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Cricket Wireless’s New TV Ads Feature Slogan Emphasizing Customer Retention

Cricket Wireless Customer Testimonial New TV Ad With Kate D
Cricket Wireless Customer Testimonial New TV Ad With Kate D
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Cricket Wireless has launched several new TV ads and promotional videos featuring a new slogan, "people who come to Cricket stay with Cricket." Wave7 Research detailed the new ads in a prepaid report that the firm just released to its subscribers. Cricket's new ads and promotional videos launched between 7/30/2022 and 8/3/2022. The new TV ads replace ads Cricket ran between 2/1-7/27 that touted the power of Cricket's 5G nationwide network starting at 4 lines for $100.

Cricket is running at least two new TV ads, one in English and one in Spanish. The English ad is titled "Kate D" while the Spanish one is titled "Renzo M" both feature the new slogan as well as a "Smile, you're on Cricket" tagline. The ads are reminiscent of Metro by T-Mobile's long-running but now discontinued "Rule Your Day" TV ad campaigns that initially launched featuring depictions of customers who were ruling their day by using Metro. Cricket's ads all have paid customer testimonials with each customer gloating how wonderful switching to Cricket has been for them.

Cricket "Kate D" TV Ad

Cricket's "Kate D" TV ad starts off with one of Cricket's mascots stating that "people who come to Cricket stay with Cricket." It then goes right into a customer testimonial from Kate D who states that switching to Cricket has been a major upgrade and "5G is like fast fast." The ad continues with a voiceover from Cricket's mascot that says "switch for the speed, stay for the savings." Cricket's $25/line with 4 lines offer is then pitched to viewers. You can watch it below.

Cricket's Renzo M TV Ad

Cricket's "Renzo M" TV ad starts off identically to the "Kate D" ad except it's in Spanish. It features Renzo M working in a restaurant who states that Cricket has the best family plans for less money. The mascot then chimes in to say "big plans, big savings, big ingredients." The ad finishes with the "smile you're on Cricket" tagline with the Cricket Dream 5G phone depicted. Watch it in full below.

Cricket has also launched several similarly themed promotional videos through its YouTube channel. The Kate D ad is there, and several others that don't yet appear to be on TV including videos featuring customers by the names of Luke, and Wangechi.

The new "people who come to Cricket stay with Cricket" marketing campaign has also been supported by an official press release and a new webpage setup on the Cricket website. The new webpage features more customer testimonials as well as more in-depth video conversations with Luke and Kate.

Cricket Wireless's newest slogan does come with some truth. In AT&T's second quarter of 2022 earnings results, they reported that Cricket Wireless has a churn rate of well below 3%. T-Mobile did however just report a prepaid churn rate of 2.58%, the lowest in T-Mobile's history. Meanwhile, Verizon reported a prepaid churn rate of 3.9% in the quarter with a notation that the number "excludes the impact from the shutdown of a competitor's 3G network resulting in approximately 402,000 retail prepaid disconnects in the second quarter of 2022."

“These ads show little that is substantively new from Cricket, as “4 for $100,” 5G speeds, and free phones for switchers are old pitches. That said, Cricket’s relatively low churn is an interesting twist, implying that Cricket customers tend to be satisfied with their service with Cricket.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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