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Cricket Wireless Now Offers DIRECTV NOW

AT&T Cricket Wireless DirecTV NOW
Get FREE Trial of DIRECTV NOW With Cricket Wireless


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Just the other day, AT&T announced some new ways to stream premium video, with the main focus being on its DIRECTV platform and a service called DIRECTV NOW.

DIRECTV NOW will put satellite TV service on your mobile phone, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast and other devices with prices starting at $35/month for 60+ live streaming channels with no contracts attached.  If you're an AT&T Mobility customer you'll be able to stream the channels on your mobile device without having the data count against your high speed data cap.

AT&T owned subsidiary and MVNO Cricket Wireless has announced that it will offer a one month free trial of the DIRECTV NOW service for one month at no charge.  To get the free trial, customers will need to visit their local Cricket Wireless store.

Unlike AT&T, Cricket Wireless will not be offering data free streaming, so streaming DIRECTV NOW channels will count against your high speed data cap.

Those interested in the service can sign up for one of following packages:

  • Live a Little – $35/month – 60+ channels
  • Just Right$50/month – 80+ channels
  • Go Big – $60/month – 100+ channels
  • Got to Have it - $70/month – 120+ channels

HBO® and Cinemax® can also be add to the aforementioned packages for just $5 each per month, a rate that is typically much lower than what each channel would cost with your cable provider.

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For a limited time, the Go Big package is being offered for just $35 per month. Customers who sign up for this offer will be able to keep the special pricing for as long as they keep the package, subject only to future reasonable programming price increases applicable to all packages.


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10 months ago

I have been with cricket for years. I need tv, internet and 4 cell phone bundle price please. Att called today and offered me 3 dvr’s 4 cell phones unlimited and internet service for 130 mths. Plus 400 dollar prepaid visa card and guaranteed price to be locķed in for 24 mths. Can u match that deal. I am a college student so I’m eligableb for student discount. I am also senior citizen.

3 years ago

Waitasec. I’m a bit confused here?

$35 a month? From AT&T? The TV deal, and the unlimited mobile service, are $35 a month? From the same jolly folks that charge $50 for 1GB data plans?

Or is the TV charge on TOP of your current service bill, but your service becomes unlimited?

It can’t possibly be the former, but neither AT&T’s site nor this article make it clear.