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Cricket Wireless News

Cricket Updates Wireless Plans With 5G For All

Cricket Wireless Lifts 8Mbps Speed Restrictions, Offers 5G For All!

Joe Paonessa - Oct 29, 2021
Cricket Wireless has announced several long-overdue changes to its plans. The AT&T-owned brand’s wireless plans no longer have any speed caps. All plans are also being granted access to AT&T’s 5G network. Cricket’s $60 flagship unlimited data plan has had its language updated to say it comes with premium data.
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Cricket Icon 3 Set To Launch At Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Announces Cricket Icon 3 Smartphone

Joe Paonessa - Oct 6, 2021
Cricket Wireless has announced an update to its branded Icon series of phones. The latest iteration, the Icon 3 will be released on Friday, October 8, for $89.99. The Icon 3 will be sold in the color Maritime Blue. It will feature the following specifications: Cricket Icon 3 Specifications 6.5″
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New Cricket Wireless Phones Include Cricket Debut And Cricket Dream 5G

Joe Paonessa - Sep 18, 2021
Cricket Wireless has released two new smartphones, the Cricket Debut and Cricket Dream 5G. Both devices are too new to have any online reviews. The Dream 5G was only announced last week, and will not be available to purchase in stores until September 24th. However, it is available online now
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Cricket Wireless's Flagship Unlimited Plan Now Includes Free HBO Max Subscription

Cricket Wireless Adds Free HBO Max To Flagship $60 Unlimited Plan

Joe Paonessa - Aug 19, 2021
Cricket Wireless is adding more value to its flagship $60 unlimited data plan. Starting tomorrow, August 20th, new and existing Cricket Wireless customers on the plan will get a free subscription to HBO Max. The HBO Max subscription will be ad supported. It’s valued at $9.99/month. Cricket Wireless sent out
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Cricket Wireless And Acorns Have A New Partnership

Cricket Wireless Formally Announces Acorns Partnership

Joe Paonessa - Aug 4, 2021
Today, Cricket Wireless formally announced its exclusive wireless relationship with Acorns. Acorns bills itself as a finance app that that focuses on investing. It also offers banking with checking and access to over 55,000 ATMS with no fees nationwide and around the world. The company claims to have over 9
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Latest Deals From Cricket Wireless Include Free Samsung Galaxy A02s Switcher Offer

Cricket Wireless Has New Deals And Partnership With Sam’s Club

Joe Paonessa - Jul 23, 2021
Cricket Wireless has launched some new deals today including switcher offers for a free 64GB iPhone SE and a free Samsung Galaxy A02s. Those with old phones that are not VoLTE capable are also receiving special upgrade offers to VoLTE capable phones. One upgrade offer is for a $29.99 Samsung
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Latest Cricket Wireless Deals Include Free Moto G Play

Cricket Wireless Launches New Deals & Phones, Get Moto G Play For Free, New Galaxy A52 5G

Joe Paonessa - Jun 11, 2021
Cricket Wireless is out with some new phone deals and brand new phones. Cricket’s featured phone deal is for a free Moto G Play for switchers. The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a brand new phone at Cricket Wireless. The Cricket Ovation 2 and the Samsung Galaxy A02s were recently
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Moto G Stylus 5G Is Headed To A Store And Provider Near You

Moto G Stylus 5G Is Launching At Cricket And AT&T

Joe Paonessa - Jun 10, 2021
Yesterday, Motorola announced that it is launching a Moto G Stylus with 5G connectivity. The device will be available through major retail outlets online and in stores on June 14th sold unlocked for $399.99. AT&T was the first provider to follow up Motorola’s announcement with one of its own. The
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FCC EBB Program Will Give Eligible Persons Free Broadband Wireless Or Home Internet Plan

Cricket Wireless, AT&T, And Others To Offer Free Phone Plans Under FCC’s EBB Program

Joe Paonessa - May 2, 2021
Starting on May 12th, eligible persons can enroll in the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program. The program is temporary and it has been designed to help families and households that are struggling to afford home or wireless internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Persons/households that are eligible for the
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ATT Prepaid Updates Data Only Plans With More Data

AT&T Prepaid & Cricket Wireless Update Data Only Plans, Best Deal 100GB For $55

Joe Paonessa - Apr 26, 2021
For the second time this year, AT&T Prepaid has updated its data only plans. The Mobile Resource Internet Center first noted the plan changes over the weekend. BestMVNO last reported AT&T Prepaid data only plan changes back in February. BestMVNO noted that the provider’s $75/month plan was updated from 18GB
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Cricket Wireless Ramps Up 5G Marketing With Deals On 5G Devices

Cricket Looks To Dial Up 5G Marketing, Latest Deals Include $99.99 LG K92 5G

Joe Paonessa - Feb 12, 2021
Cricket Wireless has launched a new set of deals today. Highlighted offers include $150 off any iPhone with up to $200 off the iPhone SE. There are also a dozen free Android phones now available. Cricket also seems ready to dial up its 5G marketing. For the first time on
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Cricket Wireless Has $40 Unlimited Plan Offer Available In Select Markets

Cricket Wireless Testing $40 Unlimited And 25GB Plans In Select Markets

Joe Paonessa - Feb 2, 2021
Cricket Wireless currently has some very interesting offers running. Unfortunately, they aren’t widely available. But if you are in one of the test markets where the offers are available, Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami/West Palm Beach, or LA, listen up. These deals are for you. If you are in the Miami
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ATT Prepaid Updates Walmart Exclusive Offers In Time For Tax Season

AT&T Prepaid & Cricket Wireless Tax Season Promos Are Out, Cricket’s Has Free Phones

Joe Paonessa - Feb 2, 2021
Tax season will be here soon and with that wireless providers will come out with new sets of promotional offers. The first set of offers have begun to trickle out from both AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless. Both providers are offering discounts on the Samsung Galaxy A01 and the iPhone
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Cricket Ovation Has Been A Hot Seller At Cricket Wireless

Cricket Ovation A Hot Seller For At Least 1 Cricket Dealer, While The Icon 2 Has Problems

Joe Paonessa - Jan 21, 2021
Lady Red’s Tech Reviews, a Cricket Wireless vlogger recently detailed some of Cricket’s best and worst-performing phones. What’s particularly interesting is that Lady Red’s Tech Reviews (LRTR) is also Cricket Wireless store manager. So that really puts a different perspective on things. Before going over the phones she detailed, it’s
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Cricket Wireless First Deals Of 2021 Announced

Latest Deals From Cricket Wireless Include $49.99 iPhone SE

Joe Paonessa - Jan 8, 2021
The latest phone deals are now out from Cricket Wireless. New Year, New Phone is the tagline featured on the Cricket Wireless homepage. The deal highlighted next to the tagline is a switcher offer for a Samsung Galaxy A01 priced at $19.99. This is actually a downgrade from Cricket’s holiday
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