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Cricket Wireless Adds Multiple New Phones To Lineup, Updates Deals

Cricket's Latest Deals Include A Free Moto G Power
Cricket's Latest Deals Include A Free Moto G Power
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Cricket Wireless has added some new phones to its lineup and has updated its deal prices. The Samsung Galaxy A13 ($159.99), Motorola Moto G Stylus 2022 ($189.99), and Moto G Power 2022 ($139.99) were freshly added to Cricket's phone plan lineup today. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G ($409.99) was added last week. None of the new phones have been priced at a discount fresh out of the gate. John from Magic Tech Review discussed the forthcoming launches last week in a YouTube video.

Cricket has also updated the pricing of its phone deals, but not all is good. Cricket Wireless's Mega Sale has ended. The iPhone 11 is now priced at $399.99 online. It had been available for $99.99. The number of free Cricket phones has also been reduced. Let's take a closer look at Cricket's new deals.

Cricket's 5G Android Phone Deals

Cricket's featured 5G deal is on a branded device. The Cricket Dream 5G is available for free to switchers who port to Cricket's $60 ($55 with autopay) unlimited data plan. The rest of Cricket's 5G phone deals can be found in the table below.

List of Cricket Wireless Android 5G Phone Deals
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/New Line PricePort-In Pricing
Cricket Dream 5G$189.99$99.99Free60
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G$229.99$169.99$69.9960
Motorola G Stylus 5G 2021$229.99$169.99$69.9960
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G$279.99$189.99$109.9960
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G$459.99$329.99$259.9960
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G$599.99$449.99$399.99

60=Requires porting to $60 plan

Cricket's 4G LTE Android Phone Deals

Cricket Wireless still offers many more 4G LTE Android phones than it does 5G Android phones. Below is a table of Cricket's 4G LTE devices that are on sale.

List of Cricket Wireless Android 4G LTE Phone Deals
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/New Line PricePort-In Pricing
Cricket Ovation 2$129.99$69.99$19.9960
Cricket Debut$79.99$19.99Free55
Cricket Debut Flip$69.99$49.99$49.99
Cricket Icon 3$89.99$39.99Free55
Cricket Ovation$129.99$49.99Free60
Moto G Play$109.99$49.99Free60
Moto G Power 2021$139.99$49.99Free55
Moto G Pure$109.99$79.99$19.9960
Nokia C2 Tava$109.99$29.99Free55
Samsung Galaxy A02s$109.99$69.99Free60
Samsung Galaxy A03s$119.99$89.99$29.9960
Samsung Galaxy A12$179.99$99.99Free60

55=Requires porting to $55 plan or higher
60=Requires porting to $60 plan

Cricket iPhone Deals

Cricket is only offering two iPhone deals online now. The iPhone 11 is $399.99 for switchers to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan. It's priced at $499.99 for everyone else.

The iPhone SE 2020 is still available online to switchers for $49.99. To claim it, it does require customers to prepay for their first three months of service on Cricket's $60 unlimited plan. The offer is not available to those porting from AT&T. For all other customers online, the cost is $249.99. Customers may also be able to get the phone through their local Cricket dealer for $49.99 and not have to prepay for 3-months of service in advance. However, there is an in-store activation fee of $25.

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