added multi-line discounts to its $49 unlimited plan. Subscribers can add up to 4 additional lines to their accounts at a cost of $24 per line. The multi-line discount is not available online. At this time it's available exclusively through Ultra Mobile dealers. There is some additional fine print to go over.

Ultra Mobile's $24 Add-A-Line Details And Fine Print

For starters, Ultra Mobile's unlimited plan isn't really unlimited. Subscribers that use more than 40GB during a billing cycle will have their data speeds reduced to 2G/128Kbps for the remainder of their billing cycle. The plan includes mobile hotspot, and up to 10GB of the plan's high-speed data allotment can be used for hotspot. Unlimited international calling and texting are included. An additional $5 monthly international calling credit is also included as is a 1-time $5 international roaming credit.

The add-a-line promo is scheduled to be available for "a limited time only." At this time, additional lines are restricted to new customers only. Down the road, existing customers will be able to be added to a line. Primary lines can elect to pay the entire account balance, but secondary lines will also have the ability to pay their own balances. All lines will renew on the same date. Account balances must be paid in full or all lines will be suspended.

Subscribers who join as additional lines may pay more than $24 for their first month depending on the primary account holder's renewal date. However, they'll receive a prorated credit for their second billing cycle. Subscribers will get to keep the promotional pricing, even after the promo period comes to an end.

Ultra Mobile is an MVNO on the T-Mobile network and is a sister brand to Mint Mobile. According to Wave7 Research's last quarterly dealer survey, Ultra Mobile was a top-two seller for a majority of the dealers that carry the brand. You can find an Ultra Mobile dealer near you here.

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