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Cricket Wireless News

Cricket is Offering More Data to Subscribers

Joe Paonessa - Sep 13, 2014
Cricket Wireless New Improved Plans Cricket Wireless recently increased the amount of LTE data offered in all of of their prepaid wireless plans.  Facing stiff competition from providers that actually offer real LTE data speeds this looks to be a very good move on their part.  I criticize Cricket here
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ATT MVNO AIO Wireless Relaunched as Cricket Wireless

Joe Paonessa - May 19, 2014
Now that Leap Wireless has fully been swallowed up by AT&T, AT&T has decided to kill off its own barely a year old brand AIO, and replace it with the newly acquired Cricket Wireless via Leap.  As you may or may not have known, Cricket formerly ran on Sprint’s network
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ATT owned AIO Wireless Lowers Rates

Joe Paonessa - Feb 8, 2014
Recently, to go along with price cuts by ATT to their family share plans, prepaid MVNO provider AIO decided to also get in on the fun.  Their basic plan now includes 2x the data as previously alloted, 500MB of LTE for $40.  It’s worth noting, that for $5 more one
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