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Ultra Mobile Introduces Flex Plans, Shuts Down Univision Mobile

Ultra Mobile Flex Family Plans
Ultra Mobile Introduces Flex Plans
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T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has introduced some new phone plans that they call Flex Plans, additionally the provider has announced that it will shut down its sister brand, Univision Mobile.

Ultra Mobile Flex Plans

Ultra Mobile's new flex plans come in two flavors, one for individuals and one for families.  The individual plan slots in between two other Ultra Mobile Phone plans, as it offers unlimited talk, text, international talk and text and 250 MB of data for $21/month.  Ultra Mobile has a non flex plan with those same features except it only includes 100 MB of data and is priced at $19/month.  Likewise, there is a plan priced at $24/month that includes 500 MB of 4G LTE data.

What really differentiates this flex plan from Ultra Mobile's regular plans is that it includes data rollover.  You can also add more data to your plan at any time priced at $5 for 500 MB.  There also aren't as many international calling countries available.  Included countries are:


  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Israel
  7. Mexico
  8. Singapore
  9. Thailand
  10. United Kingdom

Ultra Mobile is also offering a discount on the plan for those that are willing to pay upfront for several months of service in advance, a strategy also employed by its sister brand Mint SIM as well with Ultra Mobile's regular plans.  Those that pay 2 months in advance can get the plan for $16.50/month, 3 months for $14.00/month, and 4 months and beyond for $11.50/month.

The flex family plan is essentially the same plan as the individual plan with discounts being offered for each extra line added to an account.  Two lines are priced at $16.50 per line, 3 lines $14.00 per line, and 4-5 lines at $11.50 per line.  Each line gets 250 MB of data, however the combined data between each line is shared among all lines.  The account master has the option to disable shared data on a per line basis if they so choose.

Data My Way is also included with each plan, which allows you to limit your download and upload speeds.  Subscribers can choose to allow for full speed data, data capped at 1.5 Mbps or 1 Mbps.  The purpose of Data My Way is to try and help your allotment of high speed data to last longer each month.

Univision Mobile Subscribers To Merge With Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile And Univision Mobile Merging
Ultra Mobile And Univision Mobile Merging

In addition to the new plan changes, Ultra Mobile has decided to shut down its sister brand Univision Mobile.  Unvision Mobile subscribers will automatically be transitioned over to Ultra Mobile.  No new SIM cards will be needed, and the transition is expected to occur in early July.

Plans between each provider were nearly identical anyways, so this move was likely long overdue and something that made sense to do.  Univision Mobile has setup an FAQ's section of their website to help answer the questions of those customers that will be impacted by the change.

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