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Cricket Wireless Has New Deals And Partnership With Sam’s Club

By Joe Paonessa – Jul 23, 2021
Latest Deals From Cricket Wireless Include Free Samsung Galaxy A02s Switcher Offer
Latest Deals From Cricket Wireless Include Free Samsung Galaxy A02s Switcher Offer

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Cricket Wireless has launched some new deals today including switcher offers for a free 64GB iPhone SE and a free Samsung Galaxy A02s. Those with old phones that are not VoLTE capable are also receiving special upgrade offers to VoLTE capable phones. One upgrade offer is for a $29.99 Samsung Galaxy A02s. Cricket also has new partnerships with Sam's Club.

Cricket's Latest Phone Deals

Below are tables of all of Cricket's phone deals. Cricket's website still segments phone deals based on Android deals, iPhone deals, and then a separate category for 5G capable Android phones. So I'll keep the same segments here.

Featured Cricket New Android Phone Deals July-August 2021
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/
New Line Price
Port-In Pricing
Alcatel APPRISE$69.99$19.99Free3
Cricket Influence$109.99$49.99Free6
Cricket Icon 2$89.99$29.99Free3
Cricket Ovation$129.99$79.99$39.993
Cricket Ovation 2$129.99$69.99Free6
LG Stylo 6$229.99$149..99$99.993
Moto G Play$109.99$59.99Free6
Moto G Power$139.99$89.99$29.993
Nokia C2 Tava$109.99$39.99Free55
Nokia C5 Endi$169.99$79.99$49.993
Samsung Galaxy A02s$109.99$79.99Free6
Samsung A12$179.99$109.99$49.993

3= Port to a Cricket plan priced $30 or higher is required
55= Port to Cricket $55 or higher unlimited plan required
6= Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required

If you are interested in any of these phones but are not sure which one is best for you, you may want to check out Lady Red's Tech Reviews on YouTube. She's got a ton of unboxing and tutorial videos centered around many of the devices above with more to come.

5G Android Phone Deals

Cricket Wireless is currently offering some nice discounts on a few Android 5G phones. Here's what's available.

Cricket Android 5G Phone Deals July-August 2021
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/
New Line Price
Port-In Pricing
Moto G Stylus 5G$229.99$149.99$99.993
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G$279.99$149.99$99.993
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G$459.99$349.99$299.993
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G$699.99$449.99$399.993

3= Port to a Cricket plan priced $30 or higher is required

iPhone Deals

Cricket's featured iPhone deal continues to be the iPhone SE 2020. The 64GB model is now available for free online to switchers with the stipulation that your first 3-months of service must be paid in advance when the phone gets purchased. Cricket is requiring customers to signup for its flagship $60 unlimited plan to take advantage of the offer. Alternatively, the phone can be purchased for $49.99 in stores with only one month of service due with the purchase. The 128GB model is still available online for just $99.99. Here are the rest of Cricket's iPhone deals.

Cricket's July-August 2021 iPhone Deals
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/
New Line Price
Port-In Pricing
iPhone SE 64GB$249.99$249.99Free63
iPhone SE 128GB$299.99$299.99$99.9963
iPhone XR 64GB$399.99$399.99$199.9962
iPhone 11 64GB$599.99$599.99$299.9962

6 = Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required
62 = Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required and first two months of service due at charge
63 = Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required and first three months of service due at charge

Non-VoLTE Customer Upgrade Offers

In addition to the offers above, customers who have a Cricket device that is not VoLTE capable should start to receive text messages from Cricket with device upgrade offers. AT&T, which powers Cricket Wireless, is shutting down its 3G network early next year. Customers at that time who don't have a VoLTE capable phone will find that their phones no longer work on Cricket. A few upgrade offers for customers that will eventually be impacted by the shutdown include the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy A02s - $29.99
  • Samsung A12 - $59.99
  • Samsung A32 5G - $99.99

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Cricket Has New Partnerships With Sam's Club

Cricket has also launched new partnerships with Sam's Club.

Customers that activate a new line on Cricket's $60 flagship unlimited plan or upgrade a line to that plan will get their first year of a Sam's Club membership for free. Sam's Club memberships regularly cost $45. Subscribers taking advantage of this offer will receive an email with a code to use and a link to redeem their membership. This offer is scheduled to be available at least until 1/6/2022.

Cricket Wireless's new partnerships with 3rd parties are not all that surprising. MVNOs, providers and carriers have been looking to diversify and differentiate themselves from their competition by offering special perks. For instance, Boost Mobile's flagship unlimited plan now includes K health telehealth services, Verizon Wireless plans include a combination of Apple Music, Google Play Pass, Discover Plus, Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. Then there's US Mobile who offers multi-line subscribers a free subscription to Netflix or HBO Max among other possibilities. T-Mobile offers a free Netflix subscription and "T-Mobile Tuesdays" perks among other offers.

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