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Cricket Wireless Has New Double Data Offers Exclusively At Target

Cricket Wireless Double Data Offer At Target (Photo Taken By At Local Area Target)
Cricket Wireless Double Data Offer At Target (Photo Taken By At Local Area Target)
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Cricket Wireless has launched a new promo exclusively through Target. Customers can now get double the data on Cricket's $30/mo and $40/mo plans. The $30 plan will come with 10GB of high-speed data before throttle instead of 5GB. The $40 plan will come with 20GB instead of 10GB. Of course, there is fair amount of fine print to go over.

Cricket Wireless Double Data Offers Fine Print

For starters, the fine print says this offer is only available to customers that activate a new "line at Target or" However, there's no way to actually activate service through, so it's not clear to me what is meant by activate at However, you can buy a SIM card kit that advertises the double data offer. So I have to imagine purchasing the SIM card kit from Target or a Cricket phone is how you can get the offer online.

The offer is also aimed at single lines. Customers who signup for either double data offer will be unable to get any multi-line discounts. Only the $40 plan without double data offers multi-line discounts anyways. The $5/month autopay discount will still be available on the $40 plan, which lowers the price to $35/mo with taxes and fees included. The $30 plan does not have an autopay discount.

The double data will only last for one year. After one year of service, each plan will go back to its regular data allotment. There may be up to a $25 in-store activation fee and a $4 customer assistance fee.

This deal is scheduled to be available at least until 11/1/22.

Bonus data and other offers from numerous providers have been much more prevalent over the years exclusively through Walmart. It's nice to see Target pick up such an offer making prepaid become more competitive through other retail outlets. However, last November, Cricket actually offered a better triple data deal exclusively through Walmart. Customers were able to get 30GB of high-speed data with the $40 plan for one year.

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