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Cricket Wireless Black Friday Deals Include Free Moto G 5G, $99.99 iPhone 11

Cricket Wireless Black Friday 2022 Deals
Cricket Wireless Black Friday 2022 Deals
By Joe Paonessa – Nov 18, 2022

Cricket Wireless's first set of holiday deals is here. Cricket's homepage exclaims that you can get a Moto G 5G for free when you switch. A $99.99 iPhone 11 seems to be the featured iPhone deal. And you can also still get an iPhone SE 2020 for free.

Meanwhile, Cricket continues to segment its 5G phone deals from its 4G LTE phone deals. The lead offer on a 4G LTE Android device is for a free Samsung Galaxy A13.

Cricket's Black Friday 2022 5G Android Phone Deals

Cricket has recently been featuring its own branded devices as lead offers, at least online. But that has changed with the Moto G 5G 2022 taking over that spot for the Black Friday holiday shopping season. It's free when you switch and activate it on Cricket's flagship $60/month unlimited plan.

Other Cricket  5G Phone deals can be found in the table below.

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List of Cricket Wireless Android 5G Black Friday 2022 Phone Deals
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/New Line PricePort-In Pricing
Cricket Dream 5G$189.99$99.99Free60
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G$229.99$169.99$49.9960
Motorola G Stylus 5G 2021$229.99$169.99$69.9960
Motorola G Stylus 5G 2022$249.99$169.99Free60
Motorola G 5G 2022$199.99$99.99$39.9960
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G$409.99$299.99$149.9960
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G$279.99$199.99$129.9960
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G$599.99$449.99$249.9960
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G$599.99$549.99$499.9930

60=Requires porting to $60 plan
30=Requires porting to any plan

Cricket Black Friday 4G LTE Android Phone Deals

Cricket's Black Friday Android 4G LTE phone deals are highlighted by an offer for a free Samsung Galaxy A13 when you switch to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan. Other 4G LTE Android deals are in the table below.

List of Cricket Wireless Android 4G LTE Black Friday 2022 Phone Deals
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/New Line PricePort-In Pricing
Moto G Stylus 2022$189.99$119.99$29.9960
Samsung Galaxy A03s$119.99$39.99Free60
Moto G Power 2022$139.99$79.99Free60
Samsung Galaxy A13$159.99$109.99Free60
Moto G Pure$109.99$39.99Free60
Cricket Icon 4$89.99$69.99$69.9930
Cricket Debut Smart$79.99$19.99Free30
Cricket Ovation 2$129.99$49.99$19.9960
Cricket Vision Plus$99.99$29.99Free30
TCL ION Z$89.99$19.99Free30
TCL 30 Z$99.99$29.99Free30

30 = Requires porting to any Cricket plan
60 = Requires porting to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan

Cricket's Black Friday 2022 iPhone Deals

Cricket's featured iPhone deal is for a $99.99 iPhone 11. To get it, you must port your number to Cricket from a provider other than AT&T and prepay for your first three months of service on Cricket's $60/month plan. So you'll have to pay $180 upfront to get the offer. There is a limit of two iPhone 11 purchases allowed per customer. According to Cricket's homepage, this offer is scheduled to be available for the long haul and will run at least until 4/6/23. However, the iPhone 11 deal page says the offer ends 1/5/23.

List of Cricket Wireless iPhone Black Friday 2022 Deals
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/New Line PricePort-In Pricing
iPhone 11$499.99$499.99$99.99603
iPhone SE 2020 64GB$349.99$149.99Free602
iPhone SE 2020 128GB$499.99$399.99Free602

602 = Requires new line and prepaying for service on Cricket's $60 unlimited plan for two months
603 = Requires porting to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan and prepaying for three months of service

Interestingly, the iPhone SE 2020 deals require prepaying for your first two months of service on the $60 plan. Previous offers required prepayment for three months to get an iPhone SE 2020 deal.

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