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Cricket Wireless News

Cricket Wireless Fall 2022 Deal Free Samsung Galaxy A03s

Cricket Wireless First Set Of Fall Deals Include Free Samsung Galaxy A03, $29.99 iPhone SE

Joe Paonessa - Sep 26, 2022
Cricket Wireless recently launched its first set of fall deals. Cricket’s first featured fall Android deal is for a free Samsung Galaxy A03s for those who port to Cricket’s $60 unlimited plan ($55 with autopay). This deal is available both online and in stores. The featured online iPhone deal is
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Cricket Wireless eSIM

Cricket Wireless Adds Support For eSIM

Bridget Cox - Aug 25, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile recently launched eSim support in July for online or customer service activation only. Another major MVNO responded with a quiet eSim launch of their own this week. As of August 25, Cricket Wireless now supports eSim activation to select iPhones both in stores and via customer care.
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Cricket Wireless Customer Testimonial New TV Ad With Kate D

Cricket Wireless’s New TV Ads Feature Slogan Emphasizing Customer Retention

Joe Paonessa - Aug 8, 2022
Cricket Wireless has launched several new TV ads and promotional videos featuring a new slogan, “people who come to Cricket stay with Cricket.” Wave7 Research detailed the new ads in a prepaid report that the firm just released to its subscribers. Cricket’s new ads and promotional videos launched between 7/30/2022
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Cricket Wireless Double Data Offer At Target (Photo Taken By At Local Area Target)

Cricket Wireless Has New Double Data Offers Exclusively At Target

Joe Paonessa - Jun 23, 2022
Cricket Wireless has launched a new promo exclusively through Target. Customers can now get double the data on Cricket’s $30/mo and $40/mo plans. The $30 plan will come with 10GB of high-speed data before throttle instead of 5GB. The $40 plan will come with 20GB instead of 10GB. Of course,
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Cricket Wireless Launches BYOD Annual Savings Plan

Cricket Wireless Quietly Adds $25/Month 10GB Annual Phone Plan

Joe Paonessa - May 23, 2022
Cricket Wireless has quietly followed the lead of many other wireless providers by adding a multi-month discount plan to its lineup. Cricket has opted to discount its $40/month plan with 10GB of high-speed data down to an average cost of $25/month when customers prepay $300 for it annually. Taxes and
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AT&T Prepaid Cricket Wireless Target Deals Valid 4/24/2022 To 5/7/2022

Target’s Latest Prepaid Phone Deals Include $25 Off AT&T Prepaid And Cricket Wireless

Joe Paonessa - Apr 26, 2022
Last week, BestMVNO reported that Target prematurely leaked four upcoming prepaid phone deals starting the week of 4/24/2022. The deals included $25 off prepaid phones from AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless. Now, with the week upon us, all deals are out. Target is offering $25 off more than a dozen
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Cricket's Latest Deals Include A Free Moto G Power

Cricket Wireless Adds Multiple New Phones To Lineup, Updates Deals

Joe Paonessa - Apr 8, 2022
Cricket Wireless has added some new phones to its lineup and has updated its deal prices. The Samsung Galaxy A13 ($159.99), Motorola Moto G Stylus 2022 ($189.99), and Moto G Power 2022 ($139.99) were freshly added to Cricket’s phone plan lineup today. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G ($409.99) was added
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New Prepaid Phones Now Available At Target And At A Discount With Plan Purchase

New To Target Prepaid Phones This Week Are $20 Off Or Come With $20 Gift Cards

Stephen Vicinanza - Apr 3, 2022
Target is offering $20 off select AT&T Prepaid phones. Also, they are offering a different deal to get a $20 Target gift card with the purchase of select prepaid phones from Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, and Cricket Wireless. The offers are for new customers. Get $20 Off Select AT&T
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Target Has Gift Card Offers With Phone Purchases

Target Is Offering Gift Cards With The Purchase of SIM Cards And Phones 

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 31, 2022
Target is running a deal where you buy a SIM card from select providers and in-store activate the service and receive a gift card of $50 or $75. The deal is for bring your own phone switchers. Target also has some long-running and ongoing offers for Target gift cards with
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Cricket Wireless Latest Phone Deals Include $99 iPhone 11

$99 iPhone 11 Is One Of The Latest Deals From Cricket Wireless

Joe Paonessa - Feb 11, 2022
Cricket Wireless has just updated its phone deals as part of what it’s calling a “MEGA SALE.” Free 5G phones, a $99.99 iPhone 11, and a continuation offer of $49.99 for an iPhone SE are the featured deals. It looks like the offers may also be supported by new TV
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Cricket Wireless Cricket Dream 5G Phone Free Switcher Offer

Cricket Wireless’s Updated Holiday Offers, Include Free 5G Phone, $49.99 iPhone XR

Joe Paonessa - Nov 24, 2021
Cricket Wireless has introduced its first holiday offers of the 2021 season and it includes a 5G push. Cricket’s homepage now highlights that “5G smartphones starting at $0” are available. The Cricket Dream 5G is the featured 5G phone offer and it is the only one that is free for
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Metro By T-Mobile First Holiday 2021 TV Ad

Prepaid Providers Ramp Up Holiday Advertising With Metro By T-Mobile Leading The Way

Joe Paonessa - Nov 17, 2021
‘Tis the season to advertise. And prepaid providers are doing just that as they start to ramp up their holiday TV advertising spend. Cricket Wireless recently blasted off with several new holiday-themed TV commercials. There’s a big emphasis on 5G. Visible also began airing a new ad as did Mint
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Cricket Wireless Triple Data Offer Observed On Display At A Walmart By Wave7 Research

Cricket Wireless Plans Have Triple Data At Walmart, Get 30GB For $40

Joe Paonessa - Nov 15, 2021
Cricket Wireless is now offering bonus data on select plans to customers that purchase them at Walmart. One plan will get you 30GB of data for $40/month. They are limited-time seasonal holiday offers. The firm Wave7 Research recently observed signage in several Walmart stores showcasing the promotions. Walmart online also
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Cricket Updates Wireless Plans With 5G For All

Cricket Wireless Lifts 8Mbps Speed Restrictions, Offers 5G For All!

Joe Paonessa - Oct 29, 2021
Cricket Wireless has announced several long-overdue changes to its plans. The AT&T-owned brand’s wireless plans no longer have any speed caps. All plans are also being granted access to AT&T’s 5G network. Cricket’s $60 flagship unlimited data plan has had its language updated to say it comes with premium data.
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Cricket Icon 3 Set To Launch At Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Announces Cricket Icon 3 Smartphone

Joe Paonessa - Oct 6, 2021
Cricket Wireless has announced an update to its branded Icon series of phones. The latest iteration, the Icon 3 will be released on Friday, October 8, for $89.99. The Icon 3 will be sold in the color Maritime Blue. It will feature the following specifications: Cricket Icon 3 Specifications 6.5″
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